Red Dress - Alvin Stardust 

Cover Artwork Remix of Alvin Stardust Red Dress Original Cover Artwork of Alvin Stardust Red Dress We had never heard of Alvin Stardust either until we received this submission from Tony Peterson of Birmingham, England. Tony tells us that he was inspired by our remix of Red Dress by another British band, the Sugababes. This is a remix of Mr Stardust's 1974 single of the same name of which Tony says, 'the original cover had little red, and no dress and I wanted to fix it'. We think you've done a good job Tony. Thanks for your submission. Scarlet!
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Should I Stay Or Should I Go - The Clash 

Cover Artwork Remix of Clash Should I Stay Or Go Original Cover Artwork of Clash Should I Stay Or Go Should I Stay Or Should I Go now? was the question asked by British punk rockers The Clash in this single from 1982. They go on to add, 'if I stay there will be trouble, if I go it will be double'. The original cover gives no indication of what is causing the band such a dilemma. The remix makes the after-show situation abundantly clear. Should the lady in the picture continue in her current line of activity (undressing), there will certainly be trouble. If the band leave her without paying the appropriate dues, it will be double. Double bubble!

Music To Watch Girls By - Andy Williams 

Cover Artwork Remix of Andy Williams Music To Watch Girls Original Cover Artwork of Andy Williams Music To Watch Girls Andy Williams has many songs whose titles entitle them to a remix under the hands of AllBum.Art but for now we will content ourselves with Music To Watch Girls By. The remix is based on a very simple premise... when this song plays on your iPod* you need to be able to see some girls to watch going by. Whilst our remixed cover is not animated, it does provide the necessary girls for you (and Mr Williams) to watch.

* other mp3 players are available
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Lonely Boy - Andrew Gold 

Cover Artwork Remix of Andrew Gold Lonely Boy Original Cover Artwork of Andrew Gold Lonely Boy The second remix in as many weeks for Andrew Gold. But what do we have here? In the original cover, we see Mr Gold sitting looking lonely in a lonely-looking room. But lo! see what is actually behind him. If he would only stop being so melancholy and turn around, he would see that he is not alone, but that there is a cute babe waiting for him. Why she was airbrushed out of the original is anyone's guess, but our guess is that with her in the picture, Mr Gold is not so lonely after all. Tigerskin!
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Hooray, Hooray, It's A Holi-Holiday - Boney M 

Cover Artwork Remix of Boney M Hooray Holiday Original Cover Artwork of Boney M Hooray Holiday Two remixes in a row for seventies songsters Boney M. This time it's their 1979 hit, Hooray, Hooray, It's A Holi-Holiday. The original cover sees the band members walking down an otherwise deserted beach enjoying their holi-holiday. The remix shows the kind of thing that we would like to see on a deserted beach that would make us shout hooray, hooray on our holi-holiday - a naked chick soaking up the sunshine. Bikini!

Sunny - Boney M 

Cover Artwork Remix of Boney M Sunny Original Cover Artwork of Boney M Sunny Sunny by Boney M. What images does this conjure up for you? Is it:
(a) The band standing around in a photo studio against a red backdrop. Or
(b) A hot chick on a sunny beach wearing naught but a scarf and high heels?
For Boney M, it's clearly the former as that is what is shown on the original single cover. For us, it's the latter as is clearly shown on the remixed cover. Tan lines!
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This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You) - The Isley Brothers 

Cover Artwork Remix of Isley Brothers Heart Of Mine Original Cover Artwork of Isley Brothers Heart Of Mine What picture did The Isley Brothers choose to feature on the original cover of their single This Old Heart Of Mine? Oddly, a couple on a beach sitting around holding a beach ball. In the remix all we have done is wound on the story an hour or so to the point where all their clothes have fallen off and they are frolicking in the ocean with their beach ball. Obvious really!

Paper Roses - Marie Osmond 

Cover Artwork Remix of Marie Osmond Paper Roses Original Cover Artwork of Marie Osmond Paper Roses Ah, how sweet the picture of Marie Osmond on the cover of her 1973 single Paper Roses sandwiched, as she is, between her name and the title of the song, and some rather scrappy looking pink paper roses. Actually, as far as the AllBum.Art scoring system goes, this cover gets full marks as it includes the artist and some connection to the title of the song. So why the remix? Simple, because we had a picture of a sexy pinup holding some paper roses. Thorny!
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Feeling Good - Michael Bublé 

Cover Artwork Remix of Michael Buble Feeling Good Original Cover Artwork of Michael Buble Feeling Good There is always a perfect time to remix the cover of any Michael Bublé single and when that single is called Feeling Good, the time can never be soon enough. Our Canadian friend's apparent desire to be called Boob-lay instead of the more or less accurate Bubb-le opens him up for many boob based remixes, eh? This one shows a girl checking on her boobs as many girls are told to do. Do they feel good? Who knows, but they look great. Solid!
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#SELFIE - The Chainsmokers 

Cover Artwork Remix of Chainsmokers Selfie Original Cover Artwork of Chainsmokers Selfie Of the many obvious and oblivious pictures that could have been chosen to remix the totally dull original cover of The Chainsmokers single #SELFIE, the one that now graces the remixed cover artwork has to be the best. It's a hot babe, wearing headphones, in a bikini, taking a picture of herself. Could the remix be any better? Well yes, but for now be happy that you're not a room without a roof. By-oo-ti!
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