Timber - Pitbull Featuring Ke$ha 

Cover Artwork Remix of Pitbull Timber Original Cover Artwork of Pitbull Timber 'I'ts going down, I'm yelling Timber' might lead you to believe that this song is a remix of Monty Python's infamous Lumberjack song. But it isn't. Pitbull Featuring Ke$ha bring us this line-dancing inspired ditty that's brought up to date by babes dancing in tight fitting short shorts. In the remix we see a cowgirl who has lost her short shorts. How do we still know she is into line-dancing and deforestation? Simple, she is wearing cowboy boots and a hat. Fore!
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You Give Me Something - James Morrison 

Cover Artwork Remix of James Morrison You Give Me Something Original Cover Artwork of James Morrison You Give Me Something The original cover of British crooner James Morrison's single You Give Me Something speaks no volumes at all. Although Mr Morrison is present, there is no indication of who is giving him something, and what the thing is that is being given. In the remix this issue has been solved. The person doing the giving is a silhouetted babe, and what she seems to be offering is her handbag. Zippy!
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Black Widow - Lalo Schifrin 

Cover Artwork Remix of Lalo Schifrin Black Widow Original Cover Artwork of Lalo Schirfin Black Widow According to Wikipedia, Black Widow could mean many things, but the one we are interested in here is the 1970s album by Argentinian Lalo Schifrin. The cover remix here though refers exactly to that self same album. On the original cover we see a widow, in black, silhouetted against a shiny red background. On the remix we see the same, except the widow is not shrouded in darkness. And guess what, she's wearing kinky widow underwear. Morbid!
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I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2 

Cover Artwork Remix of U Still Havent Found What Looking For Original Cover Artwork of U2 Still Havent Found What Looking For I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For was a hit in 1987 for U2. Now although there is every chance that the guy on the front of the original cover has not found what it was that he was looking for, there is little to suggest that he has even bothered to take a look. On the remixed cover we find two ladies and one is definitely looking for something. Whether she will find it in the place she is looking is a totally different question but it is obvious from the surprise on the other lady's face that she will find something there, whether it is what it was she was looking for or not.

Touch The Sky - 29 Palms 

Cover Artwork Remix of 9 Palms Touch The Sky Original Cover Artwork of 29 Palms Touch The Sky A user submitted entry from Jert van Ricknick of Holland. Apparently Touch The Sky by 29 Palms was a big underground club hit in Holland. Jert takes up the story:
De covver of de'riginal song has nice sea-sky color but no sign of many peepl's hands reach for de up-sky

Or at least that's what it sounded like on the message he left us. The remix does speak more than words though. It's only a shame that there are only 10 palms touching the sky in the remix rather than 29, otherwise it would have been Ricknick-perfick. Tulips!
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Don't Stand So Close To Me - The Police 

Cover Artwork Remix of Police Dont Stand So Close Original Cover Artwork of Police Dont Stand So Close Don't Stand So Close to me by The Police is a song about a teacher getting too close to a pupil and all of the cultural taboos that risk getting broken. Not for us any of that nonsense. Instead we figured that if there was someone of a police based background that you would not want to stand too close to, it would be a stripper-gram. That may not be true, but that's what made the most attractive addition to the original cover of this single! Piggy!

Oral Fixation (Volume 2) - Shakira 

Cover Artwork Remix of Shakira Oral Fixation Original Cover Artwork of Shakira Oral Fixation Oh, dear. An album called Oral Fixation presents many options for remixing that would completely contravene the AllBum.Art submission guidelines! Having said that, Shakira points us in a direction that happily can involve a remix without guideline contravention. On the original cover we see Mr Ripoll in the nude, taking an apple from a tree, presumably in the garden of Eden. In the remix, nothing much has changed, other than that the tree in the garden is not strategically placed to cover up the shrouded nudity! Plucky!

Relight My Fire - Dan Hartman 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dan Hartman Relight My Fire Original Cover Artwork of Dan Hartman Relight My Fire When Dan Hartman brought us Relight My Fire, he at least tried a bit with the cover of his single, which has fire on it and shows Mr Hartman. Now whilst Mr Hartman might have lit the fire of many a 70s babe, his visage doesn't really cut it in the 21st century. And so we have replaced Mr Hartman with a babe who is ready to light any fire. But beware, she might be too hot to handle. Blazing!
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Runaway - Bon Jovi 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bon Jovi Runaway Original Cover Artwork of Bon Jovi Runaway There is a story here to Bon Jovi's single Runaway. In the original cover we see Mr Bongiovi standing on a darkened city street with very frizzy hair. Standing behind him is what must be the runaway mentioned in the song, who also has frizzy hair but seems to be wearing little more than high heels, stockings and a rain coat. Mr Bongiovi takes pity on her and invites her to his apartment 'to keep warm'. In the remix we see the same Mr Bongiovi back at his apartment with many of the other runaways he has 'rescued'. All of who are wearing little more than much at all. Feral!
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Rhinestone Cowboy - Glen Campbell 

Cover Artwork Remix of Glen Campbell Rhinestone Cowboy Original Cover Artwork of Glen Campbell Rhinestone Cowboy Following on from yesterday's all-American classic, we bring you another in the form of Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell. The original cover shows Mr Campbell wearing a cowboy outfit bedecked by rhinestones which is a big thumbs-up when it comes to covers reflecting the songs they are covering. Our remix simply replaces Mr Campbell with a sexy babe wearing rhinestones (and little else) in a cowboy setting. Equally thumbsy-uppy. Duplicate!
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