Gold Mother - James 

Cover Artwork Remix of James Gold Mother Original Cover Artwork of James Gold Mother It seems that James's idea of a Gold Mother, is some kind of blurred, watery image of what could possibly be Mary, but could just about be anyone if the original album front cover artwork is a reflection of their opinion. The AllBum.Art opinion on what constitutes a gold mother, is a mature golden-haired babe, wearing a gold basque, and gold high heel shoes. A sexy gold mother [insert your own word to complete the sentence here]. Flim?
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Rock Yo Hips - Crime Mob 

Cover Artwork Remix of Crime Mob Rock Yo Hips Original Cover Artwork of Crime Mob Rock Yo Hips Oooh, ooh, take me in your arms and Rock Yo Hips baby. That's not quite what the Crime Mob sing as they sit or stand against a brick wall on the original single front cover artwork. They seem quite stationary which doesn't help understand how yo hips should be rocking. On the remix, two big babes are rocking their bikinis and maybe their hips too, though as this is a picture and not a video, it's difficult to know for sure what amount of rock is being applied. Sticky!
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Ride It - Geri 

Cover Artwork Remix of Geri Ride It Original Cover Artwork of Geri Ride It Geri (Halliwell as she was then known) a former member of the Spice Girls is telling us to Ride It. This is clearly illustrated on the original single front cover artwork by Ms Halliwell sitting down in a black dress with lots of lens flare. On the remix we can see a babe in red lipstick and red high heels (but little else) who has been given a small red tricycle and told to ride it. It's clearly too small for her, but she isn't giving up. Accelerate!
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Holding On To You - Terence Trent D'Arby 

Cover Artwork Remix of Terence Trent Darby Holding On To You Original Cover Artwork of Terence Trent Darby Holding On To You Terence Trent D'Arby (or Sananda Maitreya as he is known today, even though his real name is the far less glamorous Terry Howard) is Holding On To You. He does this by wearing an orange fur, or at least wearing a fur that is then sprayed orange (which is probably more politically correct) on the the original single front cover artwork. On the remix we see two babes who are holding on to each other. This may be a sensible thing to do as they are only wearing high heel sandals, and seem to be standing in a slippery shower cubicle. Clean!
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Just A Ride - Jem 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jem Just A Ride Original Cover Artwork of Jem Just A Ride We don't know who Jem necessarily is, or why she wants Just A Ride. Oh, wait, Jem appears on the front cover of her original single artwork so at least we know what she looks like, but what is the ride she is either wanting or offering? On the remix we find a babe standing on a cobbled street in high heels and stockings and holding an umbrella. It seems she could do with a ride, especially as she seems to have forgotten some of her clothes. Or maybe the guy is offering her just a ride. Pick up!
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Wired For Sound - Cliff Richard 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cliff Richard Wired For Sound Original Cover Artwork of Cliff Richard Wired For Sound Cliff Richard claims to be Wired For Sound. On the original single front cover artwork, he is at least standing in front of a microphone which presumably is wired up to some equipment, though it could be a radio microphone in which case it would be wireless. Then again, it was the 1980s so, yes, it's more likely to be wired. On the remix we find a babe standing on a rooftop wearing headphones that are not wireless, as the wire can clearly be seen casting a shadow on her body. And wouldn't you know it, her wireless bra has fallen off, as have many other of her clothes. Bluetooth!
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Lucky Star - Basement Jaxx Featuring Dizzee Rascal 

Cover Artwork Remix of Basement Jaxx Lucky Star Original Cover Artwork of Basement Jaxx Lucky Star You can thank your Lucky Star that you're not as boring as the original single front cover artwork by Basement Jaxx Featuring Dizzee Rascal. Two lions holding a star, with a load of random junk thrown around the cover for no obvious purpose. On the remix is also a star which is lucky in that there's a semi-naked babe sitting in front of it with her long auburn hair covering her own lucky stars and whose high heel shoes are the same color as the lucky star on the original cover. Light-bulb!
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Reflections Of My Life - Marmalade 

Cover Artwork Remix of Marmalade Reflections Of My Life Original Cover Artwork of Marmalade Reflections Of My Life It's always nice to be able to update 50 year old artwork for singles, and Reflections Of My Life by Marmalade is just such an opportunity. The original front cover just shows the band members, which is not uncommon for artwork from the 1960s. The remix shows a babe standing against a clean window that is causing strong reflections of her body (a.k.a. life). It looks as if she lives quite a good life, as is reflected in her odd attire, being just her high heel sandals. Mirrored!
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When You're Gone - Bryan Adams Featuring Melanie C 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bryan Adams When Youre Gone Original Cover Artwork of Bryan Adams When Youre Gone What happens When You're Gone? According to the original single front cover artwork by Bryan Adams Featuring Melanie C, the answer is very blurry, and may or may not involve trailers or trains (it is far to indistinct to be able to tell). On the remix things become clearer as when you're gone, a babe wearing naught more than a long coat and high heels, stands by the roadside pining for your return. That much is definitely not blurry. Away!
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People Are Strange - Echo And The Bunnymen 

Cover Artwork Remix of Echo And The Bunnymen People Are Strange Original Cover Artwork of Echo And The Bunnymen People Are Strange It's not just that People Are Strange, but taking a look at the front cover artwork for this single by Echo And The Bunnymen, it's also the designer's notion of what a cover might look like that is strange. Wearing a fruit bowl for a hat is obviously what passed for strange in the 1980s. The remix doesn't change this idea, but instead of wearing a fruit bowl as a hat, we find a babe who is wearing one as a bra, which is handy as she is in dire need of one. Odd!
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