Ride A Wild Horse - Dee Clark 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dee Clark Ride A Wild Horse Original Cover Artwork of Dee Clark Ride A Wild Horse Ride A Wild Horse. Not a great idea if you are lacking cowboy training. But Dee Clark advises us to do it. On the original single cover artwork we find a wild horse attempting to be tamed by a lame tamer in a silly hat. On the remix we find a babe who has decided to look like a horse by wearing leather galoshes and, or so it would seem, inserting a pony-tail into her ass. Neigh!
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Armed And Extremely Dangerous - First Choice 

Cover Artwork Remix of First Choice Armed And Extremely Dangerous Original Cover Artwork of First Choice Armed And Extremely Dangerous First Choice claim to be Armed And Extremely Dangerous, but on the cover artwork of their single, they don't appear to be armed, and certainly don't look very dangerous, unless platform shoes have hidden weapons in them. On the remix we find four babes who are clearly armed, and they look quite dangerous too. Maybe not extremely dangerous, but that's just a matter of personal opinion. Bang!

Does Your Mother Know - ABBA 

Cover Artwork Remix of Abba Does Your Mother Know Original Cover Artwork of Abba Does Your Mother Know Another remix for those Swedish swingers, ABBA. On the original cover of Does Your Mother Know we find the four members of the band and, for some reason, the guy on the left is holding a light-sabre. On the remix we find some young guys in a park undressing a hapless babe. The question is, whose mother should know about this. On the one hand, the babe's mother should know as she is clearly in a compromised position. But we equally expect that if the boys' parents knew what was going on, they wouldn't be too happy either. Dilemma!
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Wide Eyed And Legless - Andy Fairweather-Low 

Cover Artwork Remix of Andy Fairweather Low Wide Eyed And Legless Original Cover Artwork of Andy Fairweather Low Wide Eyed And Legless What do you understand by the phrase 'Wide Eyed And Legless'? Well according to Andy Fairweather-Low, it means looking like you have had a bad night out drinking on the set of the A-Team and could do with a few more hours sleep. On the remix we find a babe on the way to getting legless. She may not be fully wide eyed yet, but she looks like she might be widely spread if, that is, she can stand up. Bud Light!
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Year Of Decision - The Three Degrees 

Cover Artwork Remix of Three Degrees Year Of Decision Original Cover Artwork of Three Degrees Year Of Decision As the year screeches to a start, it's time to make a decision, or so Year Of Decision by The Three Degrees would have it. On the original cover, the choice for the year is between the three degrees themselves. On the remix the choice is still between three babes, but they have helpfully lifted their tops so that you can examine the goods in more detail. That is certainly of assistance in taking that decision that is going to last all year. A, B or C - the choice is yours!
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Just Another New Years Eve - Barry Manilow 

Cover Artwork Remix of Barry Manilow Just Another New Years Eve Original Cover Artwork of Barry Manilow Just Another New Years Eve Is it Just Another New Years Eve? Barry Manilow seems to think so, but what has his hand scrawled picture got to tell us about what New Years Eve holds this year? Thankfully the remix of the cover artwork fixes this problem as we find that the New Years Eve party is being attended by four blonde babes drinking champagne and who, for some mysterious reason, appear to have forgotten the bottom half of their outfits. Happy New Year!

Daddy Cool - Boney M 

Cover Artwork Remix of Boney M Daddy Cool Original Cover Artwork of Boney M Daddy Cool One of our rare 'one for the ladies' remixes for Boney M and their single Daddy Cool. On the original single we find the girls in the band trying to make the guy in the band look cool and failing badly. On the remix we find a cool daddy. Actually, we don't know if he is a daddy, but he is certainly cool, not just because he appears to be a good with his skis, but because he is standing naked in the snow. Shrinking!
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Rock Bottom - Lynsey De Paul & Mike Moran 

Cover Artwork Remix of Lynsey De Paul Rock Bottom Original Cover Artwork of Lynsey De Paul Rock Bottom Let's play word association... 'Rock Bottom'... Did you think of a man and a woman resting their chins on their fists, wearing waistcoat suits and red flowers? No? Well apparently that's what Lynsey De Paul and Mike Moran thought of when they were given the choice to select a picture for the cover of their single. When we though or rock bottom, we thought of a hot babe with a rock solid ass standing looking over a rocky landscape. That's just how our mind works, and we feel all the better for it. Granite!
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Don't Kill The Whale - Yes 

Cover Artwork Remix of Yes Dont Kill The Whale Original Cover Artwork of Yes Dont Kill The Whale A noble cause, 'Save The Whales', and one to which band Yes clearly subscribe given the title of their single Don't Kill The Whale. The original cover artwork for their single highlights the plight of these majestic creatures as we find a whale who is thrashing about in the sea. Little changes on the remix as we also find a whale thrashing about in the sea, though we are less concerned about her longevity. Blubber!
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Rocket Man - Elton John 

Cover Artwork Remix of Elton John Rocket Man Original Cover Artwork of Elton John Rocket Man Another remix for Elton John (or Frisbee Headland as he is known here at AllBum.Art for reasons that are too complex to get into). Continuing the 'outer space' theme, we find Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long Long Parenthesis). On the original cover we find Mr Dwight looking very monochrome. On the remix we find two babes who appear to have crashed their rocket, no doubt waiting for the rocket man to appear to repair it for them. Spanner!
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