Point Of View - db Boulevard 

Cover Artwork Remix of Db Boulevard Point Of View Original Cover Artwork of Db Boulevard Point Of View What is the Point Of View of db Boulevard? An interesting question whose answer seems to be to do with cardboard cut-outs, including one of a giant billboard with the band's name on it. The remix, on the other hand, shows a far more picturesque point of view with rolling mountains and lush countryside and, oh, wait, a naked babe holding a picture frame. Artistic!
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Mr President - Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dbmt Mr President Original Cover Artwork of Dbmt Mr President Some might say that the remix of Mr President by Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich (DBM&T) is a little too subtle, other than, of course, showing a teen babe flashing her ass at us. Why might they think this? Largely because you have to look quite closely to see that the picture has been taken in a fairly true-to-life mock-up of the oval office. Note the US flag at the back on the left, and the mahogany piano. So that's what the president keeps in his office then. Keys!
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Point Of View - Matumbi 

Cover Artwork Remix of Matumbi Point Of View Original Cover Artwork of Matumbi Point Of View What is Matumbi's Point Of View? A red jacket, yellow tie and black shirt on a hanger in front of a green curtain, that's what. Yes, some very obscure metaphorical analogies going on here because we assume that they have taken the point of view of someone who has no idea about how to produce covers for music. Then again, the remixed point of view may not be to everyone's taste, in fact it might be to very few people's taste unless those people happen to like looking up at hairy old women. Vertigo!
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Lucky Stars - Dean Friedman 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dean Friedman Lucky Stars Original Cover Artwork of Dean Friedman Lucky Stars Dean Friedman (pronounced 'freed-man' and not 'fried-man' as it would otherwise appear) sings to us about Lucky Stars. But on the cover of his single he looks anything other than lucky, in fact he seems gaunt and dreary, which kind of reflects his music. Anyhow, we thought the cover could do with a spruce up and a remix and on it we see some very lucky stars. So lucky in fact that we could imagine many a man trading places with them for no financial recompense at all. Gratis!
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Ass Like That - Eminem 

Cover Artwork Remix of Eminem Ass Like That Original Cover Artwork of Eminem Ass Like That Eminem, or 'Pinky McToosh' as he is known here at AllBum.Art for reasons that are far too complex and involved to explain here, has become, it seems, a character from Sesame Street on the cover of his single Ass Like That. Of course, what is really needed is an ass, and preferably one that's like that. If, by 'like that' you meant a plump mature babe playing pool then the remix is for you. If it doesn't, then nothing to see here. Eight!
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So You Wanna Go The Whole Way - Roxette 

Cover Artwork Remix of Roxette Go The Whole Way Original Cover Artwork of Roxette Go The Whole Way So You Wanna Go The Whole Way? That is the question that Swedish songsters Roxette are succinctly asking. The answer, according to the cover of their single is, 'take a look at my cool sunglasses', which for us does not seem to answer the question at all. Maybe that's how they work in Sweden. We work a little less abstrusely, and in the remix we see a mature babe who is asking the question in a much more obvious way. The real question is, 'what is your reply?' Maybe!

Short Fat Fannie - Larry Williams 

Cover Artwork Remix of Larry Williams Short Fat Fannie Original Cover Artwork of Larry Williams Short Fat Fannie Larry Williams sings of a Short Fat Fannie. But on the cover of his original recording, there is only Mr Williams to view with no help constructing a mental picture of what Fannie might look like. If it weren't for the title we wouldn't even know how tall or plump she was. Thankfully the remix solves this problem and we can see what Fannie looks like. Perhaps not surprisingly, she is short and rather chubby, and might better be described as a blubbery big woman (BBW), just like Mr Williams suggested. Coherence!
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Star To Fall - Cabin Crew 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cabin Crew Star To Fall Original Cover Artwork of Cabin Crew Star To Fall Cabin Crew are very definitely waiting for a Star To Fall, the original cover artwork of their single makes this very clear with its vert repetitive text which repeats the same text again and again and again in a very repetitive fashion that repeats itself a lot. But where are the cabin crew? On the remix of course, where they're serving drinks to the passengers. Nice uniforms!
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Bedsitter - Soft Cell 

Original Cover Artwork of Soft Cell Bedsitter Cover Artwork Remix of Soft Cell Bedsitter Cover Artwork Remix of Soft Cell Bedsitter
Ah, yes. Soft Cell and Bedsitter. What could possibly say 'bedsitter' more than standing in front of a blue wall covered in knives, spoons and various other kitchen accoutrements. Obviously nothing, if you're the band members. But for us, two alternatives spring to mind. Firstly, a babe sitting on a bed (that's the really obvious choice). In the first instance a cute one, and in the second, representing the generally lower quality of accommodation that bedsits usually represent, a somewhat lower quality babe. Floppy!
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Everytime In Rains - Ace Of Base 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ace Of Base Everytime It Rains Original Cover Artwork of Ace Of Base Everytime It Rains So it seems that on the original cover artwork for Everytime It Rains by Ace Of Base, we find the four band members of which at least three are wearing some kind of waterproof clothing (it's not clear if the tunic being worn by the dark-haired babe would provide much protection against precipitation). On the remix we find a babe who has not taken this measure of protection and who has found herself out in the rain in nothing more than a flimsy t-shirt which has provided little to no shelter against the downpour. Ace!
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