How High - The Charlatans 

Cover Artwork Remix of Charlatans How High Original Cover Artwork of Charlatans How High Just How High? That is the question that The Charlatans are asking. Now it is feasible that the picture on the original single cover artwork which shows some guy wearing a backpack was taken whilst he was at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, and thus he could be deemed to be very high, but it is so faded it is impossible to tell. On the remix we find a babe with some of the highest high heels that can surely exist and thus the question of how high is now answered. Lofty!
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Feel So High - Desree 

Cover Artwork Remix of Desree Feel So High Original Cover Artwork of Desree Feel So High Desree tells us that she Feels So High. This may be true, she is clearly in a good mood as she is smiling, but how high is 'so' high? We felt the need to find out and so on the remix we got three babes to wear very high heel boots. This wasn't enough though so we asked one of the babes to feel how high one of the other babes was. Sadly the answer is not known but who really cares, it's the question that matters in this case, isn't it? Inquisitive!
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Starships - Nicki Minaj 

Cover Artwork Remix of Nicki Minaj Starships Original Cover Artwork of Nicki Minaj Starships Our third remix for Nicki Minaj has us considering her single Starships. On the original single cover artwork we find Ms Minaj looking very pink and purple, but unless she is standing in some sleek starship whose internals are all painted in pure white, we are not convinced that she is in any kind of planet-hopping vehicle. On the remix is a babe standing in what appears to be an interlinking corridor between the flux chamber and the galley of a Type 19XD inter-stellar cargo ship, or so we are told. And she is wearing a Quijj Class personal defense shield. Protective!
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In My Arms - Mylo 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mylo In My Arms Original Cover Artwork of Mylo In My Arms The original single cover artwork for In My Arms by Mylo shows a boy and a girl kissing and arguably passes the test for actually depicting the nature of the song on the cover as the boy has the girl's arms around his neck. The remix, therefore, doesn't really add anything except that the girl is now in need of having the boy's arms around her as she is wearing nothing more than a pair of shoes. Thankfully the boy's arms are saving her from any embarrassment at having forgotten the rest of her clothing. Shy!
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A Lover's Holiday - Change 

Cover Artwork Remix of Change A Lovers Holiday Original Cover Artwork of Change A Lovers Holiday What does A Lover's Holiday look like? Well, according to the original single artwork from Change, it looks like a series of circles and triangles in black, orange and yellow. Obviously! However we think that the simple addition of a babe who has packed her suitcase and is ready to head on holiday is necessary, and so that is exactly what we have done. Why she is already topless despite not being on the beach, and why her panties are around her ankles is less clear, though perhaps she has not finished packing her suitcase yet. Vacation!
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Automatic - Pointer Sisters 

Cover Artwork Remix of Pointer Sisters Automatic Original Cover Artwork of Pointer Sisters Automatic Automatic by The Pointer Sisters is the subject of today's AllBum.Art artwork remix. The original cover shows the three band members but what is it about them that could be said to be automatic? The banality of their effort? On the remix we find a babe sitting in a car ready to drive it. Is it automatic, or stick shift? It's automatic, obviously, check the stick if you can let your eyes drift that far. Drive!
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See Emily Play - Pink Floyd 

Cover Artwork Remix of Pink Floyd See Emily Play Original Cover Artwork of Pink Floyd See Emily Play When Pink Floyd invite us to See Emily Play, we expect a little more from their single cover artwork than a mixed-up, messed-up picture of a few of the band members. We expect to see Emily, and we expect to see her playing. Thank goodness, then, that we at AllBum.Art have managed to rectify this situation in the remix with a picture of a babe, who we believe is called Emily, who is playing the guitar for us. We would be happy to see Emily play all day. Electric!
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I'll See It Through - Texas 

Cover Artwork Remix of Texas Ill See It Through Original Cover Artwork of Texas Ill See It Through For some reason, we had always thought that Texas were a band from Texas, but apparently they are from Scotland. Anyway the original single cover artwork for I'll See It Through we find the lead singer running her hands through her hair. On the remix we find a different babe also running her hands through her hair, but she is wearing a see-through body-stocking and... wait for it... I'll See Through It (yes, words in the wrong order but pobody's nerfect).
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Look Through Any Window - The Hollies 

Original Cover Artwork of Hollies Look Through Any Window Cover Artwork Remix of Hollies Look Through Any Window Cover Artwork Remix of Hollies Look Through Any Window
Look Through Any Window and what will you find? According to The Hollies it would be the band standing in front of a floral wall, staring back at you. That may be nice but we think there are even nicer things that can be found to stare at through some windows and in the first of this triple-play remix we find a babe resting her weary high-heeled legged body against a window. In the second remix we find something very similar. But wait, there is something else leaning towards the window which suggests she may not necessarily be a babe after all. Now that's just the kind of window that would be worth looking through, whether from the inside or the outside. Glass!

One Cool Remove - Shawn Colvin With Mary Chaplin Carpenter 

Cover Artwork Remix of Shawn Colvin One Cool Remove Original Cover Artwork of Shawn Colvin One Cool Remove One Cool Remove is what Shawn Colvin sings about with the help of Mary Chaplin Carpenter, which is nice of them. But what on Earth is a one cool remove? The original single cover artwork gives us no idea whatsoever other than showing a badly squashed photo of the two of them singing. On the remix we find a babe out in the snowy cold who has just one cool thing left to remove. Now that is definitely one cool remove in more ways than one. Two!
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