Wired For Sound - Cliff Richard 

Monday, 6 April, 2020, 05:02 - Single Covers, Singles Of The 1980s, High Heels, Outdoors, Safe For Work
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Cover Artwork Remix of Cliff Richard Wired For Sound Original Cover Artwork of Cliff Richard Wired For Sound Cliff Richard claims to be Wired For Sound. On the original single front cover artwork, he is at least standing in front of a microphone which presumably is wired up to some equipment, though it could be a radio microphone in which case it would be wireless. Then again, it was the 1980s so, yes, it's more likely to be wired. On the remix we find a babe standing on a rooftop wearing headphones that are not wireless, as the wire can clearly be seen casting a shadow on her body. And wouldn't you know it, her wireless bra has fallen off, as have many other of her clothes. Bluetooth!
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