Radio Africa - Latin Quarter 

Cover Artwork Remix of Latin Quarter Radio Africa Original Cover Artwork of Latin Quarter Radio Africa We're hearing only sad songs on Radio Africa, at least that is what Latin Quarter tell us. To be fair, we have never listened to Radio Africa as reception at the AllBum.Art offices is generally very poor. The original single cover artwork is also rather poor but the remix improves the reception immensely as we find an African babe who seems to have climbed onto a roof to play with the antennas to get the best reception possible. Signal!
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Baby Twist - Bob Azzam E La Sua Orchestra 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bob Azzam Baby Twist Original Cover Artwork of Bob Azzam Baby Twist In the 1960s when Bob Azzam E La Sua Orchestra put together the original cover artwork for their single Baby Twist, it must have been quite daring to have had a bikini-clad babe dancing by the sea. All that we have done for the remix is to modernize the outfit being worn by the babe. She is still a babe dancing by the sea but half of her bikini has vanished, as the 50 years since the single was release have passed, perhaps it has just perished. Fade!
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Too Big - Suzi Quatro 

Cover Artwork Remix of Suzi Quatro Too Big Original Cover Artwork of Suzi Quatro Too Big It seems that Suzi Quatro appears quite frequently in our infrequent list of triple-X rated remixes. The original cover artwork for her single Too Big shows Ms Quatro singing. Maybe she is very tall - this is not clear. On the remix we find a babe in magenta high heel boots that are clearly too big. Look closely and you will see that the heel of her foot is loose compared to the back of the boot. You saw that right? Or were you distracted by something else that appears to be too large for her? Diversion!
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Living In Danger - Ace Of Base 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ace Of Base Living In Danger Original Cover Artwork of Ace Of Base Living In Danger We all live in danger to some extent, so when Ace Of Base sing about Living In Danger, you might expect a higher level of danger than the background peril that we all put up with. But on their cover there is no indication of any danger that they might be experiencing, other than the danger of boring everyone with such a dull piece of artwork. That is why on the remix we find a babe who is quite literally living in danger. That is to day that the clothes (if you can call them that) are comprised entirely of danger. Now how much more danger-related can you get than that? Risky!
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Peek-A-Boo - The New Vaudeville Band 

Cover Artwork Remix of New Vaudeville Band Peek A Boo Original Cover Artwork of New Vaudeville Band Peek A Boo Going back in time to the 1960s for this remix of Peek-A-Boo by The New Vaudeville Band. The original cover sees the band members sitting in, or standing next to, a car that has come even further back in time (though not using any kind of flux capacitor). Now Peek-A-Boo is a game often played with babies where one hides and just reveals a small part of yourself to the glee of the child concerned. Our version has a babe who has just revealed a small part of herself, to the glee of the childish mentalities of the staff here. Game on!
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Hurt So Good - Susan Cadogan 

Original Cover Artwork of Susan Cadogan Hurt So Good Cover Artwork Remix of Susan Cadogan Hurt So Good Cover Artwork Remix of Susan Cadogan Hurt So Good
A triple-play remix for Susan Cadogan and her single (and album of the same name) Hurt So Good. On the original cover we find Ms Cadogan looking glum. Is she hurt? It's difficult to say. Was the hurt good? Well given that we don't really know if she is hurt, that is a question too far. On the first remix, though, we find a babe who appears to be connected to a machine that is causing her some pain, but equally she seems to be enjoying it, so it's reasonable to state that it hurts so good. On the second remix we find a babe chained up and lying on a bed. Maybe this hurts, or is about to hurt, or has hurt in the past. Is it good? You would have to ask her. Pleasure-Pain-Principle!
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Analogue - A-Ha 

Cover Artwork Remix of A Ha Analogue Original Cover Artwork of A Ha Analogue This marks the last in our short, XXX-rated remix run of artwork around the topic of anal. Today it is the turn of A-Ha and their album Analogue. The original cover shows the band members looking very coy at the back of an odd painted backdrop. In the remix we find a babe who is taking a log in her ass, an 'anal-log' you might say, if you were the kind of sick person that produces these remixes, like us. Woody!
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Assassin - The Orb 

Cover Artwork Remix of Orb Assassin Original Cover Artwork of Orb Assassin Our short series of remi-XXX-es continues with another anal themed remixes. Actually with a title such as Assassin, we could have used the same picture as yesterday's Marillion remix but instead we have this alternative take on pretty much the same topic by The Orb. The original cover shows some kind of space-aged theme-park, but no ass, and nothing that is in the ass. The remix solves these issues. Push!
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Assassing - Marillion 

Cover Artwork Remix of Marillion Assassing Original Cover Artwork of Marillion Assassing When we began providing the occasional 'Remi-XXX' (otherwise known as X-rated remixes) it caused a split in opinion among the staff here at AllBum.Art. Some thought it was a step too far; others just live by the ethos of rules are meant to be broken. So when someone suggested that there were quite a few songs with the word 'anal' in them, controversy ensued. Here, therefore, is a highly controversial remix of Assassing by Marillion. Whilst the original cover has no ass in it at all, the remix shows one that is being assassingnated!
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January February - Barbara Dickson 

Cover Artwork Remix of Barbara Dickson January February Original Cover Artwork of Barbara Dickson January February At exactly midnight at the end of the day on 31 January, is it January, or is it February? This is a question that it seems Barbara Dickson has puzzled about. So much so that she wrote a song about it, a song called January February. On the original cover we see Ms Dickson looking very confused, and searching for an answer to her puzzle. On the remix we see two babes, who by a complete coincidence, are called January and February and who, by all appearances, like to frolic naked in the snow. Monthly!
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