Ghostdancing - Simple Minds 

Cover Artwork Remix of Simple Minds Ghostdancing Original Cover Artwork of Simple Minds Ghostdancing We were not sure whether Ghostdancing by Simple Minds should also be in our list of halloween hits but we've added it there anyway. The odd thing is that on the original single cover artwork there are no ghosts, and no dancing going on. On the remix, both these flaws are corrected and we can finally see what ghostly dancing looks like. Etheric!
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Wide Eyed And Legless - Andy Fairweather-Low 

Cover Artwork Remix of Andy Fairweather Low Wide Eyed And Legless Original Cover Artwork of Andy Fairweather Low Wide Eyed And Legless What do you understand by the phrase 'Wide Eyed And Legless'? Well according to Andy Fairweather-Low, it means looking like you have had a bad night out drinking on the set of the A-Team and could do with a few more hours sleep. On the remix we find a babe on the way to getting legless. She may not be fully wide eyed yet, but she looks like she might be widely spread if, that is, she can stand up. Bud Light!
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She Wears My Ring - Solomon King 

Cover Artwork Remix of Solomon King She Wears My Ring Original Cover Artwork of Solomon King She Wears My Ring Solomon King says She Wears My Ring, but who is 'she' and what 'ring' is he talking about because the original cover artwork tells us nothing about these things. The remix just adds the 'she' and the 'ring' to solve these things. She is a busty mature lady who likes to wear high heels and not a lot else. And the ring is for a swimming pool. Perhaps not what you were expecting? Dive!
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(Seven Little Girls) Sitting In The Back Seat - The Avons 

Cover Artwork Remix of Avons Seven Little Girls Original Cover Artwork of Avons Seven Little Girls (Seven Little Girls) Sitting On The Back Seat is what The Avons tell us is happening and to give them credit, the cover artwork for their single does show the scenario, though the girls themselves are not clearly defined. Also, how exactly seven girls can sit in the back seat of a car is also confusing. Although the remix doesn't solve the seven girls on one seat issue, it does shows us a more close up view of the girls in question. They seem like a cheeky bunch. Fred!

Year Of Decision - The Three Degrees 

Cover Artwork Remix of Three Degrees Year Of Decision Original Cover Artwork of Three Degrees Year Of Decision As the year screeches to a start, it's time to make a decision, or so Year Of Decision by The Three Degrees would have it. On the original cover, the choice for the year is between the three degrees themselves. On the remix the choice is still between three babes, but they have helpfully lifted their tops so that you can examine the goods in more detail. That is certainly of assistance in taking that decision that is going to last all year. A, B or C - the choice is yours!
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Pretty Good Year - Tori Amos 

Cover Artwork Remix of Tori Amos Pretty Good Year Original Cover Artwork of Tori Amos Pretty Good Year Will this year be a Pretty Good Year? According to Tori Amos, it could be. How has this been illustrated on the front cover of her single, well with nothing greater than a picture of Ms Amos looking pretty. On the remix we find a New Year's party in full swing with a lot more pretty to choose from, as long as babes who appear to be inhabiting an English country pub are your kind of thing. Happy New Year!
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Just Another New Years Eve - Barry Manilow 

Cover Artwork Remix of Barry Manilow Just Another New Years Eve Original Cover Artwork of Barry Manilow Just Another New Years Eve Is it Just Another New Years Eve? Barry Manilow seems to think so, but what has his hand scrawled picture got to tell us about what New Years Eve holds this year? Thankfully the remix of the cover artwork fixes this problem as we find that the New Years Eve party is being attended by four blonde babes drinking champagne and who, for some mysterious reason, appear to have forgotten the bottom half of their outfits. Happy New Year!

Back Door Santa - Clarence Carter 

Cover Artwork Remix of Clarence Carter Back Door Santa Original Cover Artwork of Clarence Carter Back Door Santa Christmas day is finally upon us and our gift to you is a remix that not only falls into our 'Christmas Crackers' category but is also listed in our 'Remi-XXX-es' otherwise known as the adult artwork section. There is no original cover for Back Door Santa by Clarence Carter and so all there is to go on is the paper covering the hole in the middle of the single. On the remix, Santa is covering a very different kind of hole, and we know understand why he is known as Back Door Santa. Merry XXX-mas!
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So Near To Christmas - Alvin Stardust 

Cover Artwork Remix of Alvin Stardust So Near To Xmas Original Cover Artwork of Alvin Stardust So Near To Xmas Twas the night before Christmas and therefore So Near To Christmas, which is what Alvin Stardust sings about in the single of the same name. On the original cover, the odd thing, is that the only reference to the holidays is a piece of holly stuck in the bottom right hand corner. Otherwise it could be any Gothic evening of the year. On the remix it's definitely near to Christmas as a babe prepares for the special day by putting her shoes on. She might have remember to put her other clothes on first though. Hat!
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The Carol Of The Bells - Marillion 

Cover Artwork Remix of Marillion Carol Of The Bells Original Cover Artwork of Marillion Carol Of The Bells There can never, ever, in the history of the world, be a better version of The Carol Of The Bells than that performed by the Swedish Chef of the Muppets. But the Marillion version is OK, if you like that kind of thing. The problem is that the cover artwork lacks any kind of bells. On the remix, we have taken a little poetic liberty and instead of a bell, have used a bauble or 'bore bell' which is just as seasonal and far more efficacious for the purposes of remixing. Yes, the Holiday season is driving us a little mad. Elbow!
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