Hot Hot Hot - Arrow 

Cover Artwork Remix of Arrow Hot Hot Hot Original Cover Artwork of Arrow Hot Hot Hot So here we are, on our way to the beach flying on a Groovejet when the pilot comes on the tannoy to announce the weather at the destination. Is it warm and sunny? No. Is it hot and sticky? No. According to the captain it's Hot Hot Hot, which is exactly the forecast that Arrow gave in his 1980s song and album of the same name. How fortuitous that the remix shows the weather at the destination and even better that it shows three hot hot hot babes waiting there. Sizzle!
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Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) - Spiller 

Cover Artwork Remix of Spiller Bextor Groovejet Original Cover Artwork of Spiller Bextor Groovejet Now that the summer is with us, it's time to head out of the city and hit the beach. But how do we travel? By Greyhound? By Amtrak? No, by Groovejet of course! The original cover of Groovejet (It This Ain't Love) by Spiller shows a desert island in the setting sun - just the kind of place that a Groovejet should fly to. All we would add to this delightful destination is a naked babe and would you guess it, there she is in the remix! Marooned!

Long Hot Summer - The Style Council 

Cover Artwork Remix of Style Council Long Hot Summer Original Cover Artwork of Style Council Long Hot Summer Yes, summer is now officially here and let's hope it's a Long Hot Summer which is what The Style Council hoped it would be. The original single cover shows them sitting around on a wall in Paris on a sticky summer day. The remix shows a feisty French babe wearing nothing but high heels and an overcoat sitting around on a bench on an equally sticky summer day in Paris. How do we know it's Paris - why, by the shape of the streetlights of course! Eye-full!
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Dancing In The Moonlight - Toploader 

Cover Artwork Remix of Toploader Dancing Moonlight Original Cover Artwork of Toploader Dancing Moonlight It's June 21st and do you know what that means? It's the longest day of the year. A day on which traditionally Scandinavians go mad, drinking and dancing in the midnight sun. So what better song to start the summer with than Dancing In The Moonlight by Toploader. The remix shows a babe who is by a beach (good summery start) and is clearly dressed for a party in the moonlight. When we say 'clearly dressed for a party' we of course mean 'virtually naked'. Twinkly!

The Sex Of It - Kid Creole And The Coconuts 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kid Creole Coconuts Sex Of It Original Cover Artwork of Kid Creole Coconuts Sex Of It Not satisfied with telling Annie that he couldn't possibly be her father because she was too ugly, Kid Creole And The Coconuts are now discussing The Sex Of It. In the original cover we see nothing to indicate what 'it' is and what its sex might be. In the remix we see a topless babe drinking from a coconut. Her sex is definitely female (though, of course, without seeing what is below her navel there is always doubt). Milky!
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You Had Me - Joss Stone 

Cover Artwork Remix of Joss Stone You Had Me Original Cover Artwork of Joss Stone You Had Me Now where would YOU go if faced with remixing the cover of a song called You Had Me? That was the BIG question facing the team here at AllBum.Art when we found this song by Joss Stone. There are many things we could have remixed the cover with but in the end we went for a babe in a hotel room, leaning over a chair, with her ass in the air, her heels on the floor, and her panties around her ankles. Has she been had, or is that what happens next? Does it even matter? Bemusing!
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Launderette - Vivien Goldman 

Cover Artwork Remix of Vivien Goldman Launderette Original Cover Artwork of Vivien Goldman Launderette An entry submitted to us by Kurt Thompson of England. Kurt says of Launderette by Vivien Goldman:
I recently found the AllBum.Art web-site and thought what a good idea it was to remix the covers of songs. I have done this for Launderette by Vivien Goldman. I was a punk in the 1970s and I think my friends would approve of a remix that includes a picture of nude babes in a launderette.

I think we all approve of that Kurt! Sploshing!
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More Than A Woman - Tavares 

Original Cover Artwork of Tavares More Than A Woman Cover Artwork Remix of Tavares More Than A Woman Cover Artwork Remix of Tavares More Than A Woman
More Than A Woman, just what did Tavares mean when they sang those words? We weren't sure so have offered you two choices. The first is a woman who is definitely more than an average woman, but perhaps she is 'more of a woman'. In the second remix we offer you someone who is definitely more than a woman. Though you can't see from the pose, there is more to be seen than on a regular woman, if you get our drift. Knobbly!
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One Day I'll Fly Away - Randy Crawford 

Cover Artwork Remix of Randy Crawford One Day Original Cover Artwork of Randy Crawford One Day Ah yes, the song made infamous by the misguided miming of a million drag artists, One Day I'll Fly Away was probably one of the biggest hits of Randy Crawford. The original cover shows a happy, smiling Ms Crawford which in one way is good (it shows the artist) but in another doesn't really reflect the melancholy melody of the song. The remix shows an angel, stuck on the ground, who longs to fly back to heaven. Angelic!
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Wishing On A Star - Rose Royce 

Cover Artwork Remix of Rose Royce Wishing On A Star Original Cover Artwork of Rose Royce Wishing On A Star Wishing On A Star is both a 1978 single by Rose Royce and a 1993 album of their greatest hits (which not surprisingly includes the eponymous single). The original cover shows a star which is what we are wishing on, but it lacks a certain certainty about whether it is certain that the wish will succeed. The remix shows that there are stars that can be wished on where your wish will certainly come true. With or without the star! Pointy!
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