A Juicy Red Apple - Skin Up 
Thursday, 24 April, 2014, 05:54 - Singles Of The 1990s
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skin up a juicy red apple remixskin up a juicy red apple 1Another AllBum.Art remix inspired by a picture rather than a song. After all, what would you do with a picture of a cute babe holding a juicy red apple in her hand other than find a song with a suitable title and remix the cover! And here is A Juicy Red Apple by Skin Up, the original cover for which is plain in the main. The remix needs no description as it speaks for itself... now where did we put that juicing tool?
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Caught Out There - Kelis 
Wednesday, 23 April, 2014, 05:40 - Singles Of The 2000s
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kelis caught out there 2kelis caught out there 1Caught Out There by Kelis was one of Ms Rogers' first singles and the cover seems equally rough around the edges, even if the music wasn't. In the original we see Ms Rogers doing nothing in particular, with no indication of what or who was caught and where 'there' is or was. The remix fixes this and we see that it is a college babe who has been caught out by a tutor while getting changed in the changing room. Academic!
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Never Let Her Slip Away - Andrew Gold 
Tuesday, 22 April, 2014, 05:35 - Singles Of The 1970s
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andrew gold never let her slip away remixandrew gold never let her slip away 1The title of Andrew Gold's 1978 single Never Let Her Slip Away has a double meaning (or at least it does to us). On the one hand, it could suggest that one should not let 'her' get away from you. On the other hand, it could mean that you should ensure that she always wears her 'slip'. The latter argument suggests that she is prone to slipping out without her slip on, and in the remix we see the consequences of this arrangement. As far as we are concerned, she can leave her slip out of her slip whenever she wants to. Slippy!
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Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor) - Robert Palmer 
Monday, 21 April, 2014, 05:29 - Singles Of The 1970s
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robert palmer bad case of loving you remixrobert palmer bad case of loving you 1Doctor, doctor, gimme the news, I got a Bad Case Of Loving You is what Robert Palmer tells us in this classic rock track of 1979. The cover of the single indicates the medical connection with its picture of a stethoscope (yes, we spelled that correctly without a dictionary, boo-ya!) The remix focuses more on the center of Mr Palmer's affections, that being the doctor on which he has a case of lusty love who appears to be exactly the kind of doctor that would measure unexpectedly high blood pressure in any of her male patients. Pop!
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Touch Me - 49ers 
Sunday, 20 April, 2014, 05:25 - Singles Of The 1980s
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49ers touch me remix49ers touch me 1What have we here? A remix of an early house music track of the late 1980s. The original cover of Touch Me by 49ers reveals what we can only presume is the singer of the band, stretching out invitingly but with no indication of what, where or when we should commence the touching. The remix moves the story on a lot and we can very clearly see who and what is to be touched. Unfortunately, we seem to have been beaten to it..!
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Don't Marry Her - The Beautiful South 
Saturday, 19 April, 2014, 05:20 - Singles Of The 1990s
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beautiful south dont marry her remixbeautiful south dont marry her 1When looking for a picture for the Bruno Mars song Marry You, we came across a lot of pretty brides that deserved a place on the cover of a single. And hence this remix of Don't Marry Her by The Beautiful South was conceived. The remix shows exactly the kind of girl you shouldn't marry - one who starts to get undressed in front of your mates, and in front of the camera, before you get her home to consummate the relationship!
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Snooker Loopy - The Matchroom Mob With Chas & Dave 
Friday, 18 April, 2014, 05:14 - Singles Of The 1980s
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chas dave snooker loopy 2chas dave snooker loopy 1It's always good to receive a user submitted 'fanmade' entry. This one by The Matchroom Mob With Chas & Dave comes from Steve Virgo of Liverpool, England who says:
Snooker Loopy nuts are we is how the song goes, but who or what is nuts? On the remix I have put a sexy babe on the snooker table instead of the balls, which suits my nuts far better.

Thanks Steve, that makes about as little sense as the song itself. Cue!
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Marry You - Bruno Mars 
Thursday, 17 April, 2014, 05:15 - Singles Of The 2010s
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bruno mars marry you remixbruno mars marry you 1Bringing it right back up-to-date (well almost), comes this remix of the Bruno Mars song Marry You. The original cover has the obligatory diamond rings but no sign of Mr Hernandez or any indication of who the 'you' is that he is crooning about. In the remix we see that the girl he is intending to 'do something dumb' and get married too is pretty crazy herself. She is sitting on a suitcase by the side of the road wearing her wedding veil, white stockings and little else. It's easy to see why Mr Hernandez was so taken with her!
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The Blitzkreig Bop - Ramones 
Wednesday, 16 April, 2014, 05:10 - Singles Of The 1970s
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ramones blitzkrieg bop remixramones blitzkreig bop 1Hey ho, let's go, with a remix from NYC punk rockers the Ramones. The Blitzkreig Bop was their first single and the cover shows a lack of depth that comes with such immaturity. That said, we at AllBum.Art have our immature moments too and when we found pictures of a babe flashing her busty boobs whilst wearing a t-shirt with 'ramones' written on it, we just knew there was a perfect storm of ingredients for a remix. Bounding!
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Mellow Yellow - Donovan 
Tuesday, 15 April, 2014, 05:05 - Singles Of The 1960s
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donovan mellow yellow remixdonovan mellow yellow 1They call me Mellow Yellow, or at least that is what Donovan famously told us in this classic hit of the 1960s. And to give Mr Leitch his credit, the cover gives us a good idea of the lady, called Saffron, about who he is singing. All we have done is update the cover to show a modern-day Saffron as she would look had Mr Leitch released the song today instead of 50 years ago. Blazing Banana!
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