A Night To Remember - Shalamar 

Cover Artwork Remix of Shalamar A Night To Remember Original Cover Artwork of Shalamar A Night To Remember Get ready, tonight, we're gonna make this A Night To Remember. But what do Shalamar mean by that? The simple fact is that we don't know, as the cover of the single shows nothing more than the band members smiling. The remix shows why this will definitely be a noteworthy night, as a totally hot babe is being undressed by a guy who will not forget the experience in a long time, if ever. Memorize!
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Look But Don't Touch - Skin 

Cover Artwork Remix of Skin Look But Dont Touch Original Cover Artwork of Skin Look But Dont Touch It's clear to see why Skin would suggest that you Look But Don't Touch the babe on the original cover of their single, as she will clearly punch you in the face if you do. It's, perhaps, less clear to see why the babe on the remix is someone you should avoid getting too close to, but the fact is that she is clearly totally mad, posing naked in a public park, and is probably infested with all manner of nasty bugs. Then again you would should probably look quite closely to make sure. Magnify!
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Juicy Fruit - Mtume 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mtume Juicy Fruit Original Cover Artwork of Mtume Juicy Fruit The original cover of Juicy Fruit by Mtume shows the band looking less than fruity, and certainly not particularly juicy. Thank goodness then for the remix in which we find a juicy looking babe bending over towards a bowl of fruit, which are most certainly fruity. Thinking about it, the babe is quite fruity too, making the whole thing far more appropriate, or not, depending on your view on bananas and all that. Apple!
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Seventeen - Winger 

Cover Artwork Remix of Winter Seventeen Original Cover Artwork of Winger Seventeen We, here at AllBum.Art, pride ourselves on our ability to count. Malc, over in the 'sounds' department can count to over 30 and Chez in 'design' says he has to be able to count to nearly 400 to deal with the days in a year. But is seems that Winger cannot count to Seventeen, as on the original cover artwork for their single there are only 4 of them. On the remix, we have put 17 babes. Or at least we think there are 17, as we lost count after about 5. Numeric!
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Autobahn - Kraftwerk 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kraftwerk Autobahn Original Cover Artwork of Kraftwerk Autobahn We have previously remixed the cover artwork for a Kraftwerk track here at AllBum.Art. But it is nice that we have been sent this user contributed submission of Autobahn from Wolfgang Schmeltz of Germany. He tells us:
This babe who is named Vienna, is standing on a bridge over main motorway from Mainz to Koblenz so it is really an autobahn remix.
We can see that, Wolfgang. Great work!
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Are You Ready To Fly - Rozalla 

Cover Artwork Remix of Rozalla Are You Ready To Fly Original Cover Artwork of Rozalla Are You Ready To Fly Are You Ready To Fly? Do you have your passport ready? Is your bag packed? Do you have your tickets in your pocket? These are important additional questions that Rozalla fails completely to address in her song. In the remix we find a babe who is explaining some of the finer points of airplane cabin etiquette (yes, we had to look up the spelling of that). Now are you ready to fly? We are!
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Walkin' Back To Happiness - Helen Shapiro 

Cover Artwork Remix of Helen Shapiro Walkin Back To Happiness Original Cover Artwork of Helen Shapiro Walkin Back To Happiness Helen Shapiro is Walkin' Back To Happiness, and she is doing so by staring out across a yellow-tinged cityscape. Not much walkin' going on, and no real sign of happiness. On the remix we find three babes who are doing some walkin'. They may look a little sad, but remember they are walkin' back to happiness, presumably therefore, they have been somewhere less than happy. Hopefully they will cheer up when they get there. Smile!

The Boys Are Back In Town - Thin Lizzy 

Cover Artwork Remix of Thin Lizzy The Boys Are Back In Town Original Cover Artwork of Thin Lizzy The Boys Are Back In Town Just occasionally, we feel it is right, that we at AllBum.Art do a remix designed for the fairer sex, or as we call it One For The Ladies. This time it is the turn of Thin Lizzy and their hit The Boys Are Back In Town. On the original cover we find the 'boys' (a.k.a. the band) digging that crazy guitar. On the remix we find a gang of boys that have just gotten back to town, but for some reason have forgotten all their clothes, except their sneakers. Sneaky!

Move Your Ass - Scooter 

Cover Artwork Remix of Scooter Move Your Ass Original Cover Artwork of Scooter Move Your Ass Blowing a horn loudly in your ear is a sure-fire method of getting you to jump high in the air and Move Your Ass, which is what Scooter are asking us to do on the cover of their single. A picture of a horn is one thing, but what about a picture of the ass that has been moved, and its resting position. We are happy to oblige as that is exactly what can be seen on the remixed cover artwork. Leap!
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Statuesque - Sleeper 

Original Cover Artwork of Sleeper Statuesque Cover Artwork Remix of Sleeper Statuesque Cover Artwork Remix of Sleeper Statuesque
It's a leap year and on February 29th it is traditional for the tables to be turned and for women to ask men to marry them so we thought this might be an appropriate day for one of our 'One For The Ladies' remixes. The original single cover artwork for Statuesque by Sleeper shows one of the Easter Island head statues. On the first remix we find a guy posing on a plinth as if he was a statue, definitely statuesque. On the second remix we find a babe doing the same thing, that is to say standing on a plinth too. We added that just in case any guys were going to ignore the leap year thing and ask their babes to marry them. Leap of Faith!
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