Underneath It All - No Doubt 

Cover Artwork Remix of No Doubt Underneath It All Original Cover Artwork of No Doubt Underneath It All What is Underneath It All? That is the question that we find ourselves asking when we look at the original single front cover artwork by No Doubt. Their answer seems to be that what is underneath it all is Gwen Stefani and a ghetto-blaster. On the remix we find a babe standing in her heels and a see-through dress, so that we can see what is underneath it all. Oops, would you know it, she might not be quite the babe you thought she was underneath it all. Review!
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Just A Ride - Jem 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jem Just A Ride Original Cover Artwork of Jem Just A Ride We don't know who Jem necessarily is, or why she wants Just A Ride. Oh, wait, Jem appears on the front cover of her original single artwork so at least we know what she looks like, but what is the ride she is either wanting or offering? On the remix we find a babe standing on a cobbled street in high heels and stockings and holding an umbrella. It seems she could do with a ride, especially as she seems to have forgotten some of her clothes. Or maybe the guy is offering her just a ride. Pick up!
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Dirty Picture - Taio Cruz Featuring Kesha 

Cover Artwork Remix of Taio Cruz Featuring Kesha Dirty Picture Original Cover Artwork of Taio Cruz Featuring Kesha Dirty Picture Is it Kesha or is it Ke$ha that Taio Cruz is featuring on his single Dirty Picture? Either spelling, ka-she appears on the picture on front cover artwork but ke-has not provided evidence of being dirty. On the remix we find a babe taking a selfie, or is that a $elfie? She has obviously been asked to make her picture dirty, as she is showing a little of her boob to the camera. Dirty, possibly, filthy, no. Go H-sake as they call her in Japan!
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Colourblind - Darius 

Cover Artwork Remix of Darius Colourblind Original Cover Artwork of Darius Colourblind Another remix for Darius. On the original single cover artwork for his song Colourblind (or colorblind as we would write it in the US) (or black and white as Jack who works in the web development team says it should be called) we find just an image of the lead singer. On the remix we find a babe who is walking along a beach wearing multi-coloured (multi-colored) socks and carrying a blow-up beach bed in the same colour-scheme (color-scheme). Those heels on that sand are not a good idea. Nor are certain other elements of her outfit. Wrap!
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Changes - Chris Lake Featuring Laura V 

Cover Artwork Remix of Chris Lake Changes Original Cover Artwork of Chris Lake Changes Nothing screams Changes better than rainbow lens-flare. At least that is what we would be led to believe if the original front cover artwork of this single by Chris Lake Featuring Laura V was our guide to all things visual. On the remix we find a babe who is either getting dressed, or undressed, or could be in the middle of doing both and is therefore changing. How many times she changes her clothes in a day is definitely not zero, and maybe she changes many times. Strapping!
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Lucky Star - Basement Jaxx Featuring Dizzee Rascal 

Cover Artwork Remix of Basement Jaxx Lucky Star Original Cover Artwork of Basement Jaxx Lucky Star You can thank your Lucky Star that you're not as boring as the original single front cover artwork by Basement Jaxx Featuring Dizzee Rascal. Two lions holding a star, with a load of random junk thrown around the cover for no obvious purpose. On the remix is also a star which is lucky in that there's a semi-naked babe sitting in front of it with her long auburn hair covering her own lucky stars and whose high heel shoes are the same color as the lucky star on the original cover. Light-bulb!
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When You Look At Me - Christina Milan 

Cover Artwork Remix of Christina Milian When You Look At Me Original Cover Artwork of Christina Milian When You Look At Me What do you see When You Look At Me? According to the original single front cover artwork by Christina Milan, what you see is Ms Milan lying on her bed. But who is doing the looking? On the remix we find someone doing the looking, who in this case is some sweaty old dude. He is looking directly at a babe who appears to be largely naked, at least her ass is. What does he see when he looks at her? As we can only see her behind, we may never know. Tattoo!
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Shine - Luther Vandross 

Cover Artwork Remix of Luther Vandross Shine Original Cover Artwork of Luther Vandross Shine Luther Vandross has got some Shine. On the original single front cover artwork this is clearly illustrated by the fact that Mr Vandross is wearing a black sweater and is standing against a very (un)bright grey and pink background. On the remix we find a babe who has umpteenth more shine than Mr Vandross, which is largely caused by the fact that she is wearing red latex gloves and a matching red latex dress, which have been well polished until they are super shiny. Slippery!
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Curtain Falls - Blue 

Cover Artwork Remix of Blue Curtain Falls Original Cover Artwork of Blue Curtain Falls The Curtain Falls on Blue. As you can clearly see from the original single front cover artwork, this involved a blue curtain having fallen behind where the band members are standing. If anything, then, the remix is less accurate as the curtain is red, and hasn't quite fallen yet. The babe standing between the curtains does, though, look a little blue (in the melancholy sense). Perhaps stick with the original? Swap!
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Summer Jam - The Underdog Project 

Cover Artwork Remix of Underdog Project Summer Jam Original Cover Artwork of Underdog Project Summer Jam The way we see things, there are two possible definitions of what a Summer Jam might be:
  • A sticky, sweet conserve made from summer fruit and sugar.
  • A traffic jam taking place around July or August.
The original single front cover artwork for this song by The Underdog Project shows neither of these. So it is a good job that the remix helps, and we can determine with some certainty that it is the traffic-related definition which seems the most correct. Sticky!
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