Down In The Tube Station At Midnight - The Jam 

Cover Artwork Remix of The Jam Down In The Tube Station At Midnight Original Cover Artwork of The Jam Down In The Tube Station At Midnight Naked babes in public places seems to be the order of the day and though we're done with streets, there are other places of a public nature where nude babes hang out. Today it's Down In The Tube Station At Midnight, according to The Jam. Apparently 'the tube' is the name for the London metro and on the original cover we see the band standing exactly where it says in the title. The remix shows the same time and a nearby venue but with added benefits. Tunnel!

Walking In Memphis - Marc Cohn 

Cover Artwork Remix of Marc Cohn Walking In Memphis Original Cover Artwork of Marc Cohn Walking In Memphis We get the feeling that you're enjoying our series of remixed cover artwork that involves babes walking or standing naked on a street and today's remix will not disappoint. On the original cover of Walking In Memphis by Marc Cohn, we see Mr Cohn. But as usual, there's no evidence of walking, nor of him, or anyone else, being in Memphis. On the remix we see a babe who has gone for a walk in what could well be Memphis. At night. And naked. See, we told you that you would like it. Avenue!
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International Bright Young Thing - Jesus Jones 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jesus Jones International Original Cover Artwork of Jesus Jones International We are on a roll with our remixes of artwork that involve babes standing on a street. Today's song may not sound like it would deserve such a remix but to us, when Jesus Jones sings about an International Bright Young Thing, we immediately think of a jet-setting babe standing with her suitcase. And if she is standing on a street waiting to be picked up (in a taxi or otherwise) then even better. And if she is also naked, then who are we to complain. Passport!

Walking Down Your Street - The Bangles 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bangles Walking Down Your Street Original Cover Artwork of Bangles Walking Down Your Street Another song about your street, this time from girl group The Bangles and their hit Walking Down Your Street. The original cover shows the four band members but they are not walking and not on any street, road, boulevard or avenue, let alone yours. The remix sees just the one babe, but she is walking and she is on the street. Is it your street she is walking down? Did you even notice what street it is? Distraction!

Streets Of Your Town - The Go-Betweens 

Cover Artwork Remix of Go Betweens Streets Of Your Town Original Cover Artwork of Go Betweens Streets Of Your Town On the original cover of Streets Of Your Town by Australian artist The Go-Betweens, we find a man and what looks like his wife and child. He is holding up a bottle of what looks like milk, and his wife is carrying a picnic basket. This might be a typical street scene in Australia but it looks nothing like the streets of our town. The remixed artwork shows a scene far more common on the streets of this country. A naked babe walking around at night. Amber!
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Tie A Yellow Ribbon (Round The Ole Oak Tree) - Dawn Featuring Tony Orlando 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dawn Tie A Yellow Ribbon Original Cover Artwork of Dawn Tie A Yellow Ribbon
Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree.
It's been 3 long years,
Do you still want me?

Is what the words of this famous song by Dawn Featuring Tony Orlando state. If no yellow ribbons are tied around the tree, the guy will stay on the bus and forget about us. So here we find that not only has the girl tied a yellow ribbon around the tree, but has shackled herself to it as well. Extra!

When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman - Dr Hook 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dr Hook Beautiful Woman Original Cover Artwork of Dr Hook Beautiful Woman When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman, it gets hard. That's what Dr Hook told us back in 1979. They do not indicate what gets hard, though it does not take much imagination to work out what they might have meant. The original cover sees the band standing around looking at something, but whatever it is they are looking at is as elusive as the question of what gets hard. In the remix, it seems that both these problems are resolved satisfactorily as it seems they are looking at a beautiful woman. The hard bit... you work it out. Heartfelt!

Lead The Way - T-Ara 

Cover Artwork Remix of T Ara Lead The Way Original Cover Artwork of T Ara Lead The Way An odd one this. T-Ara (pronounced like a tiara) are a Japanese J-Pop girl band. On the cover of their song Lead The Way (LA'booN) we see the six band members standing around looking pretty. Not much to beat that. Except the remix which shows five similar looking girls (though not the same girls) also looking pretty. Pretty naked. Does that beat the original cover? Probably not but who cares? Japan!
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Grand Piano - Nicki Minaj 

Cover Artwork Remix of Nicki Minaj Grand Piano Original Cover Artwork of Nicki Minaj Grand Piano Not strictly a single, but a track from Nicki Minaj's album The Pink Print, Grand Piano is a laid back track not reminiscent of her usual upbeat stuff. As it's an album track, there is no original cover but we very much liked this one produced by Creat1ve. The remix adds a dash of color and a glimpse of ass which we think Ms Minaj would appreciate, even in her quieter moments. Glint!
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Laid - James 

Cover Artwork Remix of James Laid Original Cover Artwork of James Laid Another idea for a remix sent in by Scott of Orlando, FL. This time, Scott says, 'I wonder what you'll make of Laid by James'. The original cover shows the members of the band, standing around in some very floral get-ups, verging on the transvestite. So what have we made on the remix? Well, we thought that James sounded like the name of a butler and that there should be a babe who is laid-out. Amazingly we had just the right picture as you can see. James, on the other hand, appears not to be looking. Professionalism!
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