Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus 

Original Cover Artwork of Wheatus Teenage Dirtbag Remix Original Cover Artwork of Wheatus Teenage Dirtbag Does anyone ever read any of the trash that is written to go alongside these pieces of cover art? No? Thought so! The format is therefore gonna change to just show the original artwork alongside the remix with a few (a very few) words. Here's Wheatus 2000 single Teenage Dirtbag remixed so that there's a chick leaning against the motor. That alright for you?
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Whisper A Prayer - Mica Paris 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mica Paris Whisper A Original Cover Artwork of Mica Paris Whisper A Prayer Never heard of Mica Paris, or the album Whisper A Prayer? That's probably because you're not English. One of our submitters from England sent this. Apparently Ms Paris is some kind of fashion guru babe on TV who used to be a singer. Apparently we have to say, "Does my bum look big in this". No idea why, but the person who submitted it said it was essential. Those Brits, eccentric lot.
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Kinky Boots - Patrick MacNee And Honor Blackman 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kinky Boots Original Cover Artwork of Kinky Boots This (and tomorrow's remixed album art) were submitted by Harold Binthwaite of England. Apparently, this was a 1960s song by two stars of the Avengers (the British version of Charlie's Angels), Patrick MacNee (Charlie) and Honor Blackman (insert random name of an angel here). Kinky Boots languished in the mists of time until it was made popular on a national radio station in the 1990s. The remix excels in boot-based kinkiness. Gosh, so thrilling, as they say in London.
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There It Is - Shalamar 

Cover Artwork Remix of Shalamar There It Is Original Cover Artwork of Shalamar There It Is There It Is, opine Shalamar. But what is it, that it is, that is there? Is it the members of the band? The remix gives a different answer to what was lost and has now been found. There it is, says the girl on the left. Of course, says the girl on the right, I knew it was there all the time, I had just temporarily forgotten. This kind of thing happens all the time, but rarely is it captured on camera and used as a remix for some artwork. Flash!
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Cha Cha Cha - Pedro Garcia And His Del Prado Orchestra 

Cover Artwork Remix of Pedro Garcia And His Del Prado Orchestra Cha Cha Cha Original Cover Artwork of Pedro Garcia And His Del Prado Orchestra Cha Cha Cha An old album from the 1950s but deserving of a remix. The original artwork for Cha Cha Cha by Pedro Garcia And His Del Prado Orchestra features a babe bending over wearing high heels and fishnet stockings. The remix does one thing, and one thing only. It changes the perspective of the viewer on the babe in question. Instead of looking at her in a frontal, upskirt kind of naughty way, we instead see the same stockings and heels clad babe, from a rearward, doggy style kind of naughty way. Ooh la, la!
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Cheekah Bow Wow (That Computer Song) - Vengaboys 

Cover Artwork Remix of Vengaboys That Computer Song Original Cover Artwork of Vengaboys That Computer Song Those crazy Dutchmen (and women) the Vengaboys grace the pages of AllBum.Art with their song Cheekah Bow Wow (That Computer Song). The original cover shows what we can only assume to be the aforementioned Cheekah being some kind of robotronic-based vacuum cleaner of some kind or other. The remix shows a babe using a computer, though what she is using it for is very cheekah indeed. Bow wow!

Back To The Shit - Millie Jackson 

Cover Artwork Remix of Millie Jackson Back To The Shit Original Cover Artwork of Millie Jackson Back To The Shit To be completely fair to Millie Jackson, we would score the cover of her album Back To The Shit full marks. On it we see Ms Jackson sitting astride the john, heels in hand, getting back to her defecating. So in that respect, we see the artist who is depicting the title, and hence the top score. The remix would actually score less as it is no longer Ms Jackson in the picture. The only counterbalancing feature is that the new babe on the cover has let her gown fall open. Flash!
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The Banner Man - Blue Mink 

Cover Artwork Remix of Blue Mink The Banner Man Original Cover Artwork of Blue Mink The Banner Man Er? What on this Earth or another does the original cover of The Banner Man by Blue Mink have to do with the title of the song, or the band? As far as we can see, nothing at all. However, they gain one bonus point for having what appears to be a naked babe in a hat on the cover. The remix changes nothing, other than that the babe in question has turned to face the camera, someone has turned up the lighting a little, and the lens has been unblurred. Topper!
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Upside Down - Jack Johnson 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jack Johnson Upside Down Original Cover Artwork of Jack Johnson Upside Down Being Upside Down is a good theme for a remix and the original cover of Jack Johnson's song of that name is an even better theme for a remix as it is so uniquely awful. It's not just the odd yellow background, but the rather cheesy picture of Mr Johnson playing his guitar in bare feet. On the remix we see a babe who is in exactly the position that Mr Johnson would recommend, being, as she is, with her up side down and her down side up. Curious!
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Happenin' All Over Again - Lonnie Gordon 

Cover Artwork Remix of Lonnie Gordon Happenin All Over Again Original Cover Artwork of Lonnie Gordon Happenin All Over Again What can we say about the cover of the Lonnie Gordon disco dance classic Happenin' All Over Again? Well, it's red. And it features Ms Gordon bending down with her legs apart. Now that's dangerous territory for a remix and indeed the remix pushes many of the boundaries that we, here at AllBum.Art like to set. Which leads to copious use of the 'blur' button on the remix which shows a different babe, in a similar pose, but with less clothes. Smear!

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