Lead The Way - T-Ara 

Cover Artwork Remix of T Ara Lead The Way Original Cover Artwork of T Ara Lead The Way An odd one this. T-Ara (pronounced like a tiara) are a Japanese J-Pop girl band. On the cover of their song Lead The Way (LA'booN) we see the six band members standing around looking pretty. Not much to beat that. Except the remix which shows five similar looking girls (though not the same girls) also looking pretty. Pretty naked. Does that beat the original cover? Probably not but who cares? Japan!
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Grand Piano - Nicki Minaj 

Cover Artwork Remix of Nicki Minaj Grand Piano Original Cover Artwork of Nicki Minaj Grand Piano Not strictly a single, but a track from Nicki Minaj's album The Pink Print, Grand Piano is a laid back track not reminiscent of her usual upbeat stuff. As it's an album track, there is no original cover but we very much liked this one produced by Creat1ve. The remix adds a dash of color and a glimpse of ass which we think Ms Minaj would appreciate, even in her quieter moments. Glint!
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Laid - James 

Cover Artwork Remix of James Laid Original Cover Artwork of James Laid Another idea for a remix sent in by Scott of Orlando, FL. This time, Scott says, 'I wonder what you'll make of Laid by James'. The original cover shows the members of the band, standing around in some very floral get-ups, verging on the transvestite. So what have we made on the remix? Well, we thought that James sounded like the name of a butler and that there should be a babe who is laid-out. Amazingly we had just the right picture as you can see. James, on the other hand, appears not to be looking. Professionalism!
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You Caught My Eye - Judy Boucher 

Cover Artwork Remix of Judy Boucher You Caught My Eye Original Cover Artwork of Judy Boucher You Caught My Eye In a way, it's nice that You Caught My Eye, says Judy Boucher. Because if you hadn't then the cover of the single would have forever remained very un-eye-catching. The original cover shows Ms Boucher as she would look drawn by chalk and charcoal by an imbecile. In the remix we see a babe that is very eye-catching. The fact that she is apparently standing stark naked on a city street, nonchalantly smoking a cigarette might just have something to do with that. Iris!
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Country Life - Roxy Music 

Cover Artwork Remix of Roxy Music Country Life Cover Artwork Remix of Roxy Music Country Life Original Cover Artwork of Roxy Music Country Life
Cover Artwork Remix of Roxy Music Country Life Cover Artwork Remix of Roxy Music Country Life Whoa! Something very special to get February off to a happy start. Four remixes of the cover of Country Life by Roxy Music. The original is the one on the top left and shows two babes: one in see-through white lingerie and the other in black panties but no bra, trying to cover their decency with their hands.

The first three remixes (top row and the one immediately to the right of this text with the two ebony babes) are actually attempts by other people (not AllBum.Art) to re-pose this iconic album cover.

The final remix (bottom right) is also by two babes who are trying to re-pose for a remake of the cover but have got it very badly wrong. They have forgotten the lingerie, their pose is all wrong, and their hands are covering up (or not covering up) the wrong parts of their bodies. At least they got the pine trees right. Fail!
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You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) - Dead Or Alive 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dead Alive You Spin Me Round Like A Record Original Cover Artwork of Dead Alive You Spin Me Round Like A Record You Spin Me Round (Like A Record), says Dead Or Alive. But on the cover of their single the only thing that might cause a spin is the amount of make up that the lead singer is wearing. It was the 1980s mind, when such ostentatious looks were all the rage. Anyhow, the remix shows an 80s babe with a record. Now if only she would spin round we could see whether she is deadly. From behind, it looks like she could be. Alive!

Whiteout - Boss Hog 

Cover Artwork Remix of Boss Hogg Whiteout Original Cover Artwork of Boss Hogg Whiteout A nice try by Boss Hog on the cover of their 2000 comeback album Whiteout. A skinny babe (the lead songstress) standing in skimpy white lackluster underwear with her hand on her hip, posing but looking bored doing it. 6 out of 10 for effort. In the remix a somewhat curvier babe is standing holding onto a fence wearing white. But not white underwear, oh no, a see-through white gown that leaves nothing much to the imagination. Bleach!
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Satisfaction - Benny Benassi Presents The Biz 

Cover Artwork Remix of Benny Benassi Satisfaction Original Cover Artwork of Benny Benassi Satisfaction The video to Satisfaction by Benny Benassi Presents The Biz consists of a multitude of hot babes with electrical power tools almost in the form of an infomercial. The cover of the single alludes to this with one of the babes standing in the deep dark grey background holding up what appears to be a chainsaw. In the remix we have moved the babe to the foreground to take a better look. A much better look, that would be. Buzz!
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Cha Cha Slide - DJ Casper 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dj Casper Cha Cha Slide Original Cover Artwork of Dj Casper Cha Cha Slide Casper was a friendly ghost, right? Well it seems that DJ Casper is not so friendly. Instead he bosses everyone around, telling them how to stand, when to jump and where to step in his party favorite Cha Cha Slide. The remix tries to help with the sliding element by putting a babe who is nicely greased up into the picture. Try and get hold of her and there will be plenty of sliding going on. Want to give it a try? Cue Casper... Slippy!
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Tears On My Pillow - Kylie Minogue 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kylie Minogue Tears On My Pillow Original Cover Artwork of Kylie Minogue Tears On My Pillow A bit of a fail for Kylie Minogue on the original cover of her single Tears On My Pillow. Although there is a picture of the diminutive Australian songstress, she is not crying and there are no pillows. To be fair to Ms Minogue, the remix also has no tears - yet - but if those two babes keep hitting each other over the head with those pillows, crying will surely follow, as clearly as blonde follows blonde. Feather!
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