The Chinese Way - Level 42 

Cover Artwork Remix of Level 4 The Chinese Way Original Cover Artwork of Level 42 The Chinese Way Having taken lessons in love from Level 42, let us allow them to instruct us on what The Chinese Way is. On the original single cover artwork, our learning is that the Chinese way is to look vaguely afro-american but wear a red hat and carry a fan with some Chinese characters on it. On the remix, provided to you by AllBum.Art, we learn more about the Chinese way, which appears to be to walk through ancient doorways wearing high heels and pantyhose. Inscrutable!
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Busting At The Seams - Strawbs 

Cover Artwork Remix of Strawbs Bursting At The Seams Original Cover Artwork of Strawbs Bursting At The Seams Bursting At The Seams, that is what Strawbs sing about. Whilst they are singing they had their picture taken and put on the original front cover artwork of their album. But which seams are bursting? We think the remix answers this question, as we find a babe whose ample bosom is proving a little too much for the top she is sporting. It isn't quite burst yet, but the seams do seem stretched beyond their working tolerances. Eke!
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Walk Away - Joyce Sims 

Cover Artwork Remix of Joyce Sims Walk Away Original Cover Artwork of Joyce Sims Walk Away Joyce Sims is telling us to Walk Away. But other than a photo of Ms Sims, there is next to nothing on the original single front cover artwork that indicates what we should walk away from, or why. On the remix these problems are fixed. What we should walk away from is a mature granny who is flaunting her saggy body at us. Why? Do you really need an answer to that question? Plenty more fish in the sea, as the saying goes. Throw that whale back!

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Raise Your Hands - Big Room Girl Featuring Darryl Pandy 

Cover Artwork Remix of Big Room Girl Raise Your Hands Original Cover Artwork of Big Room Girl Raise Your Hands What would you expect to see on the original cover artwork of a single titled Raise Your Hands, by a band called Big Room Girl Featuring Darryl Pandy? That's a fair questions to ask. The answer is nothing, other than the title of the song, the name of the band, and the logo of the recording company. On the remix we find a big girl, in a room, raising her hands. Now how simple would it have been for them to have thought that through in the first place? Coathangers!
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Come As You Are - Beverley Knight 

Cover Artwork Remix of Beverley Knight Come As You Are Original Cover Artwork of Beverley Knight Come As You Are Today's instruction from Beverley Knight is to Come As You Are. This instruction is so important to her, that it is the title of both her album and single. On the original cover artwork we find Ms Knight dressed up ready to go and visit the President taking her own advice and not bothering to dress up, but to go as she is in her jeans and t-shirt. On the remix we find a babe who the President would no doubt wish would come as she was, in just her lingerie and heels. Scarlet!
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Free Me - Cast 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cast Free Me Original Cover Artwork of Cast Free Me Free Me, that is what Cast ask to be done. On the original single cover artwork, we find a butterfly in a cage, though if you look closely, it seems that the cage door is open, so there is no real need for the butterfly to be freed as it can just fly away. On the remix we find a babe who has been tied in a cage and unlike the butterfly, she can not just walk away as her feet are bound to the cage. She will need help. Any volunteers?
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My Special Angel - Malcolm Vaughan 

Cover Artwork Remix of Malcolm Vaughan My Special Angel Original Cover Artwork of Malcolm Vaughan My Special Angel Nothing beats a good angel remix, and My Special Angel by Malcolm Vaughan is no exception. On the original single cover artwork we find Mr Vaughan looking casually over his shoulder at something but no sign of any angels. On the remix we find a special angel. We know she is special as her wings are black and as everyone knows, only fallen angels have black wings, the rest are white or thereabouts. Soar!
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I Think Of You - The Merseybeats 

Cover Artwork Remix of Merseybeats I Think Of You Original Cover Artwork of Merseybeats I Think Of You I Think Of You, at least that is what The Merseybeats sang. On the original front cover artwork of their single, we find the band members staring at something, but what can it be that they are thinking of? That much is not clear. On the remix we find a babe of their era who is on the telephone and also staring at something. Maybe they are staring at each other, and let's face it, that would explain why the one was thinking of the other. Dial!
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Bad Ass Strippa - Jentina 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jentina Bad Ass Strippa Original Cover Artwork of Jentina Bad Ass Strippa Hello Jentina. And hello to your single Bad Ass Strippa. The thing is, and we don't want to sound ungrateful in anyway, but we kind of expected that on the original front cover artwork, given the name of your song, that we might expect to see an ass, but we give you seven out of ten for pretending to be a strippa yourself. On the remix we find a real bad ass strippa. Though, as far as we can see, her ass ain't that bad. Bend!
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Kenny - The Bump 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kenny The Bump Original Cover Artwork of Kenny The Bump We expected a lot more from The Bump by Kenny when it comes to the original front cover artwork for the single. What we expected was at least some indication of what the bump is, instead of which we get an empty speech bubble and a hairy guy wearing a t-shirt with bump written on it. Maybe the remix is a bit obvious, but it's a nice bump that the babe is sporting. Several actually. Lumpy!
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