Rockin' For Myself - Motiv8 

Cover Artwork Remix of Motiv 8 Rockin For Myself Original Cover Artwork of Motiv 8 Rockin For Myself Motiv8 (clever use of a number to replace the end of a word, but note that it only works in English - Motiv-Huit or Motive-Acht just don't cut it) and their single Rockin' For Myself are the subject of today's remix. But what, who and lots of other questions relating to the rocking and the myself are missing on the original cover artwork which tells us precisely nothing (other than the artists that prepared it had little imagination). On the remix we find a babe who is rocking by herself with no help from anyone else. Touche!
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Dancing Shoes - September 

Cover Artwork Remix of September Dancing Shoes Original Cover Artwork of September Dancing Shoes Would you know it, September has an album with the same name as a single we remixed back in March by Dev, called Dancing Shoes. And once again, the original cover artwork lacks one essential detail. That is that the picture of Ms Marklund (for that is her real name) has been cropped above her ankles and we are at a loss to know what her dancing shoes look like. On the remix we find a babe who appears to be twerking in her dancing shoes which are black high-heel stiletto shoes. That is all she is dancing in though, as she has neglected the rest of her outfit. Silly girl!
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Hot Legs - Rod Stewart 

Cover Artwork Remix of Rod Stewart Hot Legs Original Cover Artwork of Rod Stewart Hot Legs When Rod Stewart sang about Hot Legs it wasn't clear to us whether he was talking about barbecue chicken, or some babe or other. The original single cover artwork doesn't help unless Mr Stewart is walking his way to either of these two possibilities. On the remix we find a babe with hot legs. No, not barbecue covered ones, but her own which are long and shapely. Now that would be something worth Mr Stewart's time to walk to. Spicy!
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Pick Up The Pieces - Average White Band 

Cover Artwork Remix of Awb Pick Up The Pieces Original Cover Artwork of Awb Pick Up The Pieces We like the Average White Band especially because their logo is made up of the curvy reverse silhouette of a long haired maiden. We are a little bit let down that their cover of Pick Up The Pieces, didn't expand on this theme, so we have done it for them in the remix. On the remixed single cover artwork we find a babe whose pieces have fallen on the floor and who is bending down to pick them up. She does this whilst maintaining her curvy reverse silhouette, and thus the circle is squared, or something like that. Cyan!
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Poison - Bell Biv Devoe 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bell Biv Devoe Poison Original Cover Artwork of Bell Biv Devoe Poison If you're going to release an album whose name is Poison, at least make the cover artwork slightly toxic. This is a lesson that Bell Biv Devoe seem to have skipped preferring, instead to concentrate on advertising themselves. The remix helps them do their learning, as we find a belle who is about to devour (see what we did there?) some poison that is bubbling away in her silver goblet. What happens next is unknown, however it can't end well, not least as she also appears to be standing chained in a dungeon. Lethal!
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Kiss Me Deadly - Lita Ford 

Cover Artwork Remix of Lita Ford Kiss Me Deadly Original Cover Artwork of Lita Ford Kiss Me Deadly Yes, it's only June, but introducing the occasional Halloween Hit in the middle of the year is no real problem as long as it's a good one, and Kiss Me Deadly by Lita Ford qualifies. The original cover finds Ms Ford sitting with her guitar, but she doesn't look particularly deadly, nor is she kissing anyone or anything. On the remix we find two devils kissing each other, either of whom may prove deadly to the other. They should be careful. Cautious!
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Sensible Shoes - Dave Lee Roth 

Cover Artwork Remix of David Lee Roth Sensible Shoes Original Cover Artwork of David Lee Roth Sensible Shoes Get this, if you will... The video for Sensible Shoes by Dave Lee Roth was regarded as too provocative for MTV and got little airplay. Odd then, that the original cover artwork for his single errs on the boring. Other than Mr Lee Roth himself looking as flouncy-haired as normal, the only thing to set the cover off is a small she-devil in the bottom right hand corner. On the remix we find a babe in shoes that would only be considered sensible in a bordello, which is kind of what the thought Mr Lee Roth was really thinking. Spike!
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Oranges And Lemons - XTC 

Cover Artwork Remix of Xtc Oranges And Lemons Original Cover Artwork of Xtc Oranges And Lemons An odd thing is happening here. On the original album cover artwork for Oranges And Lemons by XTC there as an almost complete absence of citrus fruit, or indeed fruit of any kind. There are some circular blobs in citrus-based colors but these could easily be paint smudges. On the remix we find lots of oranges, but no lemons. There is, however, a pair of melons which, in case you hadn't noticed, is an anagram of lemons. How sophisticated, fruit anagrams!
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Sand In My Shoes - Dido 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dido Sand In My Shoes Original Cover Artwork of Dido Sand In My Shoes So Dido says she has Sand In My Shoes does she? Well the original single cover artwork doesn't give us any indication of this. First of all, there's no evidence that she is anywhere near any sand. Secondly, if she had got sand in her shoes, you would think this to be marginally uncomfortable at least, yet she is smiling like she has no cares in the world. On the remix we find a babe who definitely has sand in her shoes. Silly girl for wearing them on the beach in the first place. Idiocy!
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Devil In Your Shoes (Walking All Over) - Shed 7 

Cover Artwork Remix of Shed Seven Devil In Your Shoes Original Cover Artwork of Shed Seven Devil In Your Shoes There's a Devil In Your Shoes (and she's Walking All Over) or at least there is if Shed 7 are to be believed. And we have to take their word for it because on the original single cover artwork we find nothing to indicate who this devil is, or indeed what shoes she might be wearing. On the remix we find out far more about the situation. The devil is wearing those red high heels you bought, and is drinking your wine too. Scarlet! banner

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