Mermaid - Train 

Cover Artwork Remix of Train Mermaid Original Cover Artwork of Train Mermaid A Mermaid. A nereid, oceanid, sea-maiden, water-nymph, a siren. That is what Train are supposed to be singing about. Maybe that is what they are singing about, but that isn't reflected on the cover of their single, unless you count the crown. The remix solves this problem as we find a real life mermaid sitting on the sea-shore. Is the tide coming in or going out? Does that matter in the slightest? There are many other questions that should be answered but will never be. Flipper!
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Black Furs - Judie Tzuke 

Cover Artwork Remix of Judie Tzuke Black Furs Original Cover Artwork of Judie Tzuke Black Furs One thing you can almost always be assured of when visiting AllBum.Art is that the spelling of an artist's name will be correct. How can you be so sure? Because we have the original cover artwork to read it from. Judie (not Judy) Tzuke (not Zuke, Tsuke, Zook or any other such misspelling) is a case in point, however the original cover of her single Black Furs is not such a pointed case, as she is clearly wearing leather not fur. On the remix a babe is wearing fur of a different kind. Put that red dress back down. Retreat.
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The Ocean - Led Zeppelin 

Cover Artwork Remix of Led Zeppelin The Ocean Original Cover Artwork of Led Zeppelin The Ocean Right, let's get going with a remix of The Ocean by Led Zeppelin. Why? Because the original single cover singularly fails to express any kind of beach-related content. On the remix we find a babe who is well and truly in the ocean. As babes seem to often do, she has lost her bikini though we cannot tell if she has lost both her bikini top and bottom, as her bottom is underneath the ocean waves. Bottomless.
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2 - All Girl Summer Fun Band 

Cover Artwork Remix of All Girl Summer Fun Band 2 Original Cover Artwork of All Girl Summer Fun Band 2 It comes to something when a band can only think of the name 2 for their second album, and sadly that fate has struck the All Girl Summer Fun Band. The original cover artwork shows nothing other than some effects pedals and two legs with shoes on the end of them all stylized in a fetching shade of shit brown. On the remix is a real life all girl summer fun band who seem to play their instruments in topless bikinis. Drum!
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Loving You Has Made Me Bananas - Guy Marks 

Original Cover Artwork of Guy Marks Loving You Has Made Me Bananas Cover Artwork Remix of Guy Marks Loving You Has Made Me Bananas Cover Artwork Remix of Guy Marks Loving You Has Made Me Bananas
Loving You Has Made Me Bananas, or so sings Guy Marks. As if to demonstrate this, the original cover shows Mr Marks standing impossibly inside the skin of a banana that is being unpeeled by a sexy sixties babe. On the first remix in this triple-play, we see a more modern mistress eating a banana. On the second remix... well, we'll leave to to look and see what is being done with all those bananas, but whatever it is, it is enough to make anyone go mad. Stuffed!

My Pumps - Erickatoure Aviance 

Cover Artwork Remix of Erickatoure Aviance My Pumps Original Cover Artwork of Erickatoure Aviance My Pumps What would you expect to find on the front artwork for a single entitled My Pumps? Perhaps the most likely thing for you to expect to find would be some pumps? Not so, according to Ericatoure Aviance. Instead, the original cover just shows Ms Aviance. On the remix we find a babe who is wearing a fetching pair of pink and yellow pumps, sitting on a chair with her hands in the air, presumably in protest over the poor standard of the original cover. Aqua!
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Fields Of Fire (400 Mies) - Big Country 

Cover Artwork Remix of Big Country Fields Of Fire Original Cover Artwork of Big Country Fields Of Fire Another submission from Scotland: Big Country's Fields Of Fire (400 Miles) was apparently one of their biggest hits (though it only got to number 52 in the Billboard Hot 100) in 1983. This remix from Angus MacCoatup shows us exactly what fields of fire look like. That is if you can see beyond the nude girl in the foreground. Now if only she would get out of the way, we could admire this hot countryside scene. Then again, perhaps it is hotter with the girl standing there.
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Red High Heels - Kellie Pickler 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kelly Pickler Red Heels Original Cover Artwork of Kelly Pickler Red Heels If ever a song were cut out to have its cover remixed, it's this 2006 song from country chicken Kellie Pickler. What a chance she missed to have a classic cover when she released Red High Heels. Small Town Girl she might be, but that doesn't mean that the cover has to have a small town feel to it. The remixed version is how it should have looked. A curvy country gal wearing red high heels. And nothing more!
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How Much Love - Leo Sayer 

Cover Artwork Remix of Leo Sayer How Much Love Original Cover Artwork of Leo Sayer How Much Love It's vaguely possible to imagine what Leo Sayer is referring to when he jumps into the sky with his arms held out wide on the original front cover of his single How Much Love. What is it that he is grasping for? Perhaps the remixed cover offers some kind of answer. On it we find a babe who, by no stretch of the imagination at all, has a great deal of love. Perhaps that is what Mr Sayer was reaching to grab a hold of? Bosom!
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These Boots Are Made For Walkin' - Nancy Sinatra 

Original Cover Artwork of Nancy Sinatra These Boots ROriginal Cover Artwork of Nancy Sinatra These Boots AName someone who doesn't know that These Boots Are Made For Walkin'. Because that's just what they'll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you. Nancy Sinatra's 1966 classic has a cover which ain't too shabby. But with the addition of a little modern twist, the boots become much more the kind of thing that is suited to walkin' all over you. Spikey, to boot! banner

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