Stripped - Depeche Mode 

Cover Artwork Remix of Depeche Mode Stripped Original Cover Artwork of Depeche Mode Stripped The second in our week-long Depeche Mode remix special is a remix for Stripped. The original artwork suggests that the stripping that is going in is removing layers of old wallpaper and paint and thus revealing the many unfashionable colors that lie underneath. The remix tells a different story as one babe is stripping another. At least someone repainted the walls first. Decorate!
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See You - Depeche Mode 

Cover Artwork Remix of Depeche Mode See You Original Cover Artwork of Depeche Mode See You Today marks the start of a whole week of remixes of cover artwork for Depeche Mode. Our first remix of the week is for the single See You. On the original cover we find a smoking Joe leaning on a lamppost, looking longingly towards a girl who is looking back at him through the window of her house. On the remix we focus more on the girl herself and find that when you look closely, she is wearing far fewer clothes than on the original cover. How did that happen? Lingerie!
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Goodbye - The Coral 

Cover Artwork Remix of The Coral Goodbye Original Cover Artwork of The Coral Goodbye 'Yes', said in the kind of creepy slow way that is commonly used in the Simpsons to represent confusidity in the face of embiggened disunderstanding. What exactly The Coral were on when they produced the cover for their single Goodbye, is anyone's guess, though such guesswork is probably best left to the authorities who deal with people who have ingested such things. The remix is much clearer, it's a babe waving goodbye. With no clothes on. Insufflation!
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She Blinded Me With Science - Thomas Dolby 

Cover Artwork Remix of Thomas Dolby She Blinded Me With Science Original Cover Artwork of Thomas Dolby She Blinded Me With Science It's interesting, in an uninteresting kind of way, to wonder how Thomas Dolby managed to write and record this song if, indeed, as he states in the title, She Blinded Me With Science. Surely if he had been blinded, as he states that he was, he would no longer be able to find the right keys on the keyboard, nor strings on a guitar. Maybe that explains the terrible music. Anyhow, for your enjoyment, we have a remix that shows one babe still in the process of trying to blind a second babe and we know this has something to do with science as the first babe is wearing a lab coat. Physical!

Ain't Too Proud To Beg - The Temptations 

Cover Artwork Remix of Temptations Aint Too Proud To Beg Original Cover Artwork of Temptations Aint Too Proud To Beg Another remix for The Temptations. This time it's their 1966 single, Ain't Too Proud To Beg. The original cover is somewhat boring, where the word 'somewhat' should be replaced by the word 'totally', and the word 'boring' should be replaced by the word 'terrible'. The remix shows a babe down on her knees, begging for something or other. Perhaps she's begging for someone to give her a hand up because she's finding it difficult to walk in those heels. Help!
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Don't Stop (Wiggle Wiggle) - The Outhere Brothers 

Cover Artwork Remix of Outhere Brothers Dont Stop Wiggle Original Cover Artwork of Outhere Brothers Dont Stop Wiggle The Outhere Brothers told us not to stop, but instead to gyrate in a somewhat relaxed yet floppy fashion in their song Don't Stop (Wiggle Wiggle). But the cover, other than showing a picture of a floppy face, gives no further instruction on how the wiggling should take place. The remix overcomes these deficiencies and shows us a babe who is wiggling very nicely and, should we happen to be there in the flesh to watch her, we would no doubt be asking not to stop. Cease!

A Night To Remember - Shalamar 

Cover Artwork Remix of Shalamar A Night To Remember Original Cover Artwork of Shalamar A Night To Remember Get ready, tonight, we're gonna make this A Night To Remember. But what do Shalamar mean by that? The simple fact is that we don't know, as the cover of the single shows nothing more than the band members smiling. The remix shows why this will definitely be a noteworthy night, as a totally hot babe is being undressed by a guy who will not forget the experience in a long time, if ever. Memorize!
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Look But Don't Touch - Skin 

Cover Artwork Remix of Skin Look But Dont Touch Original Cover Artwork of Skin Look But Dont Touch It's clear to see why Skin would suggest that you Look But Don't Touch the babe on the original cover of their single, as she will clearly punch you in the face if you do. It's, perhaps, less clear to see why the babe on the remix is someone you should avoid getting too close to, but the fact is that she is clearly totally mad, posing naked in a public park, and is probably infested with all manner of nasty bugs. Then again you would should probably look quite closely to make sure. Magnify!
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Juicy Fruit - Mtume 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mtume Juicy Fruit Original Cover Artwork of Mtume Juicy Fruit The original cover of Juicy Fruit by Mtume shows the band looking less than fruity, and certainly not particularly juicy. Thank goodness then for the remix in which we find a juicy looking babe bending over towards a bowl of fruit, which are most certainly fruity. Thinking about it, the babe is quite fruity too, making the whole thing far more appropriate, or not, depending on your view on bananas and all that. Apple!
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Seventeen - Winger 

Cover Artwork Remix of Winter Seventeen Original Cover Artwork of Winger Seventeen We, here at AllBum.Art, pride ourselves on our ability to count. Malc, over in the 'sounds' department can count to over 30 and Chez in 'design' says he has to be able to count to nearly 400 to deal with the days in a year. But is seems that Winger cannot count to Seventeen, as on the original cover artwork for their single there are only 4 of them. On the remix, we have put 17 babes. Or at least we think there are 17, as we lost count after about 5. Numeric!
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