Honky Cat - Elton John 

Cover Artwork Remix of Elton John Honky Cat Original Cover Artwork of Elton John Honky Cat It seems that cats make a good topic for remixes, and this remix of Honky Cat by Elton John is no exception to the rule. It is particularly worthy of a remix as the original cover has no cat on it at all. The remix shows a cat, or at least a babe dressed as a cat who is, as far as it goes, honky. And so the cover now has the requisite contents and should be regarded as a feline masterpiece. Or so you might think, or not think, or even not care. Scratch!
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Black Cat - Janet Jackson 

Cover Artwork Remix of Janet Jackson Black Cat Original Cover Artwork of Janet Jackson Black Cat Another single that in theory scores full marks, as on the cover of Black Cat by Janet Jackson we find Ms Jackson posing with a black feline. So no point remixing this one then? Probably. But, as you might have guessed by now, we like naked babes rather than clothed ones, and so on the remix we have just replaced the picture with one of a babe who is not strictly naked, but is instead wearing a black cat outfit which consists of little more than some cats' ears, black thigh boots and a long black tail. Meow!
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Street Dreams - Nas 

Cover Artwork Remix of Nas Street Dreams Original Cover Artwork of Nas Street Dreams We think Nas was onto a good idea when he put together the cover for his single Street Dreams, though it's a little back to front. On the cover we find someone waving a dollar bill out of the window of a car to entice a young man. On the remix we find a similar situation, though one that has progressed some. We think that someone waved a dollar bill (or more) out of the window of their car and they enticed a naked babe to come on over and put her head through the window. Or something like that anyway. Sterical!
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Happy Together - The Turtles 

Cover Artwork Remix of Turtles Happy Together Original Cover Artwork of Turtles Happy Together The Turtles are apparently Happy Together and although there are one or two smiling faces on the cover of their single, it is not at all clear that everyone in the picture is happy to be together. The remix shows two babes who seem very happy to be together. Perhaps it is the fact that they are both naked and therefore are happy to have the mutual support for whatever they are going to do next - such as to find out where their clothes have disappeared to. Joyous!
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(Somebody) Help Me Out - Beggar And Co 

Cover Artwork Remix of Beggar And Co Somebody Help Me Out Original Cover Artwork of Beggar And Co Somebody Help Me Out Now, when we at AllBum.Art are faced with helping someone out, our warped minds immediately think of helping someone out of their clothes. The original cover of (Somebody) Help Me Out by Beggar And Co does not reflect our view of assistance, but the remix does as we find one babe helping another out of her clothes. The fact that the babe doing the helping is naked suggests that she might have had some help too. Assistance!
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Rock The Casbah - The Clash 

Cover Artwork Remix of Clash Rock The Casbah Original Cover Artwork of Clash Rock The Casbah The Casbah, as any geographer will tell you, is the old quarters of a north African or Middle Eastern country. So when The Clash sing Rock The Casbah and compliment this with a single cover that shows two middle eastern gentlemen rocking to the beat, we are all good and full marks are scored for the relevance of the cover artwork. The remixed cover loses some of this but shows a different way in which a Casbah could be rocked, rocked to its core by having a naked babe riding a camel into town. Yowsah!
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Cool For Cats - Squeeze 

Cover Artwork Remix of Squeeze Cool For Cats Original Cover Artwork of Squeeze Cool For Cats It's Cool For Cats, or at least it is according to Squeeze. The original cover of their single may have the two letter 'o's in the word 'cool' in the shape of cats' eyes but why is this so cool? On the remix we find a cool cat, in the form of a babe wearing cats' ears but little else, which is no doubt why she is so cool. Simple really when you think about it. Anyone fancy a squeeze? Tight!
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Off The Wall - Wisdome 

Original Cover Artwork of Wisdome Off The Wall Cover Artwork Remix of Wisdome Off The Wall Cover Artwork Remix of Wisdome Off The Wall
Chocka-chocka-pfft dumby-dumby-pow. Or something like that, is how Off The Wall by Wisdome sounds to our unattuned ears. The cover of this 2000 single also provides nothing by which to understand why or what is off the wall. The first of these two triple-play remixes shows a chocka-chocka-wow babe leaning against a wall. The second remix, further helps the dumby-dumby, by showing is that what is off the wall is a babe who is combing her hair, who is also leaning up against a wall. She has very long hair and oddly, she seems to like combing it whilst wearing nothing but a pair of strappy, golden, high heel shoes. Each to their own wall, no doubt. Brick!
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(Feels Like) Heaven - Fiction Factory 

Cover Artwork Remix of Fiction Factory Feels Like Heaven Original Cover Artwork of Fiction Factory Feels Like Heaven It's difficult to get a feeling from the cover artwork of a single, but it is easy to see what is going on. The original cover of (Feels Like) Heaven by Fiction Factory tells us nothing more than the fact that heaven is a cloudy old place. The remix allows us to sense more of what heaven might be like, that being a place where angels of all kinds hang out - some with white wings and some, like in the remix, with black wings. Unfortunately you can't feel this from the artwork, but hopefully it (Looks Like) Heaven? Valhalla!
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I Should Have Known Better - Jim Diamond 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jim Diamond I Should Have Known Better Original Cover Artwork of Jim Diamond I Should Have Known Better What is is that Jim Diamond is trying to tell us on the cover of his single I Should Have Known Better? The dark broody blue coloring maybe suggest he should have thought about buying a better light bulb. Thankfully the remix helps us to answer this question as we find a babe who appears to be locked out of her car, no doubt calling a locksmith to help her get back in. And what should she have known better, well for one to keep her keys with her at all times, and for two, not to lock her car whilst she is only wearing stockings and heels. Indigo.

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