Teenage Kicks - The Undertones 

Cover Artwork Remix of The Undertones Teenage Kicks Original Cover Artwork of The Undertones Teenage Kicks It seems quite likely that when preparing the artwork for their single Teenage Kicks, that The Undertones had run out of money. Has there ever been a less inspiring piece of cover art? At least it contains the name of the band and the title of the song. But where is a picture of the band, or of some image that appertains to teenagers getting their kicks? On the remix, that's where. Boot!
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Sunrise - Simply Red 

Cover Artwork Remix of Simply Red Sunrise Original Cover Artwork of Simply Red Sunrise Summer is finally here so it's surely time for lots of sunny remixes and some more artwork to add to our summer sizzlers category. This one doesn't quite make it into the sizzling section but instead we find Simply Red singing about Sunrise. And on the cover we find the lead singer of the band standing in a scene reminiscent of a sunrise. So full points and no need for a remix, right? Wrong!
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Head Over Heels - ABBA 

Cover Artwork Remix of Abba Head Over Heels Original Cover Artwork of Abba Head Over Heels This is not the first time that the AllBum.Art team have remixed a song called Head Over Heels, after all it makes a good topic for a remix. It is also not the first time we have remixed the cover art for a track by Swedish songsters Abba. On the original cover, the band members are distinctly normal looking. On the remix is a babe who has her head over her heels but not in the way that you might expect. Twister!
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Street Player - Chicago 

Cover Artwork Remix of Chicago Street Player Original Cover Artwork of Chicago Street Player Chicago can get very cold in the winter. Why do we say that? Well because it kind of explains the remix of Street Player by Chicago. The original cover sees the band smiling and looking very chic in a 1970s kind of way. The remixed cover shows a babe who is clearly very adept at playing the street and given how cold it is outside, then this must be Chicago in the winter. You see, it all makes some kind of sense now. Doubtful!
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On The Wings Of Love - Jeffrey Osborne 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jeffrey Osborne On The Wings Of Love Original Cover Artwork of Jeffrey Osborne On The Wings Of Love When Jeffrey Osborne sings On The Wings Of Love, what springs to your mind? It might well be Mr Osborne in soft focus wearing a brown sweater and gold neck chain. It might be. For us, we think of an angel. And not in a sweater and neck chain, but in white lingerie and high heels. And wouldn't you know it, that's just what the remixed cover art shows. What a coincidence. Snap!
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Self - Fuzzbox 

Cover Artwork Remix of Fuzzbox Self Original Cover Artwork of Fuzzbox Self You know we are fans of the occasional angel, here at AllBum.Art. So when Brian Charlesworth from Birmingham, UK, send us this remix of Self by Fuzzbox, we were only too pleased to receive it. The original cover appears to show the lead singer of the band in an angel costume. The remix shows a similarly self-obsessed babe in a similar angel costume. The wings are still intact but hey, where's the tunic gone. Mystery!
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Conga - Miami Sound Machine 

Cover Artwork Remix of Miami Sound Machine Conga Original Cover Artwork of Miami Sound Machine Conga Those crazy Latin beats want to make you shake your feet and do the Conga. But what is the Conga? Well the Latin influences are clear on the original cover artwork from the Miami Sound Machine, but there's no guide on how to participate in this crazy Latin dance. The remix shows a group participating in what has to be said to be a rather lackluster and unenthusiastic Conga but there may be a good reason for this. Ancient!
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Forever Autumn - Vigrass And Osborne 

Cover Artwork Remix of Vigrass Osborne Forever Autumn Original Cover Artwork of Vigrass Osborne Forever Autumn Hmmm... So I've heard the title of the song, Forever Autumn, somewhere, but I don't remember Vigrass and Osborne. Yeah, that's what we thought too. Forever Autumn is a song from the musical War Of The Worlds, which is more closely associated with Justin Heyward. But no, the original was sung by obscure duo Paul and Gary. The original cover shows the duo looking melancholy and musical in a 1970s kind of way. The remix shows... well, look closely and work it out for yourself. Autumnal!
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C'Mon And Get My Love - D-Mob Introducing Cathy Dennis 

Cover Artwork Remix of D Mob Cmon And Get My Love Original Cover Artwork of D Mob Cmon And Get My Love Maybe you've sensed a slight theme over the past couple of days? Songs that shout come and get it! Today it is C'Mon And Get My Love by D-Mob Introducing Cathy Dennis that is getting the treatment. On the original cover we find Ms Dennis doing her best to entice us to go and get her love, but failing really to pull off quite the right pout for the job. On the remix we see a hot babe who is unequivocally demonstrating exactly where she wants you to come and get her love. Go Get 'Em!
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Come And Get My Love - Reea 

Cover Artwork Remix of Reea Come And Get My Love Original Cover Artwork of Reea Come And Get My Love With a song with a title of Come And Get My Love, what we, at AllBum.Art would expect to find on the cover is an alluring babe, enticing us to go get it. What we have on the original cover artwork is a picture of Reea, looking sultry. On the whole, this does the required job, but we felt a little remix to put an even more alluring, sultry babe on the cover couldn't hurt and so that's what we've done. Sorry Reea. Apologetic!
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