Chain Reaction - Diana Ross 

Original Cover Artwork of Diana Ross Chain Reaction Cover Artwork Remix of Diana Ross Chain Reaction Cover Artwork Remix of Diana Ross Chain Reaction
Now, what should be done with a song title like Chain Reaction by Diana Ross? Well obviously some kind of picture depicting a babe tied up in chains, having a reaction. Not an allergic reaction but something more sensual. The problem is that there are so many 'chained-up' pictures to choose from, though many of them would fail to pass the AllBum.Art decency guidelines (yes, we do have some). But with the dilemma of which picture unresolved, we bring you another triple-play and leave you to decide which version you would rather have adorning your music collection. Padlock?
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X - Ed Sheeran 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ed Sheeran X Original Cover Artwork of Ed Sheeran X Now you might think that the title of Ed Sheeran's album X reflects some kind of adult theme. In reality it is just an abbreviation for multiply. But that doesn't stop us here at AllBum.Art from ignoring this fact and providing a remix that has an adult theme. In this case the X-rated content is provided by a babe holding two fluorescent light bulbs crossed in the center to form an X. Glowing!
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You Can't Hurry Love - The Supremes 

Cover Artwork Remix of Supremes You Cant Hurry Love Original Cover Artwork of Supremes You Cant Hurry Love You Can't Hurry Love, or so say The Supremes in their 1966 single. But why is this the case, because the original single cover doesn't really explain it, unless it is because the band are about to fall off the stage and thus slow motion is needed. In the remix, we find that love really does need to be hurried, otherwise it is about to get run over by a racing car. That slow motion has never been more necessary. Brake!
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Ain't Gonna Bump No More (With No Big Fat Woman) - Joe Tex 

Cover Artwork Remix of Joe Tex Aint Gonna Bump Original Cover Artwork of Joe Tex Aint Gonna Bump It was OK in the 70s to have titles of songs such as Ain't Gonna Bump No More (With No Big Fat Woman), but today, Joe Tex would no doubt find himself with a lawsuit on his hands for causing offense to the consumptionally challenged bigger bodied women (BBW). So to help him overcome his dislike of larger ladies, the remix shows just the kind of big woman that it would be enormous fun to bump with. Rebound!

Boops (Here To Go) - Sly And Robbie 

Cover Artwork Remix of Sly And Robbie Boops Original Cover Artwork of Sly And Robbie Boops Another song whose title is clearly misspelled. Boops (Here To Go).. what is boops when it is at home? We think Sly And Robbie were having a bit of fun and really wanted to sing about boobs but were unable to do so because it would have been inappropriate in the 80s. Today, however, such things are largely the norm and so the remix does away with all the boops nonsense and replaces it with boobs. OK?
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Babooshka - Kate Bush 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kate Bush Babooshka Original Cover Artwork of Kate Bush Babooshka Another artwork remix for weird British songstress Kate Bush, whose name alone almost screams for a remix. But in this case, it is the title of the song that is doing the screaming. We don't quite know what Babooshka is, but it is an anagram of "boobs a.k.a. 'h'" (OK, so the last but is a bit rubbish but you get the general concept). So the remix shows much the same picture but with Ms Bush replaced by someone with more baboobskha. Melons!
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Get Ready - The Temptations 

Cover Artwork Remix of Temptations Get Ready Original Cover Artwork of Temptations Get Ready We're goin' back in time, to nineteen sixty-nine, where groovin' was sublime and... you get the idea. Get Ready is a soul classic from The Temptations, and in true sixties style, the original cover shows the band ready to groove. The remix, on the other hand, shows two babes who are in the process of gettin' ready for something. What exactly is unknown but it appears to require them to take their panties off. Descend!
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All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor 

Cover Artwork Remix of Meghan Trainor All About That Bass Original Cover Artwork of Meghan Trainor All About That Bass Now we all know what Meghan Trainor is singing about in her single All About That Bass. She is singing about the lower register of the female body, the bottom end of the frequency range. Hell, let's just say it, she's talking about ass, pure and simple. So why does the original cover artwork show someone hiding behind a placard, and even more confusing, the picture is cropped so that her ass isn't even visible. Not in the remix, eh? Deep!
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Ooh La La - Britney Spears 

Cover Artwork Remix of Britney Spears Ooh La La Original Cover Artwork of Britney Spears Ooh La La One of those remixes prompted by finding a weird picture rather than by the song itself. Mind you, Ooh La La is the kind of title that is ideal for a remix anyway, given it's Parisian connotations. Anyway, the original single shows a blue smurf, who vaguely resembles Ms Spears which is perhaps not surprising given that the song is from a smurf movie. The remix shows much the same, it's just that the smurf is now topless (ooh, la, la!)
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Send Me An Angel - Scorpions 

Cover Artwork Remix of Scorpions Send Me An Angel Original Cover Artwork of Scorpions Send Me An Angel Returning to another topic we enjoy remixing, angels, this remix of Send Me And Angel by the Scorpions is a particular favorite of ours. The original cover artwork does a reasonable job having, as it does, a picture of an angel on it. In this sense, the remix makes no improvements, the only change is that the angel is more naturally attired in the remix and by that we mean largely naked, other than her wings, which presumably she can't take off anyway being an angel and all. Ascend!
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