When You Walk In The Room - The Searchers 

Cover Artwork Remix of The Searchers When You Walk In The Room Original Cover Artwork of The Searchers When You Walk In The Room What happens When You Walk In The Room? According to The Searchers original single cover artwork, it is that everything turns a shade of cyan. Really? Is that the most likely thing to happen? On the remix we see what happens when a babe walks into the room, the jaw of the guy looking at her drops to the floor. Perhaps she should have put some clothes on first? Stroll!

Maggie's Farm - Bob Dylan 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bob Dylan Maggies Farm Original Cover Artwork of Bob Dylan Maggies Farm Bob, Bob, Bob... If you are going to sing about Maggie's Farm, at least show us on the original artwork, some idea of what Maggie looks like and what she does on her farm. Sadly it seems that Bob Dylan was more concerned with putting his own face on the front cover of his single. On the remix, we have corrected this omission and you will find that the unique feature of Maggie's farm is that she works largely naked, other than some impractical high heels. And a wheelbarrow. Naturally!
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Everyone's Gone To The Moon - Johnathan King 

Cover Artwork Remix of Johnathan King Everyones Gone To The Moon Original Cover Artwork of Johnathan King Everyones Gone To The Moon Everyone's Gone To The Moon, is what Johnathan King thought. This is perhaps because they were all terribly bored with his original single cover artwork which, though futuristic for the 1960s, does not provide us with any motivation to go to the Moon. On the remix we find a babe who seems to have been left behind as all that remains to be seen is her, and the moon. It seems even her clothes have gone to the moon too. Lunar!

Making Up Again - Goldie 

Cover Artwork Remix of Goldie Making Up Again Original Cover Artwork of Goldie Making Up Again Will you look at that now? Goldie are telling us that they are Making Up Again. Does that mean that they have fallen out with each other? If their sullen faces on the original single cover artwork are anything to go by, that may well be the truth. On the remix we find a babe who is having her make-up done again, or at least touched up. Oddly both her and the girl applying the make-up are topless. Maybe the shipment of fashion from Milan is running late. Cambio!
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White Ladder - David Gray 

Cover Artwork Remix of David Gray White Ladder Original Cover Artwork of David Gray White Ladder Is that a White Ladder showing on the original album cover artwork by David Gray? It looks more like a pink line sloping at an angle that a ladder would not normally make without falling over. It probably is a pink line after all, not a white ladder. So thankfully the remix is more clear on this point as we find that it contains a white ladder. Some babe has decided to climb the ladder wearing high heels and appears to have slipped and ended up in a painful position. She also appears to have ripped her clothes in the process. Popped!
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Bare Stripped Naked - Bettie Serveert 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bettie Serveert Bare Stripped Naked Original Cover Artwork of Bettie Serveert Bare Stripped Naked Three words that are commonly used here at AllBum.Art, Bare Stripped Naked but this time altogether in a single album title by Bettie Serveert. Whether Ms Serveert is any of the aforementioned adjectives is unclear from orange-tinted cover of her album. On the remix we find a babe who is all of the adjectives and is holding up the clothes she has removed to prove her point. Buff!
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Sitting At Home - Honeycrack 

Cover Artwork Remix of Honeycrack Sitting At Home Original Cover Artwork of Honeycrack Sitting At Home An odd one for us here at AllBum.Art as we remix some original single artwork and make it less off-the-wall. The cover for Sitting At Home by Honeycrack shows the two band members sitting around at home, which scores nearly 100% as it accurately reflects the song and the band. Why they are sitting around in the nude is unclear but perhaps they are nudists. On the remix we find a babe sitting around at home but she is not nude. Instead she is wearing some sexy black lingerie. Goth!
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Wild Wood - Paul Weller 

Cover Artwork Remix of Paul Weller Wild Wood Original Cover Artwork of Paul Weller Wild Wood Wild Wood is both an album and a single for Paul Weller. Here we focus on the remix of the artwork for his 1999 album. On the original cover we find the silhouette of Mr Weller against a backdrop of some greenery which could, potentially be a wild wood, but it's not definite. On the remix we find a babe who, it seems, has taken on the job of stopping a whole load of logs that were felled from a wild wood, from rolling away. She has to keep her foot on the logs to keep the steady. Sadly, she has been at this so long that the acid rain from the nearby forest has eroded her clothes. Dissolve!
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Ladies Night - Kool And The Gang 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kool And The Gang Ladies Night Original Cover Artwork of Kool And The Gang Ladies Night Nothing says 'party' better than Ladies Night by Kool And The Gang. But what kind of party is it? The original single cover artwork suggests that the party consists of three girls wearing catsuits standing around on some stairs pouting. The remix shows a similar party scene but now four girls are standing around pouting wearing fur and high heel boots. Which party would you intend to attend? Strictly speaking, we'd go to whichever one was playing the best music. As if!
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Let Her Go - Passenger 

Original Cover Artwork of Passenger Let Her Go Cover Artwork Remix of Passenger Let Her Go Cover Artwork Remix of Passenger Let Her Go
Not just a fabled AllBum.Art triple-play, but one of our rare X-Rated remixes. On the original single cover artwork for Let Her Go by Passenger, we can only ponder at who she is and why we need to let her go. Maybe he has tied up some babe to the ferris-wheel in the background. On the first remix we find a babe who has her hands and feed tied, so letting her go would free her to get back to whatever it was that she was doing naked on a wooden floor. On the second remi-XXX, we find a bane being held aloft by two guys. If they were to let her go she would fall to the floor and quite possibly injure herself and given she is wearing naught but some high heels, she might get covered in scratches and bruises. Perhaps best not to let her go then. Release!
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