Silly Games - Lindy Layton Featuring Janet Kaye 

Cover Artwork Remix of Lindy Layton Silly Games Original Cover Artwork of Lindy Layton Silly Games Does anyone have any idea what Silly Games are being played by Lindy Layton Featuring Janet Kaye? No. And why not? Because the original single cover artwork, whilst providing a fetching picture of Ms Layton, is otherwise so blurry as to obscure any potential opportunity to see what the underlying sport is. On the remix this is made far clearer as we find two babes playing silly games, well a silly game (singular) actually which appears to be 'Strip Twister'. Looks like one of them will be declared the winner very shortly. Spin!
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Miss You - The Rolling Stones 

Cover Artwork Remix of Rolling Stones Miss You Original Cover Artwork of Rolling Stones Miss You We think, although it's not totally clear from the original single cover artwork, that when The Rolling Stones sing Miss You, they may have accidentally been late for some appointment or other, as Mr Jagger, the lead singer, is holding his hand to his head as if he forgot and is now angry with himself. On the remix we find a babe who is yet to fire her arrow, but in a way we hope that she does miss you, otherwise you will have a sharp feeling of pain as it passes through your heart. Fire!
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Angel Street - M People 

Cover Artwork Remix of M People Angel Street Original Cover Artwork of M People Angel Street What would you expect to see if you wandered down Angel Street? Well, according to M People, it would be the lead singer of the band sitting on a leather sofa, wearing a black velvet coat. On the remixed single cover artwork we find our view of what you would see on Angel Street, which is an angel of a cute babe, playing angelic tunes on a violin. And of course, wearing nothing but her high heels and a necklace. Of course!
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Looking For Clues - Robert Palmer 

Cover Artwork Remix of Robert Palmer Looking For Clues Original Cover Artwork of Robert Palmer Looking For Clues So Robert Palmer wants us Looking For Clues, does he. Let's take a look at the original single cover artwork and see what we can find. Well, ther's Mr Palmer, standing in the sea, wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt and who seems to be holding something, maybe a book, in his hand. Are we missing anything? What about the remix, what can we see there? A babe, who is wearing high heels and whose panties seem to be caught around her heels. She's also naked otherwise and - ah there's the clue - she isn't as 'she' as she might at first seem. Look for the clues. Seek!
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Leave A Light On - Belinda Carlisle 

Cover Artwork Remix of Belinda Carlisle Leave A Light On Original Cover Artwork of Belinda Carlisle Leave A Light On Ah, Belinda, Belinda, Belinda. We do not know what Belinda Carlisle was thinking when she put together the cover for her single Leave A Light On, because there is nothing to show what kind of light it is, or whether it's even on or not. And what is it with the centaur in the bottom left hand corner? Anyhow, on the remix we find a babe who has left the light on, a whopping great flood light that is illuminating her body, without which we might never have know that she was only wearing stockings and high heels. Darkness!
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Costello Music - The Fratellis 

Cover Artwork Remix of Fratellis Costello Music Original Cover Artwork of Fratellis Costello Music We have to admit to being easily confused by what the hell the designers of some album artwork were trying to do. Take, for example, Costello Music by The Fratellis. Not only have we no idea what Costello Music actually is, but the cover tells us only that to listen to it you should ideally be female, wearing 1960s corsets and stockings, and play the record on a phonograph. Equally, the remix says nothing about the situation either, other than that there are now three modern babes who are also wearing stockings, and seem to be holding colored spoons. Stir!
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Raise Your Glass - Pink 

Cover Artwork Remix of Pink Raise Your Glass Original Cover Artwork of Pink Raise Your Glass OK, we have to admit that we are a little confused. When Pink sings Raise Your Glass, we would expect the original single cover artwork to have some reason to celebrate, or even a picture of a drink. But no: all we find is Ms Pink sitting on a 1960s style olive green chair. On the remix we find a babe who is raising her glass (of wine) but who also seems to have decided that to keep the bottle from tipping over she will keep it in a rather novel bottle holder. Cheers!
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Chocolate - Kylie Minogue 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kylie Minogue Chocolate Original Cover Artwork of Kylie Minogue Chocolate Babes and chocolate, is there any better combination (maybe babes and beer?) The thing is that on the original single cover artwork for Chocolate by Kylie Minogue, there is no evidence of any chocolate, which is very appointing. On the remix we find a babe dousing herself with chocolate sauce which will clearly need licking off by someone, either that or it is going to make one unholy mess when she tries to rub it off with a towel. Anyone up for helping her keep her towel clean? Yum!
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Swing Low Sweet Chariot - Eric Clapton 

Cover Artwork Remix of Eric Clapton Swing Low Sweet Chariot Original Cover Artwork of Eric Clapton Swing Low Sweet Chariot We can vaguely forgive Eric Clapton for putting himself as the mean feature of the original single cover artwork for Swing Low Sweet Chariot, because we don't think that the alternative would have necessarily been acceptable in the 70s. Let us discover why... On the remix we find Chariot (that is her name you see) and her enormous bosom is swinging very low, due to the fact that there is nothing supporting it. Is she sweet? Like honey from a bee. Dangle!

Back Together - Babybird 

Cover Artwork Remix of Babybird Back Together Original Cover Artwork of Babybird Back Together Yet another Babybird remix sent in by Phil Darnall of England. And without even asking, we can see why this song would need a remix. The original single cover artwork for Back Together is so lacking in any content, it may as well not be there at all. In the remix we find two babes whose backs are turned to us and they are together. Well done Phil, and thank you for sending your remixes to us. If you have remixes, why not get in touch?
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