Natural Thing - Innocence 
Wednesday, 3 May, 2017, 05:22 - Singles Of The 1990s
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innocence natural thing remixinnocence natural thing 1What is the Natural Thing that adorns the original cover artwork of the single from Innocence? It appears to be some kind of wave overlaid onto the visage of the lead singer. Nice but not that natural a thing. On the remix we find an innocent looking babe who is amidst a natural forest setting. She is the epitome of naturalness and innocence, at least that's what we thought. If she was also a thing that would make our work completed. Unfinished!
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Chantilly Lace - The Big Bopper 
Tuesday, 2 May, 2017, 05:59 - Singles Of The 1960s
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big bopper chantilly lace 1big bopper chantilly lace 2big bopper chantilly lace remix
Another triple-play brought to you by us good folk at AllBum.Art. Today it is the turn of The Big Bopper and his single Chantilly Lace. Though Mr Bopper might think that what makes good front cover artwork for his single, the original cover just shows him on the phone to a babe who may or may not be wearing Chantilly lace. On the first remix we find a babe who is wearing Chantilly lace lingerie, though she doesn't appear to be on the phone. On the second remix we find another babe also wearing Chantilly lace lingerie. She is also not on the phone, but does appear to have forgotten some elements of her outfit. Lacy!
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May The Sunshine - Nazareth 
Monday, 1 May, 2017, 05:15 - Singles Of The 1970s
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nazareth may the sunshine remixnazareth may the sunshine 1It's May, so time for a song with the word May in the title. And what better than May The Sunshine by Nazareth? On the original single cover artwork, we find some kind of skull with wings, which fails on so many fronts. Where is the sunshine, for example? The remix fixes this problem as we find a babe lying down enjoying the sunshine. It must be quite warm as she is only wearing high heels and stockings. Also, is it May? Maybe!
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Step Into My Office Baby - Belle And Sebastian 
Sunday, 30 April, 2017, 05:14 - Singles Of The 2000s
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belle and sebastian step into my office baby 1belle and sebastian step into my office baby 2belle and sebastian step into my office baby remix
A triple-play remix for Belle And Sebastian and their single Step Into My Office Baby. On the original front cover artwork we see the band members, and one of them is holding a tennis ball. Come on, where's the office? On the first remix we find a babe who is trying to entice you to come into her office by flashing her panties at you. On the second remix an office babe has taken the temptation to a new level as she tries to convince you to come into her office by posing on her desk in nothing more than a pair of stockings and some high heels. Bureau!
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Drivin' Hard - Shakatak 
Saturday, 29 April, 2017, 05:58 - Albums Of The 1980s
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shakatak drivin hard remixshakatak drivin hard 1The week may be over, but the weekend has just begun and to start it is yet another remix for this week's featured artist Shakatak. On the original album front cover for Drivin' Hard all we have to show for the driving is a freeway bridge. On the remix we find a babe who is driving hard, in fact so hard, that her nipples have gone hard. It must be quite hard for her to keep driving like that. Compass!
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Invitations - Shakatak 
Friday, 28 April, 2017, 05:09 - Albums Of The 1980s, Singles Of The 1980s
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shakatak invitations 2shakatak invitations 1Ending the week of our Shakatak remixes, we bring you the cover of Invitations, both the single and album of the same name. On the original artwork we find a babe wearing a slightly see-through dress standing on a misty lake. That could be classified as inviting. On the remix we find a babe in a very see-through swimsuit resting by the ocean. Is she more inviting or less? That's for you to decide. Tempting!
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Down On The Street - Shakatak 
Thursday, 27 April, 2017, 05:03 - Singles Of The 1980s, Remi-XXX-es
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shakatak down on the street 1shakatak down on the street 2shakatak down on the street remixx
Yet another in our ongoing series of Shakatak remixes and it's a triple-play too. On the original cover for Down On The Street we find a drawing of people in red, blue and black who are dancing down on the street, or at least the buildings in the background suggest it is a street. On the first remix we find a babe who is definitely down on the street, as she, for some unknown reason, has decided to lie down on a cobbled road without her panties on. On the second remix which falls into our X-rated remixes category, we find a babe who is also sitting down on the street, but who is wearing significantly less - in fact just her pink wedge sandals. Dirty!
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Streetwalkin' - Shakatak 
Wednesday, 26 April, 2017, 05:59 - Singles Of The 1980s
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shakatak streetwalkin remixshakatak streetwalkin 1As we continue our short series of remixes of cover artwork by Shakatak, we fall across Streetwalkin'. On the original single we find a neon drawing of a babe walkin' down a street, so a big thumbs-up to the artist for depicting the nature of the song on the cover. On the remix little has changed, except that instead of a drawing we find a real-life babe doing some streetwalkin' of her own, and she seems to have lost her skirt. Road!
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Dark Is The Night - Shakatak 
Tuesday, 25 April, 2017, 05:56 - Singles Of The 1980s
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shakatak dark is the night remixshakatak dark is the night 1The next in our short series of remixes of jazz funkers Shakatak. Today it is the turn of Dark Is The Night (do the band have some fixation with things that happen after dark?) On the original cover artwork for the song, we find a dark alleyway with what appears to be an entrance to a club with the band's name above it. On the remix, someone has turned up to attend the club but seems to be undressing in the street. Perhaps that's the dress code? Doorman!
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Night Birds - Shakatak 
Monday, 24 April, 2017, 08:52 - Albums Of The 1980s, Singles Of The 1980s
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shakatak night birds 2shakatak night birds 1Time for a short run of remixes for Shakatak, starting with their song Night Birds. On the original cover of the single (from the album of the same name) we find a couple of birds flying over an icy landscape at night though they appear to be pterodactyls. On the remix we find a couple of different birds flying over an equally chilly looking landscape, and again at night. No dinosaurs here though. Launch!
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