Stop - Spice Girls 

Cover Artwork Remix of Spice Girls Stop Original Cover Artwork of Spice Girls Stop When the Spice Girls tell you to Stop, there maybe an expectation that the single cover artwork would assist with understanding why such an abrupt halt is necessary. But the original shows only the 5 band members sitting on a sofa. On the remix we find 5 different babes, who are not sitting on a sofa, but are outside in the garden. They have sensibly worn Wellington Boots, but then nonsensically worn only stockings and suspenders with their boots. Stop may or may not still be a valid instruction, depending on which direction you are heading in. Arrest!
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Lean On Me - Club Nouveau 

Cover Artwork Remix of Club Nouveau Lean On Me Original Cover Artwork of Club Nouveau Lean On Me Lean On Me, those are the instructions that are given to us by Club Nouveau. And to help us understand what this implies, on the original single cover artwork you will find the band roughly leaning on each other. On the remix we find a babe who needs to lean on the guy next to her, as she is somewhat unsteady in her high heel boots. Why these are the only thing she is wearing is not clear, but the smile on the guy's face is. Angle!
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Wouldn't Change A Thing - Kylie Minogue 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kylie Minogue Wouldnt Change A Thing Original Cover Artwork of Kylie Minogue Wouldnt Change A Thing It is once again the turn of Australian artist Kylie Minogue to have one of her single front covers remixed. On the original, you can see Ms Minogue smiling sweetly, and that is something that you wouldn't change. On the remix is a beautiful busty babe wearing nothing but her white high heels, and whose ample ass is reflected in a mirror. There's nothing about that the we would change, how's about you? Fixation!

Touch Me (All Night Long) - Cathy Dennis 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cathy Dennis Touch Me Original Cover Artwork of Cathy Dennis Touch Me Cathy Dennis is very encouraging when she sings Touch Me (All Night Long), but the original single cover artwork doesn't really tell a story, as it just shows Ms Dennis wearing very 90s make-up. On the remix we find a mature granny who has obviously issued the instruction 'Touch Me' to two young guys who have literally taken her at her word and are touching her just like she has tole them to. Flabby!

Self Control - Laura Branigan 

Cover Artwork Remix of Laura Branigan Self Control Original Cover Artwork of Laura Branigan Self Control Right here, we present you a remix of Self Control by Laura Branigan. The original cover for her song only shows that putting your hands on a rock may somehow exhibit control of the self, how that works is not clear. On the remix we find a babe who is exercising self control by only pouring herself half a glass of wine, instead of a full one. She may have lost control when getting dressed, though, as she has only remembered her fur coat. Fizz!
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Strip - Adam Ant 

Cover Artwork Remix of Adam Ant Strip Original Cover Artwork of Adam Ant Strip Could there be a better title of a song when it comes to remixing the artwork than Strip? The original cover of this song from Adam Ant, shows Mr Goddard shows nothing more than himself dressed in some kind of pirate outfit. On the remix is a babe who is following his instruction and is stripping. Perhaps she had a pirate outfit on too, although all that is left to help us determine this are her pirate wench stiletto heel boots. Two!
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Whole Lotta Rosie - AC/DC 

Cover Artwork Remix of Acdc Whole Lotta Rosie Original Cover Artwork of Acdc Whole Lotta Rosie This remix of the original single cover artwork for Whole Lotta Rosie by AC/DC was sent to us by Phil Darnall from England. Phil tells us that the big bouncy woman (BBW) on the remix wearing the pink heels and fishnet stockings is called Rosemarie, but is known as Rosie to her friends as well as to everyone in the small village where she lives. He tells us quite a lot more about Rosie too, but let's give her some anonymity and for now we will leave it with his final comment which is that she is a very gregarious person. We can see that for ourselves. Petal!
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Gym And Tonic - Spacedust 

Cover Artwork Remix of Spacedust Gym And Tonic Original Cover Artwork of Spacedust Gym And Tonic Did Spacedust know when they released their single Gym And Tonic that their refrain of 'back two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight' would become so memorable? Maybe they did as they chose to decorate the front cover artwork of their single with a picture of a fit babe on a rowing machine. On the remix we find a babe in a different kind of gym and she appears to be just the tonic for the boxers who surround her. Boom!
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California Girls - The Beach Boys 

Cover Artwork Remix of Beach Boys California Girls Original Cover Artwork of Beach Boys California Girls Summer may not be here yet, but that doesn't mean we can't not remix this summertime classic by The Beach Boys. Who doesn't know California Girls? It seems that the original designer of the front cover may not have, as instead of the obvious choice of some girls, he chose instead to show the band members on a boat. This is rectified on the remix where a bevvy of babes smile as us from with the teeth shiny white and their toplessness equally alluring. Did anyone say Baywatch?
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Deepest Blue - Deepest Blue 

Cover Artwork Remix of Deepest Blue Original Cover Artwork of Deepest Blue Not the most inventive of song titles that Deepest Blue have come up with. The song is also called Deepest Blue. It seems that their single cover designer was equally uninventive as the cover just has the name of the band, title of the song and some blue blobs. On the remix the deep blue of the title of the song (or is that the artist?) has been offset against a deep blue background, for added deepness and extra blueness. Oh, and a naked babe by a swimming pool for good effect. Azure!
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