Built For Speed - Stray Cats 

Cover Artwork Remix of Stray Cats Built For Speed Original Cover Artwork of Stray Cats Built For Speed The Stray Cats don't score badly with their original cover artwork for Built For Speed, as we can clearly see the band members standing around with some vintage sports cars. On the remix we find a babe sitting on a modern sports car (a Porsche no less). It is to be hoped the owner was happy with this, as her spiky high heels could easily dent the body work. Mind you perhaps her body is the kind of body work he bought the car to impress in the first place. Vroom!
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Oh! You Pretty Thing - Peter Noone 

Cover Artwork Remix of Peter Noone Oh You Pretty Thing Original Cover Artwork of Peter Noone Oh You Pretty Thing There seems to be some confusion over whether this track by Peter Noone is called Oh! You Pretty Thing, or Oh! You Pretty Things (the 's' added at the end there). Either way, the original cover artwork (in this case without the 's') shows Mr Noone smiling. On the remix we can see why he is smiling as there is a pretty thing looking back at him. A pretty thing who is not wearing very much. No wonder he is smiling. Things!
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Barefoot Blue Jean Night - Jake Owen 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jake Owen Barefoot Blue Jean Night Original Cover Artwork of Jake Owen Barefoot Blue Jean Night Jake Owen smiles into the sky on the original front cover of his single Barefoot Blue Jean Night, and he is wearing blue jeans. But is he barefoot? We do not know as we cannot see his feet. Is it night? It isn't dark, so presumably not. On the remix we find a babe who is barefoot, and is wearing blue jeans. Is it night? It's difficult to tell, but the bright light suggests it's not. So a fail on both the original and remixed covers. Daytime!

Lovehunter - Whitesnake 

Cover Artwork Remix of Whitesnake Lovehunter Original Cover Artwork of Whitesnake Lovehunter OriginalLovehunter by Whitesnake is yet another album cover inspired by the list of controversial album art. In it we see a naked woman with her back to us riding a great big snake (though oddly, given the name of the band, not a white one). In the remix, the one woman has been replaced by three and the snake has shrunk. It seems, though, that the snake has the same mesmerizing effect on the girls, as all their clothes seem to have vanished. Is this the original 'trouser snake' in action?
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Candy-O - The Cars 

Cover Artwork Remix of The Cars Candy O 2 Cover Artwork Remix of The Cars Candy O 1 Original Cover Artwork of The Cars Candy O Original

Not just one, but two remixes of the cover of this 1979 album from Boston rockers The Cars. This is another taken from Wikipedia's list of controversial album art. The original cover shows a 50s babe in a seethrough black bodystocking reclining. The remixes do more of the same, but one has a 50s style pinup babe wearing something even more seethrough and the other comes right up to date and shows a horny blonde bitch taking her panties off whilst reclining in the necessary pose. Wicked pissa!
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Poni Hoax - Poni Hoax 

Cover Artwork Remix of Poni Hoax Original Cover Artwork of Poni Hoax OriginalTrent Bridges of Alabama contacted us to ask if we had seen the page on Wikipedia that discussed controversial album art as he said it would be the kind of thing we would like. It seems that there is some album art around that doesn't necessarily need a make-over or remix by AllBum.Art. But that doesn't stop us trying! Here we see one of the pieces of album art that lists as controversial from a French band called Poni Hoax. It shows a naked girl sitting on a chair holding an owl whose wings are covering part of her naked body. Owls, like many birds, flap their wings and in the remix, the owl has moved to reveal even more of the naked girl. So it is possible to remix already good artwork. More of this to follow...
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That Ole Devil Called Love - Alison Moyet 

Cover Artwork Remix of Alison_moyet That Ole Devil Original Cover Artwork of Alison_moyet That Ole Devil Another submission from England where Alison Moyet is pop chart gold, at least so Gusty Tillson (you couldn't make these British names up - what were their parents thinking) tells us. The cover shows Ms Moyet 'carping on' about That Ole Devil Called Love. The remix shows the devil up to no good with his trident aiming firmly at the devil's triangle. Good one Gusty!

Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice 

Cover Artwork Remix of Vanilla Ice 3x Baby Original Cover Artwork of Vanilla Ice 3x Baby Vanilla Ice, Ice Ice Ice Baby Ice and all that trash. Not only is the song annoying but the cover of this 1990 single from Mr Ice is just a jar of unnecessarily vivid colors and does nothing to conceptualize what an ice ice baby might be. Cue a remix. It seems the ice ice baby, is a naked babe who is sitting behind an ice sculpture of another naked babe. Nice ice baby!
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Dance Naked - John Mellencamp 

Cover Artwork Remix of John Mellencamp Dance Naked Original Cover Artwork of John Mellencamp Dance Naked John Mellencamp teases us on the original front cover artwork of his album Dance Naked by showing us a tantalizing glimpse of what might or might not be someone dancing naked, though they seem to be constrained by barbed wire. The remix removes any ambiguity as we find a babe dancing naked. It couldn't be any more straightforward than that, now could it? Unwrapped!
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Dancing In The City - Marshall Hain 

Cover Artwork Remix of Marshall Hain Dancing In The City Original Cover Artwork of Marshall Hain Dancing In The City Neer heard of Marshall Hain? Neither had we until this entry was submitted by Mike Rotch of England. Apparently they were 'all the rage in 1978'. Mike says that the original cover is 'crap, because there's no dancing and no city'. So Mike has remixed it for us all and says 'now you can see what the blue bloke is trying to grab, it's a bird with no kit on, dancing in the city'. Thanks Mike.
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