Shake A Tailfeather - Ray Charles 
Thursday, 29 March, 2018, 05:48 - Singles Of The 1980s
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ray charles shake a tailfeather 2ray charles shake a tailfeather 1Shake A Tailfeather is the name of this song by Ray Charles (though it is often mistakenly called Shake Your Tail Feather). On the original cover we find Mr Charles looking very cheerful and the reason why is revealed on the remix, where we find a happy looking hottie shaking a tail-feather in front of her. We are not quite sure what bird has provided the feather, maybe a flamingo as it is pink? Dye!
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The Boat That I Row - Lulu 
Wednesday, 28 March, 2018, 05:59 - Singles Of The 1960s
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lulu the boat that i row 2lulu the boat that i row 1Lulu sings about The Boat That I Row. There isn't, though, much evidence of what kind of boat this is on the original single front cover artwork, though we do find Ms Lawrie looking somewhat forlorn into the distance - maybe that is where her boat is. On the remix we find a babe who is standing alongside a boat, which we can only presume is the one she rows, though rowing in platform boots, stockings and a bikini doesn't seem the most practical approach. Hose!
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Offshore - Chicane 
Tuesday, 27 March, 2018, 05:46 - Singles Of The 1990s, Summer Sizzlers
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chicane offshore 2chicane offshore 1What happens Offshore? According to the original single front cover artwork from Chicane, some aircraft chem-trails, or are they pieces of string holding up some cloth triangles? Not at all clear. On the remix, what happens offshore is that some shapely babe lounges around in a bikini off the side of a sailing boat, which oddly, is exactly what we thought might happen. Realism!
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Apparently Nothin' - Young Disciples 
Monday, 26 March, 2018, 05:26 - Singles Of The 1990s
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young disciples apparently nothin 2young disciples apparently nothin 1Apparently Nothin' seems to be precisely the amount of effort that went in to the original front cover artwork for this single from The Young Disciples, though to give them an ounce of credit, they did make the word 'disc' in a different color. On the remix we find a busty babe who is wearing a dress that is made of very sheer material and from which it is clear that she is apparently wearing nothin' else underneath it. Translucent!
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The Bottle - Paul Weller 
Sunday, 25 March, 2018, 05:21 - Singles Of The 2000s
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paul weller the bottle 2paul weller the bottle 1There are so many routes we could have taken when remixing the single front cover artwork for The Bottle by Paul Weller. Although there is a bottle pictured on the original cover, it's rather subtly hidden among some jumbled up letters. On the remix there is also a subtly placed bottle, though you may not have spotted it, what with being distracted by the cute babe alongside it. Glass!
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Sucker - Charli XCX 
Saturday, 24 March, 2018, 05:57 - Albums Of The 2010s
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charli xcx sucker 2charli xcx sucker 1Charli XCX (which isn't a proper Roman numeral in case you were wondering) indicates that somewhere there should be a Sucker. On the orignal album front cover artwork we find a lollipop, so you can see how that might relate to the title. Now there is, of course, an obvious remix for this but we haven't gone in that direction and instead on the remix we find a babe who has got stuck in a sucker, though why she was hoovering her boobs is anybody's guess. Suction!
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Dance With The Devil - Cozy Powell 
Friday, 23 March, 2018, 05:53 - Singles Of The 1970s, Halloween Hits
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cozy powell dance with the devil 2cozy powell dance with the devil 1Dance With The Devil, is what Cozy Powell tells us that we should be doing. On the original single front cover artwork, Mr Powell helps us visualize this by smoking a cigarette in black and white. On the remix we find a devil who is dancing, tempting us to join in. Beware though, because it's know that dancing with the devil can lead to boogieing with Beelzebub and you wouldn't want that now would you? Lucifer!
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Sit And Wait - Sydney Youngblood 
Thursday, 22 March, 2018, 05:59 - Singles Of The 1980s
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sydney youngblood sit and wait 2sydney youngblood sit and wait 1Sydney Youngblood is asking us to Sit And Wait. In order to help us to understand why, the original single front cover artwork shows Mr Youngblood in what we can only assume to be his most pleading pose. On the remix, we find a babe who has followed his instructions and who is sitting and waiting for something or someone. That someone would be quite lucky as she seems to be wearing nothing more than her panties and high heels. Maybe she is called Patience!
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Red Sun Rising - Lost Witness 
Wednesday, 21 March, 2018, 05:55 - Singles Of The 1990s
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lost witness red sun rising 2lost witness red sun rising 1Today is traditionally the spring solstice, meaning it is the first day of spring, so we thought something springlike would be appropriate. Our remix of the day is for Red Sun Rising by Lost Witness. On the original single front cover artwork there is a red sun rising, so full marks for that. On the remix is a babe wearing a sheer red top sitting on the ground as a red sun rises behind her. They say a young man's mind turns to love in the spring - we can see why! Seasonal.
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Up Against The Wall - Tom Robinson Band 
Tuesday, 20 March, 2018, 05:50 - Singles Of The 1970s
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tom robinson band up against the wall 2tom robinson band up against the wall 1The Tom Robinson Band (or TRB for short) are Up Against The Wall. From the original single front cover artwork we can surmise that this means they are standing in their school uniforms in front of a graffiti covered brick wall, so lots of detail there to help us visualize the song for once. On the remix we find a babe who is also standing against a graffiti covered brick wall, but we don't think that is her school uniform she is wearing. Derelict!
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