That Don't Impress Me Much - Shania Twain 

Cover Artwork Remix of Shania Twain That Dont Impress Me Much Original Cover Artwork of Shania Twain That Dont Impress Me Much That Don't Impress Me Much, Shania Twain, not I am not impressed at all, never mind much. Why? Because the silly leopard-skin coat that you are wearing is in very bad taste and because hitching a ride wearing it is probably not a route for success. I am, however, impressed much more by the babe on the remix who is wearing a similar leopard-skin coat, but is far more likely to succeed in being picked up. Ride!

Bang Bang - Kelly Willis 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kelly Willis Bang Bang Original Cover Artwork of Kelly Willis Bang Bang You have to be very careful when playing with guns, or at least that's what we think Kelly Willis is trying to get across in her song Bang Bang. It might be better, though, to provide a graphic illustration of just why guns are so dangerous, and the remix of the cover artwork does just this. If the babe in the remix were to fire those guns she's holding, she would surely damage a couple of prime assets. Aim!
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Wings Of A Dove - Madness 

Cover Artwork Remix of Madness Wings Of A Dove Original Cover Artwork of Madness Wings Of A Dove We would give Madness only around 5 out of 10 for the cover artwork of their single Wings Of A Dove. Why only 5? Well, for one, the band do not appear (lose 2 points). Second, it's not a real dove (lose 1 point). And thirdly, there's nothing mad about it (lose 2 points). The remix scores 8 out of 10, as there's still no sign of the band members, but there is a mad babe who thinks that lying around topless among some doves is somehow a good idea. Crazy!
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Don't Make Me Wait - 911 

Cover Artwork Remix of 911 Dont Make Me Wait Original Cover Artwork of 911 Dont Make Me Wait You can tell that 911 have been hanging around for quite a long time on the original cover of their song Don't Make Me Wait, by the fact that they look totally bored and have long faces. Maybe if they put their shoes on and stopped messing about with guitars they might seem less tired. On the remix we see a babe who is so keen that you don't wait that she's stripped virtually naked to entice you to get up and get going. It works for us!
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Leaning On A Lamppost - George Formby 

Cover Artwork Remix of George Formby Leaning On A Lamp Post Original Cover Artwork of George Formby Leaning On A Lamp Post As we have said many a time at AllBum.Art, sometimes a remix is inspired by the name of a song, and sometime by a particular picture that we stumble across. In this case it was the picture that spawned the remix. After all, what other song would a babe leaning naked on a lamppost be suited to than Leaning On A Lamppost by George Formby. Actually we had never heard of the song either but the whole thing fitted like a hand in a glove. Smooth!
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Show Me - Dana Dawson 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dana Dawson Show Me Original Cover Artwork of Dana Dawson Show Me What is it that Dana Dawson is referring to when she tells us to Show Me? She is clearly wishing us to show her something or other, but it's not clear what. Nor is she showing us anything much. On the remix we find a babe who seems very happy to show us, in this case to show us that she is happy to show her boobs to anyone in the neighborhood who wants to see them, whilst traveling along an escalator. Each to his or her own. Hark!
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Run For Home - Lindisfarne 

Cover Artwork Remix of Lindisfarne Run For Home Original Cover Artwork of Lindisfarne Run For Home Now why would Lindisfarne Run For Home? The answer is that they wouldn't, it's their fans who do the running after having put up with several hours of their dreary music. On the original cover we can see the fans being bombarded by their terrible songs at a concert. On the remixed cover we see three girls who are so desperate to get home that they have left the concert at such speed that their clothes have fallen off. This seems to happen a lot, apparently. Dash!
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Your Woman - White Town 

Cover Artwork Remix of White Town Your Woman Original Cover Artwork of White Town Your Woman Could there possibly be a cover for a single more boring and pointless than that for Your Woman by White Town? What do we learn from the original cover? Nothing, other than that someone in the band (or maybe a friend of theirs) thought that putting the title of the song and the name of the band in a boring green font, on a boring white background made sense. What they should have done is something more like our remix, which shows a guy looking up at a babe that may well not be his girl, but may be your woman. Our our woman. Or whatever. Either way she's very cute. Happy!
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Don't Stop - Fleetwood Mac 

Cover Artwork Remix of Fleetwood Mac Dont Stop Original Cover Artwork of Fleetwood Mac Dont Stop Yawn. Why Yawn? The cover of Don't Stop by Fleetwood Mac. A man dressed in strides and a girl all ballerina like. Please stop them immediately as they're dull. Yes, don't... stop! Like in the remix where some guy seems to think it's a good idea to undress a babe who is a bit beyond the typical definition of a 'cougar' and is more of a 'dodo'. Please stop now while you have a change. Don't do it, stop. Or in short, don't... stop! Alarm!
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The Banana Song - G.S.P. 

Cover Artwork Remix of Gsp The Banana Song Original Cover Artwork of Gsp The Banana Song When G.S.P. sing The Banana Song, there's plenty of banana mayhem to be had, as the song is a remix of the title of the theme tune of the late 60's children's program the Banana Splits. The fact that Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper and Snork appear on the original cover artwork is not, therefore, that surprising. The remix does away with the original cast and instead we find a cute babe holding some bananas, which is, we think, an equally valid picture for the cover of the song. Musa!
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