Invasion Of Your Privacy - Ratt 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ratt Invasion Of Your Privacy Original Cover Artwork of Ratt Invasion Of Your Privacy An Invasion Of Your Privacy, that is what Ratt are illustrating on the original front cover artwork of their album. The privacy being invaded is that of a young babe who is putting on (or taking off) her socks in her bedroom. On the remix we find a babe and her man whose privacy has been invaded by a guy in a suit who has decided that he will hold his hand over his face and pretend not to notice the fact that the couple are both naked and seemingly in the throws of passion. Covered!

Come Softly - Barooga Bandit 

Cover Artwork Remix of Barooga Bandit Come Softly Original Cover Artwork of Barooga Bandit Come Softly Come softly, go softly, even stand around doing nothing softly, whichever is your preference, it is the turn of Barooga Bandit to educate us how to do things in a soft way. From the original album cover artwork, it would seem that the prime thing required, is a pair of short-shorts and a bow. On the remix, nothing much has changed other than that the cameraperson has rotated nearly 180 degrees so we can see the front of the shot instead of the rear. Behind!
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Monokini - Stereo Total 

Cover Artwork Remix of Stereo Total Monokini Original Cover Artwork of Stereo Total Monokini What is a Monokini? Let's turn to the original album cover artwork by Stereo Total to find out. It would seem to be, as far as is visible, hidden. The babe on the front cover is sitting in such a way that she is hiding her monokini, bikini, trikini or any other kind of kini. The babe on the remix is wearing a kini made of a single strip of cloth, which is what, it might be presumed, a monokini looks like. Mobius!
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The Cookbook - Missy Elliot 

Cover Artwork Remix of Missy Elliott The Cookbook Original Cover Artwork of Missy Elliott The Cookbook What could illustrate The Cookbook better on the front cover artwork of an album than having Missy Elliott standing in front of an old school microphone in black and white, and with the Betsy Ross flag behind her? Well, how's about an actual cookbook? That is what the remix offers us, a babe wearing a diamond necklace, holding a cookbook and eating string. It's not clear why she would want to do any of these things, let along together. String theory!
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Larger Than Life - Jody Watley 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jody Watley Larger Than Life Original Cover Artwork of Jody Watley Larger Than Life Do you know what isn't Larger Than Life? The font on the front cover artwork of the album of that name by Jody Watley. For that matter, there is nothing that is excessively big on the original cover. On the remix we find a babe whose bosom is larger than life. Indeed, they appear to be several times larger than her head. It's a wonder she can stand upright. The font is still very small though. Melons!
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Back To Front - Lionel Richie 

Cover Artwork Remix of Lionel Richie Back To Front Original Cover Artwork of Lionel Richie Back To Front Whichever way you loo at it, Back To Front, or Front To Back, the original cover artwork for this album by Lionel Richie is an affront and at the back. It is useful to contrast this with the remix where two babes have their backs to us, at the front, so to speak, so their backs are to front. It's not a perfect replacement for the sad looking face of Mr Richie, but it is better than his mustache, that's for certain. Fuzz!
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Thirsty Work - Status Quo 

Cover Artwork Remix of Status Quo Thirsty Work Original Cover Artwork of Status Quo Thirsty Work It is the first of May, known as Labor Day which is all about work. So it seems appropriate, today of all days, to remix an album about Thirsty Work by Status Quo. On the original front cover artwork you will find a bottle of what looks like fizzy water which oddly is full, yet next to it is a glass which is also full. On the remix is a babe who has been hard at work and is now thirsty and is reaching for a bottle of cold water in a fridge. It is not clear what her like of work is, but it seems to involve wearing nothing other than a pair of orange high heels. Dancing!
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Easter - Patti Smith Group 

Cover Artwork Remix of Patti Smith Group Easter Original Cover Artwork of Patti Smith Group Easter Happy Easter! Today it is the turn of the Patti Smith Group and their highly appropriately named album of the 1970s called Easter for the remix treatment. On the original album front artwork we find Ms Smith showing us her underarm hair in a skimpy spaghetti-strap t-shirt. On the remix we find a babe in a very similar pose, with the added factor of her wearing a cross on a necklace which seems far more Eastery. Egg!
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The Naked Ride Home - Jackson Browne 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jackson Browne The Naked Ride Home Original Cover Artwork of Jackson Browne The Naked Ride Home When Jackson Browne names his album The Naked Ride Home, expectations for the content of the album front cover should be high. The let-down is that it shows just Mr Browne standing by some rusting steelwork. On the remix are two babes who are riding their bikes, and who are naked. The only question remaining is whether they are on their way home, but for their sake, let us hope that is where they are heading rather than a Mormon convention in Utah. Cycle!
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Bright Idea - Orson 

Cover Artwork Remix of Orson Bright Idea Original Cover Artwork of Orson Bright Idea It is interesting to note that when Orson were creating the artwork for their single and album Bright Idea, the only difference between the two was that one had a red background, and the other blue. Though these colors are kinda bright, the idea we had for the remixed artwork was for a babe sitting around in the winter snow in bright daylight so that it was so bright that it becomes difficult to see what is going on. Now that is a bright idea. Mork!
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