Let's Go Crazy - Prince And The Revolution 

Cover Artwork Remix of Prince Lets Go Crazy Original Cover Artwork of Prince Lets Go Crazy Another remix for this week's featured artist Prince, this time with The Revolution. Let's Go Crazy is a fun song that's great for getting you in the mood for a party. But in the original version we see a relatively sombre Mr Nelson on his motorcycle. Nothing particularly crazy is going on (other than Mr Nelson's dress sense). On the remix we see two naked bakes who are most definitely in the crazy party mood. Floozies!
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Kiss - Prince And The Revolution 

Cover Artwork Remix of Prince Kiss Original Cover Artwork of Prince Kiss The second of this week's featured artist remixes comes from Prince And The Revolution. The original cover of (ne-me-ne-me-ne-me-ne-me-ne) Kiss has a black and white Mr Nelson posing in a kind of male Bolero top looking about as masculine as Homer Simpson in a tutu. The remix shows a sexy babe blowing a kiss. Ne-me-ne-me-ne-me-ne-me-ne to that!
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Prince And The New Power Generation - Cream 

Cover Artwork Remix of Prince Cream Original Cover Artwork of Prince Cream The start of another of AllBum.Art's featured artist week begins with this remix of Cream by Prince And The New Power Generation. Unquestionably one of the most obvious remixes that has ever been attempted. Instead of a photo of Mr Nelson standing in a highly sexualized position over a babe lying on her back, we see some cream. Pourfect!

Feelin' Inside - Bobby Brown 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bobby Brown Feelin Inside Original Cover Artwork of Bobby Brown Feelin Inside Joyce Delmartin of Atlanta, GA claims to be 'a long time listener, first time caller' to AllBum.Art and has sent us his remix for Bobby Brown's 1997 single Feelin' Inside. The original cover shows a downbeat Mr Brown lolling around. The remix shows a babe in a pair of jeans who is feelin' inside. Maybe she has lost something? Maybe she dropped her bra in there as that seems to be missing. Whatever the reason, she is welcome to grace the cover and thanks to Joyce for providing us with the remix. Itchy!
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Three Of A Perfect Pair - King Crimson 

Cover Artwork Remix of King Crimson 3 Perfect Pair Original Cover Artwork of King Crimson 3 Perfect Pair There is an obvious remix for any cover artwork for an album called Three Of A Perfect Pair, focusing, as would be expected, on the perfect pair analogy. But for this remix of the 1980s album by King Crimson, we have chosen a less beaten path and simply replaced the odd symbol with three babes, all of who have a perfect pair. Now that's what we call a remix. Sextuplet!
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Mirror Mirror - Dollar 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dollar Mirror Mirror Original Cover Artwork of Dollar Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror might be a line from the the De La Soul song Me, Myself and I, but this remix is for the obscure but equally reflective song by Dollar. The original cover scores very well in that it not only features the band themselves, but they are reflected in a mirror. The remix does away with the band, and so loses points on that score, but scores more highly as a young version of the wicked witch from Snow White at a time when the mirror may have truthfully responded that she was the fairest of them all. Sceptered!
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Blue Moon - The Marcels 

Cover Artwork Remix of Marcels Blue Moon Original Cover Artwork of Marcels Blue Moon Blue Moon by The Marcels was a 1961 single for doo-woppers, The Marcels. It has been covered many times but no times as handsomely as in the remix of the single provided for you. On the original cover we see the band. How exciting. On the remix we see a group of sexy girl who have been entranced by the blueness of the moon and have exposed their wild selves as all creatures born of the night are wanton to do. Royal!
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Perfect - Fairground Attraction 

Cover Artwork Remix of Fairground Attraction Perfect Original Cover Artwork of Fairground Attraction Perfect Perfection is a difficult thing to achieve. Especially given that old saying, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. In this case, the remix of Perfect by Fairground Attraction comes as close as we think is possible to perfection. Why? Well look at the remix. A beautiful babe in a stunning dress in a sexy pose. Truly, if this is not perfection then perfection is a worthless concept and should be assigned to the annals of probability. Probably!
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Titties and Beer - Frank Zappa 

Cover Artwork Remix of Frank Zappa Titties Beer Original Cover Artwork of Frank Zappa Titties Beer What song more deserves a decent cover than Frank Zappa's 1970s classic Titties and Beer. It hardly needs us to tell you what should be on the cover of this song, now does it. We won't even bother to describe the remix as it speaks for itself. All that we will say is that this is definitely the correct way for beer to be served. With a nice head (and a body to match). Reginald!
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Who Let The Dogs Out - Baha Men 

Cover Artwork Remix of Baha Men Who Let The Dogs Out Original Cover Artwork of Baha Men Who Let The Dogs Out A song sung by rowdy revelers at many a party, Who Let The Dogs Out by the Baha Men is a staple of sad sorority and fraternity discos the nation over. The original artwork shows the men from the Bahamas that gave the band its name. The remix shows a naked babe hugging a big dog. Presumably he has chewed all her clothes off and should definitely be let out to sorority parties more often. Slobbery!
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