Out Of The Woods - Taylor Swift 

Cover Artwork Remix of Taylor Swift Out Of The Woods Original Cover Artwork of Taylor Swift Out Of The Woods When Taylor Swift tells us that she is Out Of The Woods, we immediately ask ourselves questions such as why and where. On the original cover artwork some of these questions are answered as we find a girl (presumably Ms Swift) standing at the edge of a misty, spooky looking forest. On the remix we find three babes who are not out of the woods yet but are unsuccessfully hiding behind a tree. We know they are trying to hide as most of the clothes seem to be missing. Poor girls!
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Uninvited - Freemasons 

Cover Artwork Remix of Freemasons Uninvited Original Cover Artwork of Freemasons Uninvited The Freemasons Featuring Bailey Tzuke have Uninvited us, but we're not sure what from. Presumably some form of social media where you uninvite instead of unfriend. The original cover provides us with a fine picture of the featured Ms Tzuke, but no indication of who are what is uninvited. The remix on the other hand shows us exactly who uninvited who. We find a load of babes having their picture taken, and some dude in the background photobombing them. Get him uninvited girls, and as us instead. Friends!
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Wishing Well - Free 

Cover Artwork Remix of Free Wishing Well Original Cover Artwork of Free Wishing Well Another of these 1970s single covers where the band have shown nothing more of interest than the band itself. On the original cover artwork for Wishing Well by Free, there is no well, and nothing to wish for. On the remix we find a babe who is sitting by a wishing well. How do we know it is a wishing well? Simple really, because the last time we through a dime in a wishing well, the babe in the picture was exactly the kind of outcome we had wished for. Dreamy!
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Java Jive - The Manhattan Transfer 

Cover Artwork Remix of Manhattan Transfer Java Jive Original Cover Artwork of Manhattan Transfer Java Jive Whilst we are on the subject of coffee, here is another beany remix. On the original single cover artwork for Java Jive by The Manhattan Transfer, we find the band members looking dapper in their 1930s inspired outfits. But where's the coffee people? It's on the remix where we find a babe enjoying a cup of dark roast java in her local coffee emporium. An emporium, it would seem, where the drinking of coffee does not have to be accompanied by the wearing of clothes. Slurp!
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Black Coffee - Humble Pie 

Cover Artwork Remix of Humble Pie Black Coffee Original Cover Artwork of Humble Pie Black Coffee The weird thing is that coffee isn't actually black, it's more of a kind of dark brown color. Even white coffee is still brown. Nevertheless, Humble Pie decided to name their single Black Coffee. The original single cover artwork shows nothing more than the band playing. Maybe they are playing black coffee, but there is nothing to indicate this. On the remix we find a babe who has buried herself in coffee beans. Why is unknown, but the result is very fetching. Decaffeinate!
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Little Red Boots - Lindi Ortega 

Original Cover Artwork of Lindi Ortega Little Red Boots Cover Artwork Remix of Lindi Ortega Little Red Boots Cover Artwork Remix of Lindi Ortega Little Red Boots

Another triple-play from AllBum.Art, this time Little Red Boots from Lindi Ortega. We give Ms Ortega nearly full points for the original album (and single) cover artwork as it shows the singer wearing red boots, thus our remixes are largely redundant (but fun nonetheless). In the first we find a babe wearing her red boots and not much else. In the second remix we find a plump old bird seemingly proud of red boots which she is showing off, to the detriment of her other clothing. Maroon!
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Love It When You Call - The Feeling 

Cover Artwork Remix of Feeling Love It When You Call Original Cover Artwork of Feeling Love It When You Call When we saw the original cover artwork for Love It When You Call by The Feeling, we couldn't help but think what the babe wearing the high heels who was on the phone looked like. A bit of web-searching later and we discovered the answer and so on the remix we bring you an expanded view of the babe in question. She appears to be an ebony babe sitting on an office desk, making a phone call, wearing nothing but her high heel shoes. We would love it if she called, of that there is no doubt. Bell!
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Dancing Shoes - Dev 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dev Dancing Shoes Original Cover Artwork of Dev Dancing Shoes Hey, hey, as a certain cartoon clown says. Dev is here with her Dancing Shoes. But ho, ho, someone has cropped her picture on the original cover artwork of her single above her knees and the one critical thing missing is a look at what her dancing shoes look like. On the remix we find a babe who is keen to show us her black and white, high heel dancing shoes. In fact she is so keen to show them to us that she seems to have forgotten to put a dress on to go with them. Forgetful!
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Love Doesn't Have To Hurt - Atomic Kitten 

Cover Artwork Remix of Atomic Kitten Love Doesnt Have To Hurt Original Cover Artwork of Atomic Kitten Love Doesnt Have To Hurt According to Atomic Kitten, Love Doesn't Have To Hurt. That is quite a statement to make, especially if you don't justify it but just use the original single cover artwork to sit on the floor showing off your jeans and boots. On the remix we find that love can hurt, as it obviously is doing for the babe concerned. It doesn't have to though, so perhaps she should find a more comfortable position. Missionary!
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Hammer To Fall - Queen 

Cover Artwork Remix of Queen Hammer To Fall Original Cover Artwork of Queen Hammer To Fall As we often say at AllBum.Art, sometimes it is the title of a song that inspires a remix, and sometimes it is a piece of artwork. This remix of Hammer To Fall by Queen falls into the latter category. It is not helped by the fact that the original single cover artwork, although showing the band's impressive lighting rig, does not have a hammer anywhere to be seen. On the remix, though, we find two babes who, if their hammers were to fall, would cause untold injuries to a third. It is to be hoped that their hammers did not in fact fall, but they themselves fell over due to having to hold up such a heavy weight wearing naught but high heeled boots. Topple!
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