All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You - Heart 

Cover Artwork Remix of Heart All I Wanna Do Original Cover Artwork of Heart All I Wanna Do Whilst everyone is still feeling loved-up following Valentine's Day yesterday, we have another hearty remix for you. The original cover of All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You by Heart , shows absolutely nothing at all. One of those 1980s single covers that offers nothing by way of an indication of anything. The remix helps a lot, as we find a babe who could well be naked, whose features are covered by hearts. Would you wanna make love to her? You betcha!

Valentine - T'Pau 

Cover Artwork Remix of Tpau Valentine Original Cover Artwork of Tpau Valentine Today is February the 14th, known around the world as Valentine's Day. A day on which everyone gets a bit soppy, and everything is about hearts and flowers. So today's remix is Valentine by T'Pau. On the original cover artwork for the single we find the band members looking a bit soppy. On the remix we find a babe surrounded by hearts. No flowers but let that go and just enjoy the romantic look on her face... Sad!
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Disco Shock - Various Artists 

Cover Artwork Remix of Disco Shock Original Cover Artwork of Disco Shock A rare remix of a compilation album by none other than Various Artists. The original cover artwork for Disco Shock has five babes with their backs to us, walking away into the distance. They are wearing a combination of jeans and hot pants and high heels, and one of them (second from the left) appears to be topless. On the remix we have just updated this picture with five alternative babes. This time they are facing towards us and wearing hot pants and heels and several of them are topless. Updated!
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The Sign - Ace Of Base 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ace Of Base The Sign Original Cover Artwork of Ace Of Base The Sign Another remix for Swedish songsters Ace Of Base. The original single artwork for The Sign holds so many possibilities but none of them have been used, instead we just find a patchwork quilt of pieces of a flower and the band's two female singers. On the remix, one of the most obvious possibilities has been employed, and we find a babe holding a sign. Could that have been any more obvious? Card!
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Green Door - Shakin' Stevens 

Cover Artwork Remix of Shakin Stevens Green Door Original Cover Artwork of Shakin Stevens Green Door Good ole Shakin' Stevens and his aimless cover artwork. On the original single cover for Green Door, we find Mr Stevens loafing around in a white jacket and black shirt. No sign of the green door though. On the remix we find a babe who is standing in a green doorway. Sadly we can't see much about her as the lighting in the green doorway is not that good, but what we can see would make it tempting enough to turn the light on and find out more. Or just go through the green door. Handle!
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Cover Girl - New Kids On The Block 

Cover Artwork Remix of Nkotb Cover Girl Original Cover Artwork of Nkotb Cover Girl Another remix for New Kids On The Block as they stylize themselves. On the original cover artwork for Cover Girl, we find the band members looking royally bored in a small square. On the remix we find a cover girl who is covering herself (but not making that good of a job of it). But the boys are still looking as bored as ever. Maybe they are stuck inside the box and can't get out to help the cover girl cover herself. All very mysterious. Cubic!
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Brick House - Commodores 

Cover Artwork Remix of Commodores Brick House Original Cover Artwork of Commodores Brick House This remix of Brick House by Commodores was sent to us by regular contributor Phil Darnall of Great Britain. Phil says:
This song is about a woman so big, they sing about her being a brick house. In England we use the term brick shit house. Either way, the original cover doesn't show any house. On the remix I have put a big boobed woman (BBW) who could be either a brick house or a brick shit house, or just shit, all descriptions seem equally appropriate.

We can see that. Thanks for the remix Phil. Blubberly!
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Books From Boxes - Maximo Park 

Cover Artwork Remix of Maximo Park Books From Boxes Original Cover Artwork of Maximo Park Books From Boxes Another remix for Maximo Park. On the original single cover artwork of Books From Boxes, we find a man and a woman who appear to be whispering to each other. Maybe that is because they are in a library with books, but that is not evident from the grey background. On the remix we find a babe standing next to a bookshelf. She appears to have take the books out of the boxes and put them on a shelf. She also appears to have done this wearing nothing more than bright pink stiletto heel boots. Librarian!
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A Forest - The Cure 

Cover Artwork Remix of The Cure A Forest Original Cover Artwork of The Cure A Forest We give almost full marks to The Cure for the original single cover artwork for A Forest, as it clearly illustrates a forest. So why, then, would we at AllBum.Art wish to remix it. Simply because we had this really great picture of a naked babe in a forest and we could think of no better single to use it with. Her magenta stilettos also contrast with the verdant forest, conjuxticating the ethereal with the turgid. Or something like that. Arty!
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When The Tigers Broke Free - Pink Floyd 

Cover Artwork Remix of Pink Floyd When The Tigers Broke Free Original Cover Artwork of Pink Floyd When The Tigers Broke Free Another remix for Pink Floyd and this time it is of the original cover artwork of their single When The Tigers Broke Free. On the original cover we find someone screaming. Perhaps when the tigers broke free they caused such an uproar. On the remix we find a babe sitting on a tiger skin rug. After the tigers broke free they were obviously killed and made into rugs for naked babes. Roar! banner

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