First Of Tha Month - Bone Thugs N Harmony 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bone Thugs Harmony 1st Of Tha Month Original Cover Artwork of Bone Thugs Harmony 1st Of Tha Month Hooray, it's the first of the month, or the First Of Tha Month, as Bone Thugs N Harmony would have it. And what do we do on the first of tha month? Why, it's time to get down and party. Tha original cover doesn't show who is at the party, or what they're doing there but thankfully tha remix does. It seems that tha party is being attended by a gang of pensioners who seem intent on dancing tha can-can in tha nude. Do you want to join them? Maybe next month's party will be more appealing. Run!
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Never Never - The Assembly 

Cover Artwork Remix of The Assembly Never Never Original Cover Artwork of The Assembly Never Never Nothing screams 'never never' better than a half-finished letter A (or is is actually meant to be the Greek capital lambda Λ) in red with some of it in grey. At least that's what we are to believe if the original cover artwork for the single Never Never by The Assembly is to be believed. For us, never never should be represented by something that you would tend not to want to ever do and we have represented this by a woman who we think you would definitely want to steer clear of. Then again, there is no accounting for taste. Flavor!
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Books - Belle And Sebastian 

Cover Artwork Remix of Belle And Sebastian Books Original Cover Artwork of Belle And Sebastian Books Time for a rare album (as opposed to a single) remix from us here at AllBum.Art. The original cover of Books by Belle And Sebastian fails in so many ways that it really isn't of any value to count them. Instead, let's focus on the remix where we find a room full of books. Oh, and just to lighten the picture a little, there's a babe sat in the room reading a book. And she seems very smitten with the book, in several shades of grey. Dictionary!
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Chains Of Love - Erasure 

Cover Artwork Remix of Erasure Chains Of Love Original Cover Artwork of Erasure Chains Of Love Today is the turn of Chains Of Love by Erasure for a remix. A question that immediately springs to mind when viewing the original cover is this... are there any chains depicted on the artwork? The answer is not clear. Is there, for example, a chain of pearls? To help clarify this, the remix presents a babe who is very clearly connected up with chains of love, or passion, or lust maybe. It looks as if she could do with some assistance to unchain her - maybe a job for the Righteous Brothers? Padlock!
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Going Down Town Tonight - Status Quo 

Cover Artwork Remix of Status Quo Going Down Town Tonight Original Cover Artwork of Status Quo Going Down Town Tonight Anyone would think we had planned this. First a connection from one song to the next by way of dreaming, and then a connection because it's the same band, Status Quo who are Going Down Town Tonight. But what do they expect to find there, themselves in concert? Because that's what the original cover artwork suggests. The remix shows three babes waiting downtown on a seedy back-street somewhere. Seedy or not, that's the kind of downtown we like. City!
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Dreamin' - Status Quo 

Cover Artwork Remix of Status Quo Dreamin Original Cover Artwork of Status Quo Dreamin Whilst we are on the subject of dreaming, here's another remix by British rockers Status Quo called Dreamin'. On the original cover we see two of the band members, but they look more puzzled than dreamy. On the remix we find a dreamy girl who would be welcome in our dreams any day. In fact, wasn't she the one who, you know, in that dream you had the other day? Snooze!
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Dreamer - Livin Joy 

Original Cover Artwork of Livin Joy Dreamer Cover Artwork Remix of Livin Joy Dreamer Cover Artwork Remix of Livin Joy Dreamer

A triple-play remix from Livin Joy and their Eurodance track Dreamer. The original cover artwork for their single may be dreamy, if ripples in a pool of blue water are your thing. The first remix is far more dreamy as we find a babe lying on her bed in mid dream. The final remix shows yet another babe lying on a bed dreaming away. Which do you prefer? Snooze!
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Not Such An Innocent Girl - Victoria Beckham 

Cover Artwork Remix of Victoria Beckham Not Such An Innocent Girl Original Cover Artwork of Victoria Beckham Not Such An Innocent Girl Who would have known that fashion designer Victoria Beckham, wife of erstwhile footballer David Beckham, had a solo pop career. Then again, she was part of the internationally renowned Spice Girls. Either way, the cover of her single Not Such An Innocent Girl tends to suggest that she is a little on the naughty side too. The remix shows a babe who is lacking a great deal of innocence, and has climbed right over to the naughty side. Pose!

Nights In White Satin - The Moody Blues 

Cover Artwork Remix of Moody Blues Nights In White Satin Original Cover Artwork of Moody Blues Nights In White Satin Those crazy Moody Blues and their Nights In White Satin. What a set of wacky dudes. So much so, that the cover of their single doesn't show any of them wearing white satin, nor does it show anyone else wearing it. The remix solves this as we find a babe lounging around on what looks like an old oil barrel painted red. What is important, here though, is that she is wearing white satin lingerie, and not that much else. She looks like a barrel of fun. A material girl. OK, we give up. Sheets!
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Mercury - Bloc Party 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bloc Party Mercury Original Cover Artwork of Bloc Party Mercury Some bands produce singles which are ripe for the picking when it comes to remixing and Bloc Party fall deeply into that category. Here we find their single Mercury, the original cover of which shows someone running a hand through someone's hair. It is not clear if they are one and the same person. But what, if anything, have NASA taught us about Mercury? It's a bit hot there, given how close to the sun it is. And so in the remix we find some babes who are fiery hot. Maybe they should have worn more protective clothing if they were going to visit such a sizzling planet? Scorch!
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