A Bad Dream - Keane 

Cover Artwork Remix of Keane A Bad Dream Original Cover Artwork of Keane A Bad Dream It is reasonable to suggest that hot air balloons with scary painted faces, or shaped like fish, may be some people's idea of A Bad Dream. In fact, it is the interpretation of a bad dream that Keane use on the original front cover of their single. On the remix is a different kind of bad dream, the kind when you come home late from a bar thinking you've picked up some horny cougar when instead all you get is a saggy old bird. Turkey!
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Young At Heart - The Bluebells 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bluebells Young At Heart Original Cover Artwork of Bluebells Young At Heart What does sitting on the wall of a dockyard say to you? Does it suggest that you are Young At Heart? Because that is what The Bluebells use on the original cover artwork of their single. On the remix, the boatyard has been replaced by a mature babe who is thoroughly enjoying waving her impressive bosoms at us. That's definitely a young at heart approach. Rejuvenate!
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Filmstar - Suede 

Cover Artwork Remix of Suede Filmstar Original Cover Artwork of Suede Filmstar Does the man on the front cover of the single Filmstar by Suede look like someone who is a denizen of the silver screen. He is wearing what appears to be a silver suit, and riding in a limousine so perhaps. On the remix we find a budding filmstar of a babe who seems keen to be filmed and photographed by a dude in a flowery shirt. She, on the other hand, has neither shirt nor flowers. Snap!
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Straight Up No Bends - Brian Harvey 

Cover Artwork Remix of Brian Harvey Straight Up No Bends Original Cover Artwork of Brian Harvey Straight Up No Bends Brian Harvey brings us Straight Up No Bends today. From the color scheme on his single cover, he may be referring to being underwater, for there is nothing else to indicate what is up or what might be causing the bends. On the remix a bane stands straight up with hardly and bends, or curves for that matter. Maybe she is wearing the remnants of a wet suit, which may be why Mr Harvey was underwater. Dive!
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Kissing A Fool - George Michael 

Cover Artwork Remix of George Michael Kissing A Fool Original Cover Artwork of George Michael Kissing A Fool What does Kissing A Fool look like? That is a question that the people responsible for the front cover of George Michael's single couldn't even be bothered to begin to even think about. Thankfully, here at AllBum.Art we have done the thinking for you. On the remix are one, maybe two fools, and whether what they are doing constitutes kissing is for you to decide. Slurp!
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The Night - Valerie Dore 

Cover Artwork Remix of Valerie Dore The Night Original Cover Artwork of Valerie Dore The Night It's nice to see an artist think about their cover artwork as Valerie Dore has clearly done with her single The Night. On the original cover we find Ms Dore dressed in black at night. We know it is the night as the moon is peeking out from behind a cloud. On the remix we find a busty babe who is sitting on a leather sofa. We can only imagine that this is in a night club, and thus must be at night. Imagination!
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Walking Into Sunshine - Central Line 

Cover Artwork Remix of Central Line Walking Into Sunshine Original Cover Artwork of Central Line Walking Into Sunshine Continuing the walking and sunshine theme, today it is the turn of Central Line and their song Walking Into Sunshine. To give the band credit, the original cover artwork shows the band walking, with simulated sunshine behind them and shadows in front of them which scores well on the 'getting the right idea' scale. On the remix we find a group of babes who are walking into sunshine. They look as if they have applied plenty of sunscreen, so they should be alright. Greasy!
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Walking In The Sunshine - Bad Manners 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bad Manners Walking In The Sunshine Original Cover Artwork of Bad Manners Walking In The Sunshine What could be more enjoyable than Walking In The Sunshine? If the cover artwork for the single by Bad Manners is anything to go by, putting your foot in a bowl of water whilst watching a black and white television is more enjoyable. On the remix, we return to sanity as a busty babe walks along a street in the sunshine. Naked of course, because that's how to get the maximum enjoyment. Stroll!

I Want You (She's So Heavy) - The Beatles 

Cover Artwork Remix of Beatles I Want You Shes So Heavy Original Cover Artwork of Beatles I Want You Shes So Heavy What could scream I Want You (She's So Heavy) more accurately than the picture portrayed on the original single cover artwork: the four members of The Beatles with distinctly 1960s hairstyles and mustaches? Perhaps the babe on the remix answers that question. She is clearly very heavy or at least there are parts of her anatomy that are distinctly weighty. Would the band want her? Would you want her? That is a matter of personal taste. Boots!

Naked Without You - Taylor Dayne 

Cover Artwork Remix of Taylor Dayne Naked Without You Original Cover Artwork of Taylor Dayne Naked Without You Taylor Dayne is, if she is to be believed, Naked Without You. On the original album front cover, there is potential evidence for this, as Ms Dayne appears wearing nothing above her shoulders, though below this point in her body, the situation is less clear. On the remix we find a babe who is naked and is sitting in a cemetery on a grave. Perhaps it is the grave of a person that she has lots, and is now without, and chooses to sit there to be naked without them. Moseley!
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