Mellow Yellow - Donovan 

Cover Artwork Remix of Donovan Mellow Yellow Original Cover Artwork of Donovan Mellow Yellow They call me Mellow Yellow, or at least that is what Donovan famously told us in this classic hit of the 1960s. And to give Mr Leitch his credit, the cover gives us a good idea of the lady, called Saffron, about who he is singing. All we have done is update the cover to show a modern-day Saffron as she would look had Mr Leitch released the song today instead of 50 years ago. Blazing Banana!
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Tied Up Too Tight - Hard-Fi 

Cover Artwork Remix of Hard Fi Tied Up Tight Original Cover Artwork of Hard Fi Tied Up Tight You have to sigh a little when a band (in this case Hard-Fi) release a single called Tied Up Too Tight and on the cover have nothing other than a dirty van on it. What a missed opportunity for mayhem, an opportunity that we at AllBum.Art are not going to turn down. Open up the doors to that van and what do we have loitering in the back, why only a sexy babe who has obviously been tied up too tight. Obviously!
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International Rescue - Fuzzbox 

Cover Artwork Remix of Fuzzbox International Rescue Original Cover Artwork of Fuzzbox International Rescue A song about the Thunderbirds, that wasn't in any way connected with the original series or the later movie might seem an odd theme for a song. International Rescue by Fuzzbox is such a song and the cover scores very highly in that it features a member of the band in an outfit that would befit a member of the international rescue team. The remix adds two large things. We'll leave you to work out which things they are...
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Hey, Good Lookin' - Hank Williams 

Cover Artwork Remix of Hank Williams Hey Good Lookin Original Cover Artwork of Hank Williams Hey Good Lookin Hey, Good Lookin' may be a single released by Hank Williams in 1951 but can still be heard on many a mid-west radio station and in karaoke bars across the nation to this day. This is because the title produces images of a good lookin' woman, and such images are timeless. Sadly the original cover doesn't produce such an image. The remix does though and answers the question on the second line of the song, 'what you got cookin'? To which the answer seems to be a raspberry tart...
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The Phantom Of The Opera - Various Artists 

Cover Artwork Remix of Phantom Of The Opera Original Cover Artwork of Phantom Of The Opera We had an email from Timothy Blenkinsop-Smithe of Olde England who said:
Your web-site is replete with alternative artwork for very low-brow songs that should be in the gutter. You need to add some high-brow content to your site through classical music and opera.

Timothy sent us this remix for the soundtrack album of The Phantom Of The Opera as an illustration of what he called 'a more aesthetically blended visualization'. Whatever floats your boat Timothy!

Bikini Girls With Machine Guns - The Cramps 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cramps Bikini With Guns Original Cover Artwork of Cramps Bikini With Guns When we said that yesterday's remix of the Gym Class Heroes song Clothes Off had cover art that was gagging for a remix, we hadn't spotted the song Bikini Girls With Machine Guns by The Cramps. This song goes on the 'needs a remix' list too. That said, the original cover does very well on the AllBum.Art score card in that it pictures a member of the band, who is a girl, and is holding a machine gun. There are only two faults. One is the lack of a bikini and the other is that the title says 'girls' and not girl. The remix solves this latter problem but wouldn't you know it, still no bikini. Nothing is perfect!

Girls - Moments And Whatnauts 

Cover Artwork Remix of Moments Whatnauts Girls Original Cover Artwork of Moments Whatnauts Girls Girls is a topic we are very fond of here at AllBum.Art so when we found this single by Moments And Whatnauts, there was no question that it should be remixed, especially as the original cover has no girls on it. In fact it has no picture on it at all, just the name of the band and the title of the song. On the remix are three girls who are standing by a derelict building wearing nothing but their shoes (though one wonders whether they might be carrying her clothes in her handbag). Do you care that the building is derelict, or just that the remix has girls on it? Meh!
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Clothes Off - Gym Class Heroes 

Cover Artwork Remix of Gym Class Heroes Clothes Off Original Cover Artwork of Gym Class Heroes Clothes Off If ever there was a song whose title screamed for a remix of the cover it is Clothes Off!!! by Gym Class Heroes. The original cover shows the band eating popcorn (and in one case eating the box that the popcorn is in). What this has to do with the song's title is not explained. What is explained in the remixed cover is what a gym class where clothes are off looks exactly like, which is to say loads of naked babes undertaking physical activity. Why? Does there have to be a reason?
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Messing About On The River - Josh Macrae 

Cover Artwork Remix of Josh Macrae Messing About On The River Original Cover Artwork of Josh Macrae Messing About On The River An entry from the semi-eponymous Josh Macintosh of Scotland. Messing About On The River apparently tells the tale of heady summer days spent down by the banks of a river. The original cover of the Josh Macrae single shows a tranquil scene of 'punting' (apparently) but Josh reckons that the reality of the situation is better reflected in his remixed cover which shows some summertime babes messing about by a river. Couldn't agree with you more there Josh (or Josh)!

Perfect Day - Duran Duran 

Cover Artwork Remix of Duran Duran Perfect Day Original Cover Artwork of Duran Duran Perfect Day Another submission from an apparently disgruntled Duran Duran fan (who wishes to remain anonymous) who was disgusted by the week of remixed covers that appeared previously on AllBum.Art. This one is, apparently, much classier. The original cover of Perfect Day shows an ice-cream sundae. The remix shows a topless babe swimming in the sea off a tropical island. Classier, maybe? Splishy, definitely.
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