Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice 

Cover Artwork Remix of Vanilla Ice 3x Baby Original Cover Artwork of Vanilla Ice 3x Baby Vanilla Ice, Ice Ice Ice Baby Ice and all that trash. Not only is the song annoying but the cover of this 1990 single from Mr Ice is just a jar of unnecessarily vivid colors and does nothing to conceptualize what an ice ice baby might be. Cue a remix. It seems the ice ice baby, is a naked babe who is sitting behind an ice sculpture of another naked babe. Nice ice baby!
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Dance Naked - John Mellencamp 

Cover Artwork Remix of John Mellencamp Dance Naked Original Cover Artwork of John Mellencamp Dance Naked John Mellencamp teases us on the original front cover artwork of his album Dance Naked by showing us a tantalizing glimpse of what might or might not be someone dancing naked, though they seem to be constrained by barbed wire. The remix removes any ambiguity as we find a babe dancing naked. It couldn't be any more straightforward than that, now could it? Unwrapped!
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Dancing In The City - Marshall Hain 

Cover Artwork Remix of Marshall Hain Dancing In The City Original Cover Artwork of Marshall Hain Dancing In The City Neer heard of Marshall Hain? Neither had we until this entry was submitted by Mike Rotch of England. Apparently they were 'all the rage in 1978'. Mike says that the original cover is 'crap, because there's no dancing and no city'. So Mike has remixed it for us all and says 'now you can see what the blue bloke is trying to grab, it's a bird with no kit on, dancing in the city'. Thanks Mike.
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The Magic Number - De La Soul 

Cover Artwork Remix of De La Soul Magic Number Original Cover Artwork of De La Soul Magic Number Three, apparently, is The Magic Number according to this 1990 single from New York hip-hop trio De La Soul. Does this refer to the three of them, or some other triple-play? Whichever, the cover of their single provides no enlightenment. The remix provides much more clarity. Three, it would seem, is the magic number of naked chicks. Two is company (sure is). Three is a crowd (sounds perfect).
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Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas 

Cover Artwork Remix of Carl Douglas Kung Fu Original Cover Artwork of Carl Douglas Kung Fu According to Carl Douglas, everybody was Kung Fu Fighting. If that is the case, then why, in this 1972 cover from Mr Douglas's single, is there only himself who is doing the fighting. A nice remix is necessary. And what better than to add some other people, doing some kung fu? And even better still if that's a hot naked chick. Your wish is our command oh fu man chu!
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You Wear It Well - Rod Stewart 

Cover Artwork Remix of Rod Stewart You Wear It Well Original Cover Artwork of Rod Stewart You Wear It Well What? What is it? What do you mean 'I can see where this is going'. Of course you can. Rod Stewart is singing about someone else Wearing It Well, yet his cover shows him - egotist! Who was wearing what well, that is the question? Well maybe it was this chick who is wearing her outfit very well indeed. So well that unusually for AllBum.Art she has kept her outfit on. See. It didn't go where you expected now did it?
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Thriller - Michael Jackson 

Cover Artwork Remix of Michael Jackson Thriller Original Cover Artwork of Michael Jackson Thriller Anyone of a certain age remembers the video for Thriller by Michael Jackson. If you don't, think Glee with Zombies. But the cover of his 1982 album shows no signs of the dancing Zombie nature of the video, or the cackles of Vincent Price on the soundtrack. And so, Mr Jackson's cover has been remixed to show a Zombie. Whether this one can dance is unknown, but perhaps she is getting lessons from Mr Jackson now that he is six feet under?
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Use It Up And Wear It Out - Odyssey 

Cover Artwork Remix of Odyssey Use Up Wear Out Original Cover Artwork of Odyssey Use Up Wear Out Enjoying the disco vibes from yesterday's cover remix from Odyssey, another of their songs raised its head as needing a remix. Use It Up And Wear It Out's original cover sees the band standing around hugging each other. So what is worn out about that? Well right behind them was the girl seen in the remix whose t-shirt is clearly used up and worn out. No doubt the band were trying to cover her embarrassment. No need for that, now is there?
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Going Back To My Roots - Odyssey 

Cover Artwork Remix of Odyssey Zippin Up My Boots Original Cover Artwork of Odyssey Zippin Up My Boots A song such as Going Back To My Roots by Odyssey deserves a right rampant remix. The first line of the song (and the chorus) is Zippin' Up My Boots. Well it is if you ignore the 'Adji Moar Ay' stuff at the very beginning. What that's about is anyone's guess. So boot zippin' fun it is, with the remix. In fact it's boots and not a lot else, but by now that should be no less that you've come to expect from AllBum.Art!
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We Built this City - Starship 

Cover Artwork Remix of Starship We Built This Original Cover Artwork of Starship We Built This City As with yesterday's remixed cover art, today's effort from Starship was also inspired by the picture on the remix. We Built This City is one of those songs that is probably being played by some radio station or other, somewhere across the country, at all times. In fact it might be a covert way of triggering nuclear war. If the song stops being played, that's the secret cue to launch. Better get your requests in on your local FM station then. And when you do that, let them know about the merits of using the cover remixes provided for you for free at AllBum.Art.
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