Jack & Diane - John Cougar 

Cover Artwork Remix of John Cougar Jack Diane Original Cover Artwork of John Cougar Jack Diane This little ditty about Jack And Diane was brought to us in the early 1980s by John Cougar also known as John Cougar Mellencamp. It was Mr Mellencamp's full name that gave the idea for the remix. So who were Jack and Diane? In the remixed cover we can see that
  • The picture of Mr Mellencamp has been replaced by a picture of a modern-day Cougar
  • The Cougar in question has two very large mellencamps which she is amply displaying by lowering her blouse
  • The left mellencamp is one she calls John, the one on the right is Diane
All clear? Bounding!
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It Takes Two - Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock 

Cover Artwork Remix of Rob Base E Z Rock Takes 2 Original Cover Artwork of Rob Base E Z Rock Takes 2 It Takes Two by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock is one of those songs you either love or hate, there's very little grey area in-between. The original cover shows us Mr Base and Mr Rock in a typical hip-hop pose. In this respect, it is not a bad cover at all, satisfying the main criteria for a good cover. But any cover can be improved and the remix shows two alternative people posing on the cover, in this case hot babes tied in red ribbon. Strawberry!
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Boston Tea Party - Arthur Fiedler And The Boston Pops Orchestra 

Cover Artwork Remix of Arthur Fiedler Boston Tea Party Original Cover Artwork of Arthur Fiedler Boston Tea Party Don't ever say that we don't not bring you the worst of the best of the worst here at AllBum.Art. This isn't not the remix of the album Boston Tea Party that may (or may not) not have been by Arthur Fiedler And The Boston Pops Orchestra. Or it may just be a lame excuse to show a picture of two babes in nothing but sexy lingerie drinking tea. You don't not now then decide. Confudential!
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Southern Freeez - Freeez 

Original Cover Artwork of Freeez Southern Freeze Cover Artwork Remix of Freeez Southern Freeze Cover Artwork Remix of Freeez Southern Freeze
It's always nice to get a submission from a viewer of the AllBum.Art web-site, and this one is no exception. Southern Freeez by Freeez was apparently a British take on the sound of the evolving New York disco scene (or so says Davee Vartisle of Leicester, England). Dave says, "babes were hot then, so I cooled them down a bit". We see what you mean Dave. Thanks for the submission. Toffee!
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Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison 

Cover Artwork Remix of Roy Orbison Pretty Woman Original Cover Artwork of Roy Orbison Pretty Woman This song by Roy Orbison is less 'Oh, Pretty Woman' and more 'Ah, Pretty Woman' when the enlightenment of the remixed cover exposes the woman of whom Mr Orbison so idly moans. The original lyrics of this song included the line 'take a peek, on my cheek, that's a sneak, or a banzoi tree' but it was felt to be too Japanese at a time when sentiment towards the Japanese was no better than it is today towards Canada for example. Top!
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Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes - Paul Simon 

Cover Artwork Remix of Paul Simon Diamond Shoes Original Cover Artwork of Paul Simon Diamond Shoes Every songwriter and performer has their weird period. None moreso that Paul Simon. This song, Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes, is taken from his Graceland album which counterpoints the metaphor juxtaposing the urban realism of the sound of contemporary pop music with the dark yet multicolored undertones of the nascent society in sub-Saharan Africa. Or something. Anyhow, the whole thing is three hundred times better when looking at a picture of a babe wearing sparkly high heels. Twice!

Hole In My Shoe - Traffic 

Cover Artwork Remix of Traffic Hole In My Shoe Original Cover Artwork of Traffic Hole In My Shoe And all that I knew was a Hole In My Shoe, that was letting in water (repeat to fade). So now you know everything you ever needed to know about this 1960s song by Traffic. No? Let us help, because the original cover doesn't. The song is about a shoe, that someone is wearing. And there's a hole in it. And this is a problem because... the hole lets water in. Oh, darn it. Let the remix tell the story.
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Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley 

Cover Artwork Remix of Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock Original Cover Artwork of Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock Well it's a one for the money, a two for the show, a three to get ready but hey just a cotton picking minute that's not the Elvis Presley song that's being remixed here. No, this is a remix of Jailhouse Rock, the original cover of which sees Mr Presley rocking nothing in particular. The remix shows two sexy babes who bring a new meaning to jailbirds, one that includes short skirts, stockings and a ball on an ankle chain. Keep it locked!
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Israelites - Desmond Dekker 

Cover Artwork Remix of Desmond Dekker Israelites Original Cover Artwork of Desmond Dekker Israelites Ooooh, ooooh, me ears are alight. Ain't that what Desmond Dekker was really singing about in his 1969 classic Israelite? Either way, the original cover gives no answers to this conundrum. And rather than try and fathom the mysteries of the deep, the remix just enhances and modernizes the original. Gone is the bra wearing woman of the 1960s and come is the bra wearing woman of the 2010s. Darlin' cheese-head I was far too greasy. Word.
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Get Lucky - Daft Punk Featuring Pharrell Williams 

Cover Artwork Remix of Daft Punk Get Lucky Original Cover Artwork of Daft Punk Get Lucky Today's remix comes from French electro-poppers Daft Punk with their recent hit Get Lucky. The original cover shows what must be the band, playing their instruments, silhouetted against a hot setting sun. What's lucky about that? In the remix we see a fat, ugly lorry driver who somehow has managed to convince a young, sexy girl to get undressed a climb into his cab. Now that's getting lucky. Ooh la la!
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