7 Ways To Love - Cola Boy 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cola Boy 7 Ways Love Original Cover Artwork of Cola Boy 7 Ways Love Yesterday we stated that some cover art remixes are inspired by a song's title, and some by a picture. This remix is inspired by both! 7 Ways To Love is an obscure dance single from the 1990s by one-time band Cola Boy. But the title fits the picture perfectly. 7 versions of the same girl, in different states of dress and undress. 7 ways to appreciate the same girl, and all of them lovely. Choice!
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Delights Of The Garden - The Last Poets 

Cover Artwork Remix of Last Poets Garden Delight Original Cover Artwork of Last Poets Garden Delight As has been said many times at AllBum.Art, sometimes a remix of a cover is inspired by the cover of a song or its title, and sometimes by a picture that is just too good to miss the chance to use. This is one of those latter instances where a picture (in this case of a lot of mature ladies in wellington boots in a garden) was just too good not to be used in a remix. In this case it's the 1977 album Delights Of The Garden by The Last Poets With Bernard Purdie. We are sure you will agree that the remix sings more about the delights of the garden than the original cover does!
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Pony - Ginuwine 

Cover Artwork Remix of Pony Ginuwine Original Cover Artwork of Pony Ginuwine Pony was the first single for Washington D.C. rapper Ginuwine. The original cover shows the face of a pony - which is a reasonable thing to show on a single of that name. We feel that Mr Lumpkin would be better served by a different kind of pony though and in the remix we see a naked babe with a pony-tail, but one that is positioned where a real pony would have its tail! Why she is shackled to a train carriage is unknown, a horse drawn carriage perhaps?
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Fields Of Gold - Sting 

Cover Artwork Remix of Sting Fields Of Gold Original Cover Artwork of Sting Fields Of Gold Sting (real name Gordon Sumner) released the single Fields Of Gold in 1993. The original cover shows Mr Sumner standing beneath an umbrella with the picture having been colored in a gold hue to signify the goldness of the song. The remix shows what? A naked girl in a real field of gold. No additional coloration, nor any other modifications necessary. Mr Sumner's cover artwork team have a lot to learn.
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Reet Petite - Jackie Wilson 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jackie Wilson Reet Petite Original Cover Artwork of Jackie Wilson Reet Petite Reet Petite is a 1957 song (re-released in the mid 1980s) by Jackie Wilson, known the world over for the rolling-R's of Mr Wilson's p-r-r-r-onunciation. The original cover shows Mr Wilson in various different dancing positions but shows no sign of the petite person of whom he sings. The remix shows is none other than Reet herself (assuming that is her name) who is very petite, indeed some might say flat-chested. Others might not bother and just enjoy the view!
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New Years Day - U2 

Cover Artwork Remix of U2 New Years Day Original Cover Artwork of U2 New Years Day Happy New Year to you from all of us at AllBum.Art. To celebrate the new year, we bring you a remix of New Years Day by Irish band U2. The original cover is a bit weird with a half naked boy hiding behind a pole. The remix shows the aftermath of a particularly tiring new years party. Everyone is asleep and what's more, they have forgotten to go to bed and have just ended up snoozing on each other's laps. Oh, and looks like they forgot their pajamas too!
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All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas Is You Original Cover Artwork of Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas Is You Not the first Christmas remix for Mariah Carey, but perhaps the most famous. This is for her 1994 single All I Want For Christmas Is You, in which we see Ms Carey in the same outfit and snowfield as her Merry Christmas album. In the remix, we see something equally desirable, and certainly the kind of thing that we would want for Christmas - a cute babe wearing nothing but a Christmas bow.

Warm This Winter - Gabriella Cilmi 

Cover Artwork Remix of Gabriella Cilmi Warm This Winter Original Cover Artwork of Gabriella Cilmi Warm This Winter Warm This Winter by Gabriella Cilmi is a cover version of the Connie Francis song. And one good cover deserves another! In the original cover we see Ms Cilmi in what might be a wintery scene, though it's difficult to tell as she's holding an umbrella. In the remix we see a girl who has got a very odd way of keeping warm - wearing nothing but red high heel boots in the snow. Any volunteers to go and warm her up... form an orderly queue now.
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Lonely This Christmas - Mud 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mud Lonely This Xmas Original Cover Artwork of Mud Lonely This Xmas A Holiday hit that's been covered so many times that a remix of the cover seems highly appropriate. This version of Lonely This Christmas is the original one from British glam rock band Mud. The original cover sees the band stood all alone in the middle of the cover. The remix has a girl who, we suspect, would solve their problems of loneliness. Either way, we're certain that wearing just a piece of ribbon she won't be lonely this Christmas!
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I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday - Wizzard 

Cover Artwork Remix of Wizzard Christmas Everyday Original Cover Artwork of Wizzard Christmas Everyday Wizzard claim that they Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday. We at AllBum.Art are not sure we do. For one, all the shops are closed so there is no chance to buy anything. Everyone would starve and the economy would grind to a halt. On the other hand, given the number of chicks who seem to be willing to get naked for the Holidays, it might have its positives. In the remix of this cover we see a suitably seasonally clad (e.g. nude) babe sitting by a Christmas tree. Now that we could get used to everyday.

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