Gym And Tonic - Spacedust 

Cover Artwork Remix of Spacedust Gym And Tonic Original Cover Artwork of Spacedust Gym And Tonic Did Spacedust know when they released their single Gym And Tonic that their refrain of 'back two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight' would become so memorable? Maybe they did as they chose to decorate the front cover artwork of their single with a picture of a fit babe on a rowing machine. On the remix we find a babe in a different kind of gym and she appears to be just the tonic for the boxers who surround her. Boom!
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California Girls - The Beach Boys 

Cover Artwork Remix of Beach Boys California Girls Original Cover Artwork of Beach Boys California Girls Summer may not be here yet, but that doesn't mean we can't not remix this summertime classic by The Beach Boys. Who doesn't know California Girls? It seems that the original designer of the front cover may not have, as instead of the obvious choice of some girls, he chose instead to show the band members on a boat. This is rectified on the remix where a bevvy of babes smile as us from with the teeth shiny white and their toplessness equally alluring. Did anyone say Baywatch?
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Deepest Blue - Deepest Blue 

Cover Artwork Remix of Deepest Blue Original Cover Artwork of Deepest Blue Not the most inventive of song titles that Deepest Blue have come up with. The song is also called Deepest Blue. It seems that their single cover designer was equally uninventive as the cover just has the name of the band, title of the song and some blue blobs. On the remix the deep blue of the title of the song (or is that the artist?) has been offset against a deep blue background, for added deepness and extra blueness. Oh, and a naked babe by a swimming pool for good effect. Azure!
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Downtown - Petula Clark 

Original Cover Artwork of Petula Clark Down Town Cover Artwork Remix of Petula Clark Down Town Cover Artwork Remix of Petula Clark Down Town
A triple-play from us good folk at AllBum.Art of Petula Clark and her song Downtown. On the original single cover artwork is nothing more than Ms Clark with a fetching blue bow in her hair. On the first remix is a babe sitting downtown about to light her cigarette and as she leans over to do this, her top seems to have come undone. On the second remix we find a different babe who is downtown but she must have smoken something strong as all her clothes have come undone, and fallen off. City!
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Baby Jump - Mungo Jerry 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mungo Jerry Baby Jump Original Cover Artwork of Mungo Jerry Baby Jump Mungo Jerry sing a song with the title of Baby Jump. This said, on the original front cover we can't see the baby and can only suppose that she is jumping to the music being played by the band, who are the only people we can see. On the remix artwork is a real babe who is jumping. She does not appear to be in the same building as the band, so if it is the music making her jump we do not know. Maybe she's playing it on her mp3 player. Elevation!
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Up Around The Bend - Creedence Clearwater Revival 

Cover Artwork Remix of Creedence Clearwater Revival Up Around The Bend Original Cover Artwork of Creedence Clearwater Revival Up Around The Bend It would be true to say that the subject of this remix bares an uncanny resemblance to that for Bend And Break by Keane. The main difference is that for Up Around The Bend by Creedence Clearwater Revival the girl shown in the remix (who is in a remarkably similar pose) is on the corner of the street, so she is round the bend in more ways than one. And what of the original cover? The less said about those mustaches and terrible haircuts the better. Scissors!
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Dancing With The Captain - Paul Nicholas 

Cover Artwork Remix of Paul Nicholas Dancing With The Captain Original Cover Artwork of Paul Nicholas Dancing With The Captain Today we are Dancing With The Captain, and with Paul Nicholas. On the original single front cover artwork there is just Mr Nicholas and no sign any captain, or even any dancing. On the remix is a salty old sea-dog of a captain and with him is a sexy young sea-kitten who could be going to a party for a bit of a dance. Why she would choose to do this without any clothes is, perhaps, best left to the captain's imagination. Ahoy!

Messin' - Ladies First 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ladies First Messin Original Cover Artwork of Ladies First Messin Messin' by Ladies First is the subject of today's single front cover artwork remix. On the original we find the band members standing around, but not messin' around. On the remix we find some different babes who are definitely messin' around, though quite why that involves them flashing their boobs we are not sure. And pulling funny faces too. Mysterious!
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In My Chair - Status Quo 

Cover Artwork Remix of Status Quo In My Chair Original Cover Artwork of Status Quo In My Chair Another remix for those British hard rockers, Status Quo. On the original single cover artwork for their song In My Chair we find nothing more than the band playing their instruments. Where is the chair and who is in it? The remix answers these questions as we find a babe posing in a chair and given the choice, we would like to make it our chair, and the babe along with it. Wicker!
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Big Love - Fleetwood Mac 

Cover Artwork Remix of Fleetwood Mac Big Love Original Cover Artwork of Fleetwood Mac Big Love So Fleetwood Mac are singing about Big Love, or so we are led to believe from the title of their track. But on the original single cover artwork, all we find is some kind of jungle scene. Now the jungle might be big, and the band might love it, but that is not clear. On the remix we find a big big babe who is being loved by a skinny guy. That is definitely big love, as we don't think just anyone would tackle a babe like her unless there was some kind of connection between them. Amore!
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