Breaking Ties - Above And Beyond Presents Oceanlab 

Cover Artwork Remix of Above Beyond Oceanlab Breaking Ties Original Cover Artwork of Above Beyond Oceanlab Breaking Ties A similar picture and theme as yesterday's remix. The original single front cover artwork for Breaking Ties by Above And Beyond Presents Oceanlab desperately needs remixing as all it shows is the name of the artist and the title of the song. The remix shows a babe who has ties on the back of her high heel shoes, and they may have been broken as she seems to be tying them back together again, but that is a different song. Hopefully when she has fixed her broken ties, she will be able to go walking away, but that is yet another different song. Sink!
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Call U Sexy - VS 

Cover Artwork Remix of Vs Call U Sexy Original Cover Artwork of Vs Call U Sexy When all that a band can think to do for the original front cover artwork of their single is stand around looking bored, you know it's time for an AllBum.Art remix and that is exactly the case with this song by VS. Don't they look like a really fed up band? On the remix of Call U Sexy, we find a babe who is sexy, and who is holding a phone in her hand. So you could call her sexy, or you could just call her, though if you called her and didn't tell her that she was sexy, you could be doing her a disservice. So, just to be clear, call her, and call her sexy. Ring!
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Pandora's Kiss - Louise 

Cover Artwork Remix of Louise Pandoras Kiss Original Cover Artwork of Louise Pandoras Kiss Don't give up, is part of the extra message imprinted on the original front cover artwork for Pandora's Kiss by Louise. The picture on the cover is of the singer wearing boots. What's odd is the complete and utter lack of kissing. On the remix, there is also no kissing going on, however the two girls gazing suggestively into each others' eyes look as if kissing each other is the very next thing on their to do list. That, or they are about to beat the crap out of each other. War!
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Feels Just Like It Should - Jamiroquai 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jamiroquai Feels Just Like It Should Original Cover Artwork of Jamiroquai Feels Just Like It Should It's always a special moment when it Feels Just Like It Should, so Jamiroquai should be happy. On the original single front cover artwork, however, it just a piece of broken glass, and a drawing of a man wearing a horny hat. On the remix are two horny but hatless babes, and one is checking how the other one feels. Hopefully it feels just like it should, otherwise this would not make a good picture for the remix. At least we can say with some certainty, it looks just like it should. Sensitive!

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems - Kenny Chesney 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kenny Chesney No Shoes No Shirt No Problems Original Cover Artwork of Kenny Chesney No Shoes No Shirt No Problems With the name of a song and an album by Kenny Chesney which goes No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems, then the original front cover artwork misses the boat by a county mile as Mr Chesney can clearly be seen on it wearing a shirt. Or a T-shirt at least. On the remix is a babe who is not definitely not wearing a shirt. Whether she is wearing shoes we don't know, because her legs are cut out of the picture. No problems there, are there, then? Torso!

Now We Are Free - Andy + The Lamboy Versus Dreamgate 

Cover Artwork Remix of Andy Lamboy Now We Are Free Original Cover Artwork of Andy Lamboy Now We Are Free Don't even get us started on the name of the band when it's called Andy + The Lamboy Versus Dreamgate. What is a lamboy? And why are they versing anyone? The original single front cover artwork for Now We Are Free (Theme From Gladiator) shows a colosseum at sunset (or is it sunrise?) The remix reflects more on the notion of a gladiator rather than the venue where they might perform, and shows a babe standing in a gladiatorial outfit with a big sword. Don't get too close or she'll cut you to pieces. Roman!
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ATB Featuring York - The Fields Of Love 

Cover Artwork Remix of Atb York Fields Of Love Original Cover Artwork of Atb York Fields Of Love Let's head down to The Fields Of Love with ATB Featuring York and see what we can find there. Well, if we go by the picture on the original single front cover artwork, there is plenty of wheat blowing about, but where is the love? It seems it was just a camera angle problem, as when the photographer raised to standing height, it became apparent that amidst the fields of gold is a big nearly naked babe taking off the last of her clothing. Or maybe she is putting it back on again, it's difficult to be sure. Barley!
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Shine - Talla 2XLC 

Cover Artwork Remix of Talla Xlc Shine Original Cover Artwork of Talla 2xlc Shine Another remix for the oddly named Talla 2XLC, whatever that means. There is also little to no meaning of the original single front cover artwork, other than showing the crazy artist's name, and the title of the track, together with a web-site address which takes you to a Techno club. On the remix is a babe who truly shines, sitting on a stool in her shiny latex outfit and shiny patent heels. Though she's only just in her shiny outfit - had she been a little bit bigger, her outlook may not have been quite so glossy. Lustrous!
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Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) - Lostprophets 

Cover Artwork Remix of Lostprophets Rooftops Original Cover Artwork of Lostprophets Rooftops The Lostprophets thought that a good way to illustrate the name of their song, Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) would be to show what looks like a zoomed-in view of some kind of grey-scale heraldic shield. Where are the rooftops and what about the broadcasting? On the remix an angel of a babe is standing on a rooftop, with red wings which is odd, as the picture is in black and white. She had better hope it doesn't get too windy, as she might be blown off. Then again, if she is a real angel, she would just flap her wings and fly. Scarlet!

Ride Wid Us - So Solid Crew 

Cover Artwork Remix of So Solid Crew Ride Wid Us Original Cover Artwork of So Solid Crew Ride Wid Us The So Solid Crew have got an invitation, they are asking that we should Ride Wid Us. Sadly, we have no idea what a Wid is and the original single front cover artwork does not help, as it shows a series of frames from what looks like a B-movie horror film (or maybe it was the song's pop video). On the remix is a babe who is sitting on a bicycle of some kind. So is that what a Wid is? Now it all makes sense, though it might be better if the song had been called Ride A Wid With Us. Patois!
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