Motorcycle Emptiness - Manic Street Preachers 

Cover Artwork Remix of Manic Street Preachers Motorcycle Emptiness Original Cover Artwork of Manic Street Preachers Motorcycle Emptiness It is fair to say that Motorcycle Emptiness by the unheard of Manic Street Preachers is only here for one reason. That reason is because the title of their 1992 song has the word 'motorcycle' in it, and something just had to be done with this picture of a hot chick leaning naked on a hot bike. And the fact is that there are not many songs with motorcycle in the title so the choice was rather limited.
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Three Times A Lady - Commodores 

Cover Artwork Remix of Commodores Lady Lady Lady Original Cover Artwork of Commodores Lady Lady Lady Three Times A Lady, right? Not if you're the designer of this cover from the Commodores' 1978 single. No, no ladies at all. Just a rather poor picture of the band - done six ways. Not three, but six. Time for a remix then, and what do we see in the remix? Once. Twice. Three times a lady. Three ladies. And there's no doubt they're ladies either, not wearing those outfits. Or not wearing them to be more precise.
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A Glass Of Champagne - Sailor 

Cover Artwork Remix of Sailor A Glass Of Champagne Original Cover Artwork of Sailor A Glass Of Champagne Today it is the turn of Sailor and their song A Glass Of Champagne to get the full remix treatment by AllBum.Art. On the original cover we find the band looking somewhat like sailors but with no apparent connection to any kind of sparkling wine, whether Champagne, Prosecco, or something else. On the remix the band are gone, as are any nautical connotations, but instead we find a babe drinking a glass of what looks very much like fizzy stuff from France. Bubbly!
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Black And Gold - Sam Sparro 

Cover Artwork Remix of Sam Sparro Black Gold Original Cover Artwork of Sam Sparro Black Gold Black And Gold. The title alone inspired the idea for a remix for Sam Sparro's 2008 single. Black, as in a pretty lady of african-american descent. Gold as in a pretty lady of caucasian descent who has got a nice sun tan. Could such a picture be found? Of course it could! And so in the remix of Mr Sparro's single cover, this is exactly what we have: Black. And Gold. Sitting, for some reason, on pedestals. Whatever!
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Rebel Yell - Billy Idol 

Cover Artwork Remix of Billy Idol Rebel Yell Original Cover Artwork of Billy Idol Rebel Yell Billy Idol has featured a number of times on AllBum.Art as, for some reason, his songs and covers are perfectly designed for a good old remix. Mr Idol's 1983 album Rebel Yell needs a bit more of a revolutionary feel to it. Short of adding a picture of Fidel Castro, the alternative that has been arrived at seems to do the job very nicely. Definitely a rebel what with being bare chested and carrying an automatic weapon. That's a sure fire way to overcome the establishment!
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Firework - Katy Perry 

Cover Artwork Remix of Katy Perry Firework Original Cover Artwork of Katy Perry Firework The cover of this 2010 song from Katy Perry is lacking in some very important areas, and by far the greatest is the complete lack of any kind of Firework. How can you have a song called Firework and then not have sight nor sound of a Firework on the cover itself. That needed to be fixed, and fixed is has been. On the remix we see a girl (not Ms Perry in this case) who is being turned into a Firework. Ouch!
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Dressed For Success - Roxette 

Cover Artwork Remix of Roxette Dressed For Success Original Cover Artwork of Roxette Dressed For Success What did success look like in Sweden in the 1980s? Contrary to popular myth, and if Roxette are to be believed through the medium of the cover of their 1989 single Dressed For Success, it looked like a lot of leather. Well in 2013 it looks very different. Gone is the leather, and in are high heels, a short skirt and stockings - which is probably what you originally thought of when considering Sweden in the 1980s, right?
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For Those About To Rock We Salute You - AC/DC 

Cover Artwork Remix of Acdc For Those Abourock Original Cover Artwork of Acdc For Those Abou2rock Australian heavy metal band AC/DC scored an internationally acclaimed hit with their 1981 album For Those About To Rock We Salute You. Cleverly, the cover of the album shows a canon, as used for military salutes. It would be more obvious though, if the military salute were given by a real person and not an inanimate metal object. So in the remixed cover we see a military girl doing the salute. She may not be in the armed forces, but there are surely few who would not want her forced into their arms!

The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys - Traffic 

Cover Artwork Remix of Traffic Low Spark High Heel Boys Original Cover Artwork of Traffic Low Spark High Heel Boys Homer Simpson said that 'everyone knows that rock peaked in 1974'. Well D'Oh! For prog rock bands like Traffic that might be true. If the cover of their album The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys is anything to go by, it's easy to see why. If you're going to have a title with high heels in it, at least put some on the cover. Preferably on a sexy babe. As for the boys, well they should at least be there too. Oh, look... in the remix, that's exactly what's been done!

The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades - Timbuk 3 

Cover Artwork Remix of Timbuk 3 Futures So Bright Original Cover Artwork of Timbuk 3 Futures So Bright In this 1986 hit from Timbuk 3, we are informed that The Future Is So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades. So what the f**k is there a picture of a donkey carrying a television on the cover of the single for? Nothing about this screams 'bright' or 'future' or even 'shades' (if the donkey was wearing shades that might be at least a little improved). The remixed cover shows what is clearly something bright and wearing shades. As for the future, that's been left to you. banner

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