She's So Lovely - Scouting For Girls 
Thursday, 26 February, 2015, 05:56 - Singles Of The 2000s
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scouting for girls shes so lovely remixscouting for girls shes so lovely 1Half marks to Scouting For Girls on the original cover of their single She's So Lovely. Why only half marks? Because the song is from 2007 but the picture of the lovely girl (girls actually) on the cover could be taken from the 1870s. The remix fixes this temporal anomaly and replaces the girls with their pretty parasols with another girl who is equally picturesque but more modern. Upkeep!
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Satisfaction - Benny Benassi Presents The Biz 
Thursday, 29 January, 2015, 05:18 - Singles Of The 2000s
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benny benassi satisfaction remixbenny benassi satisfaction 1The video to Satisfaction by Benny Benassi Presents The Biz consists of a multitude of hot babes with electrical power tools almost in the form of an infomercial. The cover of the single alludes to this with one of the babes standing in the deep dark grey background holding up what appears to be a chainsaw. In the remix we have moved the babe to the foreground to take a better look. A much better look, that would be. Buzz!
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Cha Cha Slide - DJ Casper 
Wednesday, 28 January, 2015, 05:14 - Singles Of The 2000s
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dj casper cha cha slide remixdj casper cha cha slide 1Casper was a friendly ghost, right? Well it seems that DJ Casper is not so friendly. Instead he bosses everyone around, telling them how to stand, when to jump and where to step in his party favorite Cha Cha Slide. The remix tries to help with the sliding element by putting a babe who is nicely greased up into the picture. Try and get hold of her and there will be plenty of sliding going on. Want to give it a try? Cue Casper... Slippy!
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In Public - Kelis 
Thursday, 15 January, 2015, 05:21 - Singles Of The 2000s
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kelis in public 1 kelis in public 2 kelis in public remix
A rare triple-play, though Kelis is no stranger to the AllBum.Art web-site. This time we find Ms Rogers extolling the virtues of doing things in public. But on the original cover there is no sign of her exhibitionist tendencies. On the first remix we see a babe who appears to be undressing in public, though she hasn't got very far with it. In the second we see a babe in what looks like a theater, being very public about her exhibition. Golden!
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Cold Hard Bitch - Jet 
Saturday, 3 January, 2015, 05:15 - Singles Of The 2000s
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jet cold hard bitch remixjet cold hard bitch 1The problem with international music acts such as Australian band Jet, is that their sense of culture doesn't necessarily translate well between continents. This is obvious on the cover of their single Cold Hard Bitch. The original cover shows a montage of random people and the odd car or two in white and pink. It doesn't look cold, or hard, or bitchlike. In the remix all of these maladies have been remedied and we can see that it is cold, which turns certain things hard. Oh, and there's a bitch too. Which one is the bitch is your decision. Woof!
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New Year - Sugababes 
Thursday, 1 January, 2015, 01:01 - Singles Of The 2000s, Christmas Crackers
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sugababes new year remixsugababes new year 1Welcome to 2015 and a Happy New Year from those sultry, sexy Sugababes. The original cover artwork for New Year shows the three members of the band looking sultry and sexy. The remix shows three other babes of a sugary kind looking equally sultry and sexy but this time drinking wine which looks much more like the kind of New Year celebration we had in mind.
HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us here at AllBum.Art.
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(I'd Like To) Give U One 4 Christmas - Hot Pantz 
Thursday, 25 December, 2014, 05:17 - Singles Of The 2000s, Christmas Crackers
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hot pantz give u one 4 christmas remixhot pantz give u one 4 christmas 1Firstly let all of us here at AllBum.Art wish you a very Merry Christmas. Our gift to you on Christmas Day is a remix of an obscure but very fun Holiday hit called (I'd Like To) Give U One 4 Christmas by Hot Pantz. On the original cover we see the members of the band, one dressed in a box as a present, and the other in a skimpy Santa outfit. In the remix we see some very hot pantz, and a Christmas gift that would be a marvel to receive. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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Perfect Christmas - S Club 7 
Saturday, 20 December, 2014, 05:38 - Singles Of The 2000s, Christmas Crackers
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s club 7 perfect christmas 1s club 7 perfect christmas 2s club 7 perfect christmas remix
There's always controversy concerning what constitutes perfection here at the AllBum.Art offices. So when it came time to remix Perfect Christmas by S Club 7, there was endless discussion about what the remixmas of the cover should look like. In the end we plumped for the festive feast you see before you, in two distinct flavors: lingerie, and boob. Though the remix hasn't got seven babes (or seven boobs) in it, it provides perfection in a different kind of way. So no comments about the wrongness of the maths - just enjoy the rightness of the remixmas. Topping!
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Feels Like Christmas - The Feeling 
Sunday, 14 December, 2014, 05:42 - Singles Of The 2000s, Christmas Crackers
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the feeling feels like christmas 2the feeling feels like christmas 1The original cover artwork for Feels Like Christmas by The Feeling, does have a bit of a Christmas feel to it, largely because of the various Christmas-related items such as a tree and some presents, and even a rather spooky looking carved wooden reindeer/bat effigy. In the remix we find one hot babe who is doing a bit of feeling, and to her, what she has in her hand, definitely feels like Christmas. Can we have a go now please? Roundel!
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Snow - JJ72 
Monday, 1 December, 2014, 05:03 - Singles Of The 2000s
Posted by Administrator
jj72 snow 2jj72 snow 1As the calendar flips over to December and winter approaches, it's time to start remixing wintery artwork. Today is the turn of JJ72 whose original cover for their single Snow only really represents the title of the song through the grainy interpretation of the odd picture that sits at the center of the cover. The remix is equally subtle as we see a young babe blowing snow from her icy hands. But look carefully and, oh yes, now I see it, she doesn't appear to be wearing any clothes. Arctic!
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