Downtown - One 2 Many 

Cover Artwork Remix of One 2 Many Downtown Original Cover Artwork of One 2 Many Downtown Here we go with a remix of Downtown by One 2 Many. On the original single front cover artwork we see the three band members looking away from something, but what could it be and what is downtown. On the remix we see what it was. A babe has decided to go downtown in just her high heel shoes. The whys and wherefores of her decision to do this are rather lost in the mists of time itself, but maybe she had one too many? Wordplay!
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Monster - The Automatic 

Cover Artwork Remix of Automatic Monster Original Cover Artwork of Automatic Monster What could that be coming over the hill, it is a Monster? That is the question that The Automatic ask us. The original single cover artwork suggests that it could be some kind of green potion swilling creature. The remix shows an 'orrible monster in the form of a babe who appears to have tattooed a spider's web on her lips and skull and crossbone on her arms. Goodness only knows what other tattoos she has, and goodness is welcome to that. Blood!
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To France - Mike Oldfield 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mike Oldfield To France Original Cover Artwork of Mike Oldfield To France Another remix for Mike Oldfield. On the original single front cover artwork for To France, we find a very blurry and obscured picture of Mr Oldfield. Why this would in any way represent France, or even a journey to said country, is unknown and unclear. On the remix we find a babe who has completed the journey to France. How do we know this? Simply because she is standing in front of the Eiffel Tower. Ooh la la!
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Hell On High Heels - Mötley Crüe 

Cover Artwork Remix of Motley Crue Hell On High Heels Original Cover Artwork of Motley Crue Hell On High Heels The Mötley Crüe sing of Hell On High Heels, but, alas, their original single cover artwork does not help us understand what it was that they were meaning when they conceived of the song. The remix attempts to be more informative as we find a hellish babe, in a graveyard, wearing a pair of high heels, boots in this particular instance. By the looks of her, she could definitely give you hell whilst wearing her high heels, so the Mötley Crüe need to watch out. Motley!
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Bathtime - Tindersticks 

Original Cover Artwork of Tindersticks Bathtime Cover Artwork Remix of Tindersticks Bathtime Cover Artwork Remix of Tindersticks Bathtime
An obscure song by an obscure band, this triple-play remix of Bathtime by Tindersticks was sent in by Ian Fleetwood of Nottingham, England. There's nothing wrong with remixing the cover artwork for obscure songs, especially if the title lends itself to it. In the original cover we see what exactly? Some kind of dull paisley design. On the first remix we see a cute babe who seems to be planning to take a bath with her clothes, and mysteriously a hat, on. Or perhaps she is just about to get undressed. On the second X-rated remix we see a more mature babe who has already jumped into the bath. Bubbles!
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Devils Haircut - Beck 

Cover Artwork Remix of Beck Devils Haircut Original Cover Artwork of Beck Devils Haircut What a joker Beck is! On the original single cover artwork for Devils Haircut, he deliberately misses out an apostrophe, so we don't know if there is one devil or many. On the remix we discover that there is in fact, just the one devil, a devilish babe who is giving a haircut to some unsuspecting man who will no doubt be drawn into her, for want of a better word, Beelzibubs. That seems a particularly appropriate turn of phrase for them. Melons!
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Let's Go All The Way - Sly Fox 

Cover Artwork Remix of Sly Fox Lets Go All The Way Original Cover Artwork of Sly Fox Lets Go All The Way There are very few people who would not understand what Sly Fox mean when they sing Let's Go All The Way, with that izzy-izzy back-beat. However the designer of their original single cover artwork possibly did not as he chose to represent this by some grotesque drawing of a face. On the remix we find a sly old fox who has convinced her man (or maybe someone else's man) to go all the way with her. It does not look like he took that much convincing. Destination!
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Beautiful Ones - Suede 

Cover Artwork Remix of Suede Beautiful Ones Original Cover Artwork of Suede Beautiful Ones Just what constitutes Beautiful Ones? According to Suede, if the front cover artwork from their single is to be believed, it's all about having dark colored jeans on. On the remix we can not see if the babe concerned is also wearing dark jeans, but she is wearing a dark hat and dark gloves, but it seems her dark dress may not fit her properly, revealing her definitely beautiful ones. Smooth!
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Holiday - Dizzee Rascal 

Original Cover Artwork of Dizzee Rascal Holiday Cover Artwork Remix of Dizzee Rascal Holiday Cover Artwork Remix of Dizzee Rascal Holiday
Another triple-play for you lucky people. Today it is time to take a Holiday with Dizzee Rascal. On the original cover we find the singer standing on one leg, maybe this is how rap stars take a vacation? On the first single cover remix we find a babe relaxing in the sunshine on a beach, a much more regular kind of break. On the final remix we find three babes, also on a beach but wearing nothing more than a smile and a sparkly belt or bracelet. Swarovski!
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Ma Baker - Boney M 

Original Cover Artwork of Boney M Ma Baker Cover Artwork Remix of Boney M Ma Baker Cover Artwork Remix of Boney M Ma Baker
Time for another remix for Boney M with their song Ma Baker, and it's a triple-play no less. On the original single front cover artwork we see the band members tied up in chains and little else. On the first remix the same idea is repeated but just with a single babe tightly tied. On the second remix we find a Ma in her kitchen resting after doing some baking. Cake!
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