Moon River - Andy Williams 

Cover Artwork Remix of Andy Williams Moon River Original Cover Artwork of Andy Williams Moon River Following on the theme of songs with moon in the title, and thus an excuse to show 'buttocks exposed for fun', we bring you the classic Moon River as sung in 1961 by Andy Williams, oh yes. The original cover shows, well, shows Mr Williams much as you would expect. The remix is the ultimate in mooning buttocks in a river, and makes it completely clear why this particular river deserves it's lunar moniker.
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Summer (The First Time) - Bobby Goldsboro 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bobby Goldsboro Summer Original Cover Artwork of Bobby Goldsboro Summer Amazing! It seems that even in the 1970s, people were using picture editors to rework photos. The cover of Summer (The First Time) by Bobby Goldsboro shows Mr Goldsboro standing alone on an empty beach. But the truth is shown in the second picture. Standing behind him is a sexy babe flashing her naked body from underneath a blue towel. The question is why Mr Goldsboro is looking so melancholy. If only he had turned around to face the opposite direction he might have had a smile on his face!
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Telephone - Lady Gaga Featuring BeyoncĂ© 

Cover Artwork Remix of Lady Gaga Beyonce Telephone Original Cover Artwork of Lady Gaga Beyonce Telephone Telephone by Lady Gaga Featuring Beyoncé is one of those annoying songs that's about being annoyed by a noisy telephone when you are trying to enjoy yourself. Odd that Ms Germanotta should be so perturbed by her phone when she lost it in her hit Just Dance. The remix does away with Ms Germanotta and Ms Knowles-Carter and shows a babe who is clearly in need of a mobile as she finds her self standing at a phone booth trying to make a call with little other than her coat to keep her warm. Perhaps she has lost her phone, and her clothes too?
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Moondance - Van Morrison 

Cover Artwork Remix of Van Morrison Moondance Original Cover Artwork of Van Morrison Moondance It's always great to receive remixes of album artwork submitted to us by our visitors. It seems we were not the only ones who were inspired by the definition of 'moon' relating to revealing buttocks - an activity we greatly support here at AllBum.Art. This one is provided by Dirk Fansome of Santa Rosa, CA. Dirk says:
I know there's no picture of the moon in my re-imagining of the cover, but I figured that a hot babe dancing at sunset and mooning at us would fit better with the original color scheme of the cover.

We think Dirk has a point and that his remix has more aplomb than most of ours... what do you think?
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Blue Moon - Elvis Presley 

Cover Artwork Remix of Elvis Presley Blue Moon Original Cover Artwork of Elvis Presley Blue Moon Following the theme of songs with 'moon' in their title is the 1956 classic Blue Moon by none other than Elvis Presley. The original cover shows a handsome Mr Presley but no indication of what the song has got to do with the moon, though the style of the record could be said to be based on the blues. The remix shows a sexy woman mooning at us and why, if it ain't a pair of blue bloomers she's a-wearin'!
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The Whole Of The Moon - The Waterboys 

Cover Artwork Remix of Waterboys Whole Moon Original Cover Artwork of Waterboys Whole Moon The Whole Of The Moon was a hit in 1985 (and again when re-released in 1991) for The Waterboys. The original single cover actually consisted of a record cover with the title on it, with the central picture of the moon being printed on the enclosed single. Nice idea! The cover lacked one important factor though, only half the moon was visible (the dark side being hidden). This has been rectified in the remix as we see a sexy chick providing us with a full moon!
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New Moon On Monday - Duran Duran 

Cover Artwork Remix of Duran New Moon Original Cover Artwork of Duran New Moon The last of this week's Duran Duran remixes provided to us by Tony Key of England is for the single New Moon On Monday. For this remix, Mr Key came up with an idea which we at AllBum.Art like very much and which has inspired us to greater things to follow. The word 'moon' has several meanings, but the one we like is:
expose one's buttocks to someone in order to insult or amuse them.

And so the new moon on Monday is provided, in this case, by a hot naked chick bearing her buttocks. You can see where this is going to go, can't you...

Very many thanks to Mr Key for providing this week's collection of single cover remixes.
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A View To A Kill - Duran Duran 

Cover Artwork Remix of Duran Duran View To Kill Original Cover Artwork of Duran Duran View To Kill A View To A Kill was a hit in 1985 for Duran Duran as the theme tune to the James Bond movie of the same name. This remix is sent in by Tony Key of England who has provided us with a whole week of Duran Duran remixes. The original cover is Bond themed, as we look down the barrel of a gun at Mr Bond himself. The remix shows a different kind of view, and one that even Mr Bond might be willing to kill for!
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Come Undone - Duran Duran 

Cover Artwork Remix of Duran Duran Come Undone Original Cover Artwork of Duran Duran Come Undone Come Undone was a single taken from the The Wedding Album by Duran Duran, which we have previously remixed here at AllBum.Art. This remix was submitted by Tony Key of England who says,
The original cover gives no indication of what it is that has come undone other than perhaps the strap of a shoe (which would surely not merit a whole song). My remix shows that it is a wedding dress that has come undone, which is very appropriate given that the song is from The Wedding Album, even though the result is that the girl in the picture is dressed in a less than appropriate way.

Thanks to Mr Peck for this and the rest of this week's Duran Duran remixes.
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