Up & Down - Scent 

Cover Artwork Remix of Scent Up And Down Original Cover Artwork of Scent Up And Down Following yesterday's remix of the dance track by Eric Prydz, we have been in a bit of a dancing mood at AllBum.Art. Today's remix is an obscure club track from Scent called Up & Down. The original cover is just boring beyond belief. The remix shows a hot chick sitting half-way up (or is that half-way down) some stairs, presumably deciding whether to go up or down. Either way is fine with us.
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Pjanoo - Eric Prydz 

Cover Artwork Remix of Eric Prydz Pjanoo Original Cover Artwork of Eric Prydz Pjanoo The original cover for Eric Prydz 2008 single Pjanoo scores a couple of points on the AllBum.Art scoring system. Why? It features a piano, which is presumably what the title is inferring though it's not 100% clear, what with all that wacky Scandinavian spelling. The remix scores a couple of extra points, most visibly those protruding from the naked chick who is sat at the Pjanoo. Bork bork bork!
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Run For Cover - Sugababes 

Cover Artwork Remix of Sugababes Run For Cover Original Cover Artwork of Sugababes Run For Cover Run For Cover. Hide under a rock. Disappear. That is the notion that you get when reading the title of this single by the Sugababes. The reason for this is, if the original cover is to be believed, that you might end up being covered by small green sequins. This, apparently, is such a scary notion that you should run for cover, and on the remix a babe has decided that there is no way she wants to be covered in green sequins and is running away. She is in such a rush to get away that she seems to have forgotten her running gear. Let's hope she doesn't trip over in those high heel shoes she is wearing. Sprint!
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Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's 

Cover Artwork Remix of Plain White Ts Hey There Delilah Original Cover Artwork of Plain White Ts Hey There Delilah Hey There Delilah, how is it going? According to the Plain White T's it's going along the lines of a dark road in what appears to be NYC. It's so dark on the original single cover, that whether or not the character walking along the road is female, and if she is wearing a plain white t-shirt is largely obscured. On the remix is a babe who, due to the bright daylight, was wearing a plain white shirt, or maybe is about to wear one, but at the moment is taking it off and holding it above her head. Is she called Delilah? That is left for you to think about the evidence for. My, my, my.
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You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties - Jona Lewie 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jona Lewie Kitchen Parties Original Cover Artwork of Jona Lewie Kitchen Parties You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties by Jona Lewie is one of those songs that gets played at the kind of parties where it's best to be in the kitchen because the music choice is too sad to dance to. The original cover reflects this musical sadness. The remix, shows someone else who seems to be in the kitchen at a party, clearing up the mess on the floor. Fancy getting down on your knees and helping out? Happy days!

Stiletto Heels - Sailor 

Cover Artwork Remix of Sailor Stiletto Heels Original Cover Artwork of Sailor Stiletto Heels Perfection is hard, if not impossible to achieve. But this remix comes pretty close. The original cover for this 1976 song called Stiletto Heels by Sailor shows the band in a completely fictitious backdrop playing their instruments in front of a false frontage. There's nothing false about the frontage on the remix though as the band have been replaced by a sailor, in high heels. Perfection?
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Hand On Your Heart - Kylie Minogue 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kylie Minogue Hand On Heart Original Cover Artwork of Kylie Minogue Hand On Heart Put your Hand On Your Heart, is the instruction we are given by Kylie Minogue in her 1989 single. But does Kylie demonstrate what this entails? No. She sits in some kind of mid-western barn-yard looking like a reject from a line-dancing party. Sadly, the remix doesn't completely resolve this issue as the girl in on the new cover also does not have her hand on her heart, but instead is using her hands to cover herself up as she is otherwise naked. Probably a good move on her part!
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Stand And Deliver - Adam And The Ants 

Cover Artwork Remix of Adam Ants Stand Deliver Original Cover Artwork of Adam Ants Stand Deliver Just answer one simple question and we can be done. Who would you rather be held at gunpoint by and asked to 'Stand And Deliver' - Adam And The Ants or some sexy topless pirate girl? If your answer was a sexy topless pirate girl then you are in the right place, as that's exactly who appears on the remix of this 1980s single cover. Aharr there me sweetie.
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School's Out - Alice Cooper 

Original Cover Artwork of Alice Cooper Schools Out Cover Artwork Remix of Alice Cooper Schools Out Cover Artwork Remix of Alice Cooper Schools Out
Another triple-whammy of covers, this time the remix of Alice Cooper's 1972 classic School's Out (For Summer). The original cover shows a typical 1970s classroom desk. The first of our remixes shows a teacher in stockings and high heels for whom it is clearly summer and no school as she wouldn't wear that during the semester would she? Would she? The final remix shows what really happens when schools are out for summer, which is that teachers get naked and pose on their desks for pictures. Yeah, right!
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Go Wild In The Country - Bow Wow Wow 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bow Wow Wow Wild Country Original Cover Artwork of Bow Wow Wow Wild Country Apparently the original cover for Go Wild In The Country by Bow Wow Wow caused some controversy at the time as the lead singer was too young to be posing naked in front of anyone, let alone on the cover of a single. Our remix does away with this controversial image and instead just shows four babes in bikinis who seem intent on pulling each other's bikinis off. The fact that they are in the country and are wild makes them the perfect subject for the remix!
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