Yellow River - Christie 

Cover Artwork Remix of Christie Yellow River Original Cover Artwork of Christie Yellow River On the original single cover artwork to Yellow River by Christie, do we get any indication what the nature of this river is? No, we just find the band members who look as puzzled as we are by the nature of this saffron stream. Well boys, our remix helps understand the nature of this amber flow. It is caused by some helpless babe who has got caught short and has had to release her golden shower onto the nearby pavement causing, as it happens, a yellow river to form. Flaxen!
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Ride A White Swan - T-Rex 

Cover Artwork Remix of T Rex Ride A White Swan Original Cover Artwork of T Rex Ride A White Swan In the 1970s when Marc Bolan of T-Rex told women around the world to Ride A White Swan, few, if any, had the slightest idea what he was talking about. Although the original cover artwork suggests that this means mounting a white swan and taking a ride, this was, at least in the 1970s both impractical and dangerous. Thankfully time has moved on an on the remix we find a babe who is literally riding a white (well more silver actually) swan. By a swimming pool of course. Cygnus!
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Up-Town Up-Tempo Woman - Randy Edelman 

Cover Artwork Remix of Randy Edelman Uptown Uptempo Woman Original Cover Artwork of Randy Edelman Uptown Uptempo Woman What marks an Up-Town Up-Tempo Woman? According to the original single cover artwork, Randy Edelman thinks it is the wearing of yellow stiletto shoes whilst standing on a California license plate. We think differently and on the remix you find a babe who is up-town (or down-town, it's difficult to tell) and whose dancing is as up-tempo as it could ever need to be, when you are just wearing a see-through bikini. Cityscape!
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Sweetie - The Headquarters 

Cover Artwork Remix of The Headquarters Sweetie Original Cover Artwork of The Headquarters Sweetie We like The Headquarters take on what constitutes being a Sweetie. On their original cover artwork they have a sweet babe and have cleverly used the text on the cover to conceal her sweetest parts. The remix does little to improve upon this, it just modernizes the single with a more up-to-date sweetie whose sweet bits are covered by her hair, her hands and the text of the record. Could it be any more modern? Seventies!
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Sexy Pyjamas - Ze Popes 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ze Popes Sexy Pyjamas Original Cover Artwork of Ze Popes Sexy Pyjamas We don't know whether or not we agree with Ze Popes about what constitutes Sexy Pyjamas. On the original cover artwork of their single, their notion of what sexy pyjamas entails consists of a curvy lady bending over in a clingy night dress. On the one hand this is quite sexy, on the other it's a bit pedestrian. On the remix, therefore, we find a babe in alternative nightwear which we know is destined to be worn in bed because she is lying on one, ready to fall asleep. Sexier?
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Bra - Cymande 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cymande Bra Original Cover Artwork of Cymande Bra Could there be a better song name for a remix of the cover artwork than Bra by Cymande? It's just asking to be re-made, especially as the original cover shows a guy wearing a winter hat with a dove sat on his head. The remix shows what the name of the song says it should show, a bra, and one that is being amply filled by a babe. A babe who is sat by a roaring fire which is probably important, otherwise she might be a little chilly in only her bra. Brassière!
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Hot Legs - Rod Stewart 

Cover Artwork Remix of Rod Stewart Hot Legs Original Cover Artwork of Rod Stewart Hot Legs When Rod Stewart sang about Hot Legs it wasn't clear to us whether he was talking about barbecue chicken, or some babe or other. The original single cover artwork doesn't help unless Mr Stewart is walking his way to either of these two possibilities. On the remix we find a babe with hot legs. No, not barbecue covered ones, but her own which are long and shapely. Now that would be something worth Mr Stewart's time to walk to. Spicy!
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Pick Up The Pieces - Average White Band 

Cover Artwork Remix of Awb Pick Up The Pieces Original Cover Artwork of Awb Pick Up The Pieces We like the Average White Band especially because their logo is made up of the curvy reverse silhouette of a long haired maiden. We are a little bit let down that their cover of Pick Up The Pieces, didn't expand on this theme, so we have done it for them in the remix. On the remixed single cover artwork we find a babe whose pieces have fallen on the floor and who is bending down to pick them up. She does this whilst maintaining her curvy reverse silhouette, and thus the circle is squared, or something like that. Cyan!
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Shame Shame Shame - Shirley And Company 

Cover Artwork Remix of Shirley And Company Shame Original Cover Artwork of Shirley And Company Shame It would seem that on the original single front cover artwork for Shame Shame Shame by Shirley And Company, the intention was to shame President Richard Nixon, which it seems that Shirley is pointing to. Indeed, shame on him. On the remix we find three babes who are all looking rather ashamed at having to stand around with their panties around their ankles and wearing nothing more than a pair of high heels. Shame on them too. Scandal!
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May The Sunshine - Nazareth 

Cover Artwork Remix of Nazareth May The Sunshine Original Cover Artwork of Nazareth May The Sunshine It's May, so time for a song with the word May in the title. And what better than May The Sunshine by Nazareth? On the original single cover artwork, we find some kind of skull with wings, which fails on so many fronts. Where is the sunshine, for example? The remix fixes this problem as we find a babe lying down enjoying the sunshine. It must be quite warm as she is only wearing high heels and stockings. Also, is it May? Maybe!
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