Poison - Alice Cooper 

Cover Artwork Remix of Alice Cooper Poision Original Cover Artwork of Alice Cooper Poision It's easy to wonder what Alice Cooper was thinking when they prepared the cover for their single Poison. Were they thinking that by having a dark, foreboding background, it might hint at industrial waste? Were they thinking that writing the word 'poison' in red was somehow reminiscent of danger? Were they thinking that wearing a zombie t-shirt was somehow post-apocalyptic? Whatever their thoughts, the remix shows a babe in a gas mask which is simultaneously industrial, dangerous and apocalyptic. Trio!
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Honest Mistake - The Bravery 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bravery Honest Mistake Original Cover Artwork of Bravery Honest Mistake What do you make of the original cover artwork for the single Honest Mistake from The Bravery? It appears to show two babes wearing little more than high heels, but whose features have been so badly blurred that whether they are clothed or not is totally unclear. Thankfully, AllBum.Art can exclusively reveal that they are indeed clothed. The original picture that was so badly blurred shows two school teachers wearing the kind of clothing that they only normally wear at spring break when all of the students are miles away. Ah, apparently not, this was actually mid-semester. An easy mistake to make. Honest!
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Love And Kisses - Love And Kisses 

Cover Artwork Remix of Love And Kisses Original Cover Artwork of Love And Kisses Whilst we are dealing with those 70's songsters Love And Kisses, here is a remix for their eponymously titled first album (in case that means nothing to you, it means the album is named after the band and is also called Love And Kisses). The original cover shows a babe whose clothes are being ripped off by a gang of people standing around her. The remix shows the end result, and it seems that far from being a random process of ripping and removal, she has been left with a nicely designed silver bikini of some kind. Very kind indeed!
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How Much, How Much I Love You - Love And Kisses 

Cover Artwork Remix of Love Kisses How Much I Love You Original Cover Artwork of Love Kisses How Much I Love You The 1970s seem to be the heyday for album covers that were already high on the risqué register. The original cover of How Much, How Much I Love You by Love And Kisses shows a naked babe riding a horse but in an erotic pose, not a lady Godiva pose where her extremities are covered by her long hair. The remix offers nothing new, just an update to this tried and tested formula. Neigh!

Perfect 10 - The Beautiful South 

Original Cover Artwork of Beautiful South Perfect 10 Cover Artwork Remix of Beautiful South Perfect 10 Cover Artwork Remix of Beautiful South Perfect 10
The second in this short series of user-submitted remixes from The Beautiful South by Wilf Hooton of Hull, UK. This time Wilf has provided us with a triple-play of remixes for the song Perfect 10. Wilf says, "I couldn't decide which babe on the remix was more appropriate, the perfect specimen lying down or the 50s style retro pinup girl, so I did both". Not sure we could have made that call either Wilf but thanks for the remixes. Ten out of ten!
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Rotterdam (Or Anywhere) - The Beautiful South 

Cover Artwork Remix of Beautiful South Rotterdam Original Cover Artwork of Beautiful South Rotterdam Two in a row remixes that have been submitted by a self-proclaimed fan of AllBum.Art, both of them remixes for songs by The Beautiful South. The first is for their single Rotterdam (Or Anywhere). As even the densest geography student knows, Rotterdam is in Holland where, even the densest sociology student knows, almost anything goes! Odd then that the original cover shows three landmarks, only one of which could directly be connected to Holland - a bicycle. The remix, provided to us by Wilf Hooton of Hull, UK, shows "a naked babe on the streets of a town in Holland". Nice one Wilf. Edam!
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Cover Artwork Remix of City Boy 5705 Original Cover Artwork of City Boy 5705 City Boy's song,, is obviously about making a telephone call. But the cover of their single doesn't even have a phone on it and although the band screech on about '5705 but there's no reply, I keep calling...' they don't provide us with any idea of why they would want to call that number in the first place. Thankfully the remix answers this vexing question as we see that on the other end of the line is a very good reason for calling 5705. Now if only we could find out the area code... Dial!
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Upside Down - DJ K Gee 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dj K Gee Upside Down Original Cover Artwork of Dj K Gee Upside Down A remix of a remix, or 'remix squared'. Upside Down by DJ K Gee is a remix of Diana Ross's original version of Upside Down. Exactly what the original cover tells us is very unclear, it's just a 70s inspired jumble of bright colors. The remix is far more topsy turvy and shows a babe who seems to enjoy being upside down. ¿ɹǝɥ ƃuᴉuᴉoɾ ʎɔuɐɟ ǝuoʎu∀ Pronto!
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Upside Down - A*Teens 

Cover Artwork Remix of A Teens Upside Down Original Cover Artwork of A Teens Upside Down The original cover and title of Upside Down by the A*Teens is odd in two ways:
  1. It is the right way up.
  2. There is an inherent grammatical conflict in the use of the word 'a' meaning singular and 'teens' which is plural.
The remix at least fixes most of these problems as we find 'a teen' who is 'upside down'. There are also several other teens around, thereby dealing with the plurality problem. uʍop ǝpᴉsdn!
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What About Me? - Moving Pictures 

Cover Artwork Remix of Moving Pictures What About Me Original Cover Artwork of Moving Pictures What About Me This user submitted entry comes from Dale of Woolloomooloo, Australia. Dale doesn't give us his family name but if it is as long as unpronounceable as the name of the town he lives in, perhaps that's for the better. Dale has sent us a remix of the cover of What About Me, by Moving Pictures. Dale tells us that his inspiration is the picture on his remixed cover in which he says that the look on the girl's face is clearly asking why the photographer is more interested in the pot plant than in her. Good question Dale! Bonzer!
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