Use Me - Bill Withers 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bill Withers Use Me Original Cover Artwork of Bill Withers Use Me Bill Withers was obviously feeling a little submissive when he decided to sing a song called Use Me. On the original cover we find Mr Withers looking. Just looking. Is he looking submissive? Is he, perhaps looking dominating? Or is he just looking at what we can now see on the remix. A babe tied to a fence in red latex and red heels. Perhaps it is her whose demeanor spells use me, and not that of Mr Withers himself. Sleeves!
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La Chica Del Bikini Azul - Luis Miguel 

Original Cover Artwork of Luis Miguel La Chica Del Bikini Azul Cover Artwork Remix of Luis Miguel La Chica Del Bikini Azul Cover Artwork Remix of Luis Miguel La Chica Del Bikini Azul
A triple-play today from Luis Miguel and his song La Chica Del Bikini Azul (The Girl In The Blue Bikini). On the original single cover artwork we find Mr Miguel looking as if he has just walked home from college. On the first remix we find a girl in a blue bikini, well almost a bikini. It is to be hoped she doesn't jiggle about too much or it may become less bikini and more braces. On the final remix is a babe in a blue bikini but who has taken her bikini top off. You can still see that what remains is blue. Olé!

Close (To The Edit) - Art Of Noise 

Cover Artwork Remix of Art Of Noise Close To The Edit Original Cover Artwork of Art Of Noise Close To The Edit What do Art Of Noise mean when they tell us that they are Close (To The Edit). The original cover artwork for their single suggests that this might be something to do with graphite. All rather mysterious. The remix has no mystery at all, instead we find a naked babe and the photo is taken at such an angle that it nearly needs editing (to fit the AllBum.Art guidelines, but not quite. It is close, to the edit. Apart!
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Let's Go Round Again - Average White Band 

Original Cover Artwork of Awb Lets Go Round ROriginal Cover Artwork of Awb Lets Go Round The rather obscure Average White Band now appear more than once on the AllBum.Art alternative artwork catalogue. This time the picture of the band from their single Let's Go Round Again has been remixed to have a group of topless girls doing the rounds Just why the band thought that anyone would want to look at their hairy faces is anyone's guess. As for the girls, they can come round again any time they like. Let's go...
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Walk Of Life - Dire Straits 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dire Straits Walk Of Life Original Cover Artwork of Dire Straits Walk Of Life Let's do the Walk Of Life together with Dire Straits. To do this, apparently all that is needed is a guitar painted in pastel colors. At least that is what the original cover artwork for the single would have us believe. On the remix a babe is taking a walk down a railway track which is surrounded by the life of weeds and bushes. A walk of life, or a walk of weeds? Bushy!
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Walk On By - Diane Warwick 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dionne Warwick Walk On By Original Cover Artwork of Dionne Warwick Walk On By Let's Walk On By, by Dionne Warwick. But what does that actually mean? On the original cover artwork for the single, all we find is Ms Warwick looking slightly devilish. On the remix a man carrying two suitcases is walking on by a babe coming the opposite direction who has neither any suitcases, nor would it appear, any panties or skirt either, maybe she forgot them. Vacation!
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Ships In The Night - Be-Bop Deluxe 

Cover Artwork Remix of Be Bop Deluxe Ships In The Night Original Cover Artwork of Be Bop Deluxe Ships In The Night It's quite fun when the original cover artwork for the single already has a hot babe on it, and on the cover of Ships In The Night by Be-Bop Deluxe, the babe is so hot, she has set fire to an electric guitar and is having to stand in an oversized glass beaker to keep herself from burning up the rest of the scene. To upscale this, on the remix we have four babes, and they are on a ship (we know this as one is wearing a captains hat). Night.
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A Bad Dream - Keane 

Cover Artwork Remix of Keane A Bad Dream Original Cover Artwork of Keane A Bad Dream It is reasonable to suggest that hot air balloons with scary painted faces, or shaped like fish, may be some people's idea of A Bad Dream. In fact, it is the interpretation of a bad dream that Keane use on the original front cover of their single. On the remix is a different kind of bad dream, the kind when you come home late from a bar thinking you've picked up some horny cougar when instead all you get is a saggy old bird. Turkey!
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Young At Heart - The Bluebells 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bluebells Young At Heart Original Cover Artwork of Bluebells Young At Heart What does sitting on the wall of a dockyard say to you? Does it suggest that you are Young At Heart? Because that is what The Bluebells use on the original cover artwork of their single. On the remix, the boatyard has been replaced by a mature babe who is thoroughly enjoying waving her impressive bosoms at us. That's definitely a young at heart approach. Rejuvenate!
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Filmstar - Suede 

Cover Artwork Remix of Suede Filmstar Original Cover Artwork of Suede Filmstar Does the man on the front cover of the single Filmstar by Suede look like someone who is a denizen of the silver screen. He is wearing what appears to be a silver suit, and riding in a limousine so perhaps. On the remix we find a budding filmstar of a babe who seems keen to be filmed and photographed by a dude in a flowery shirt. She, on the other hand, has neither shirt nor flowers. Snap!
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